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How to Prepare for a Medical Marijuana Dispensary Raid


Prepare For A Medical Marijuana Dispensary Raid

This is an interesting piece of literature that was e-mailed to me from ASA. With so many dispensaries popping up across the nation, I figured it would be a worth while post. It was copied and pasted from a pdf, so I apologize ahead of time for the pagebreaks:


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  1. As I talk about hemp and cannabis with truth, honesty and compassion I had repeatedly stated that a detailed and comprehensive marijuana plan is needed in Wisconsin to address Industrial Hemp for food, fuel and fiber; Medical Marijuana for patients and healers; Recreational Cannabis as a SAFER choice than alcohol or nicotine.

    Just as we remind our legislators that comprehensive planning is needed on this and other issues, the ASA reminds us that comprehensive planning is always needed on any issue.

    Great job ASA and The Weed Blog.

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