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How Washington State Legalized Marijuana – Alison Holcomb


Below is a video of I-502 Campaign Director Alison Holcomb speaking at the 2013 Fall Missouri Cannabis Conference. In the video Alison Holcomb talks about the successful I-502 campaign. If you are working in a state that is trying to follow in Washington’s footsteps, this is a good video describing what to do to help ensure victory. Just make sure to include home grow stipulations and no extra DUII provisions ;)


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  1. You should be ashamed on

    Alison Halcomb has worked very hard to destroy the medical marijuana community here in Washington State in favor of the legalization of *possession* of 1oz of marijuana for those over the age of 21. This was a huge step backward. Thanks for nothing, Alison!

  2. The Washington tax rate will ensure that the blackmarket will not only continue as before, but will make more money. Since the legal risk of user amount possession is gone, more people will be able to buy without worry of arrest. That increases the market. Blackmarket weed has 0% tax and will always be able to beat anything above 1% tax.

  3. And their unscientific 5 ng / ml DUID limit. No home grows. No hashish. Overly regulated by the Liquor Control Board. Less rights for medical marijuana patients and dispensaries.

  4. Since New Mexico is trying to spread the failure of its MMJ program around the U.S., and touting it as an alleged success, I think that spreading unsuccessful (to many) initiatives like I-502 should come with important caveats about what NOT to do. Just my opinion.

  5. Chronic Pain Coop on

    Oh my god really? They legalized it with the promise that medical marijuana patients would not be affected, Currently the state is trying to make anyone who grows at home a Class B felony. How is that legalization. Plus the rules that the WSLCB wrote will ensure that many people go broke. Good white paper on why Washington’s State legalization system will not work.


  6. I would add that future legalization initiatives shouldn’t copy Washington state’s 75% taxation rate (25% at 3 different levels!). If anything, I-502 is a playbook for the WRONG way to legalize.

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