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How To Roll A Marijuana Cross Joint By Seth Rogen


Seth Rogen himself explaining how to roll a “cross joint”, which was famously shown in the movie Pineapple Express. It’s like the apex of the vortex of modern stoner engineering…


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Johnny Green


  1. Happy b4 i became a stoner! on

    Lol ive laughed all my life without weed! U dont need weed to be happy!
    But it is alway’s good to feel extra happy from time to time ;-)

  2. at the end, the cardboard left from the joint, and stayed in his mouth ^^

    Pineapple Express & This Is The End <3333

  3. Carlos-Montoya on

    Epic!! just wtched this at work jahaha Guess what i am doing as soon as a step foot in my house!! haha Cheers Seth haha x

  4. I love that Cannabis laugh at the end, lol. Laughing for no fucking reason.
    (Wish I was stoned right now.)

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