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How To Refuse Police Searches


What to do when a cop wants to search your car

Even if you think you have nothing to hide, giving a police officer consent to search your vehicle could have unintended consequences. Law enforcement officers have a huge advantage in these situations and knowing how to exercise the rights you have during a police stop is the first step in leveling the playing field. Check out this great video from flexyourrights.com.


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  3. Report the incident to INTERNAL AFFAIRS if you really what something done.In my case two of L .A. officers Chavez  and Borecu of the W.HollyWood division pulled some bullshit on one of my vacations to L.A. I reported it to IA.As a result of my complaint it opened up a can of worms that they did not want open. And now we will have a date in court if it’s not sett;ed out of court,once that can opened I got a call from L.A’s DA’s office about testifying on behalf of their client against those officers. So report his/they asses and LET THE GAMES BEGAN. PEACE 

  4. Make them call their captain the back up is just that BACK-UP.They don’t want to call the captain and after the captain get there and all of the BULLSHIT is over,politely tell them that you will be reporting the incident to Internal Affairs and do it. They HATE INTERNAL AFFAIRS and the CHIEF will hear about the incident for sure.Which will result in a mark on that officers record.

  5. OR everyone at one time ,say 4:20 on one day, say 4/20/12 and then go to the police and lite up for a mass “smoke-in”. think of it 100s of thousands in every state in every nation!

  6. Monterey Bud on

    Great Start… I have tried the ” I do not consent to Searches” line only to have the police search anyways. I knew when declining that I had nothing to fear, as I had nothing. Regardless the little Star Trek kid turned cop called for backup… then the game was on. Stoked to see you new affiliation with WeedMaps and Marijuana.com.  

  7. Timbambrough on

    It is bad enough we taken by everyone else. Now I go on my Weed blog site and get an ad for non sense.

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