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How Will Your Life Change Now That Marijuana Is Legal In Colorado And Washington?


marijuana legalizationConsuming Marijuana Legally Is A Freedom Many People Have Been Waiting A Long Time For

In case you have been living under a rock the last two days, marijuana is now legal in Colorado and Washington State. For people that don’t consume marijuana, legalization will likely have little affect on their day to day lives. The sky will not fall, neighborhood safety will improve, and local economies will benefit. But for us day in day out marijuana consumers, life will change DRAMATICALLY. I have been watching Radical Russ Belville’s and Cannabis Karri’s Twitter feeds and they have been posting things that will change for them now that marijuana is legal. Below are their tweets, and I encourage other readers to post how their lives will improve now that marijuana is legal as well so that people in non-legal states can be encouraged to fight even harder to end prohibition in their areas.

Radical Russ Belville:

No more panic at the sight of a cop car that happens to be in traffic with you as you drive back with ounce from dealer #NowThatMJIsLegal

Just opening the door when someone knocks even if you’re smoking a bowl in the living room. #NowThatMJIsLegal

Throwing away seeds and stems and old baggies and giving less than a fuck whether some cop searches your garbage. #NowThatMJIsLegal

Not worrying if your eyes are bloodshot and you reek of skunk when you’re out and about. #NowThatMJIsLegal

No more panic at the sight of a cop car that happens to be in traffic with you as you drive back with ounce from dealer#NowThatMJIsLegal

Cannabis Karri:

Not spend 60 seconds stashing things when the door bell rings.#NowThatMJIsLegal

I will just call it “marijuana” again. #NowThatMJIsLegal #NoMoreCards


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  1. I’ve written a lot on this. First off, the use of “marijuana” by “the white devil” is racist in origin, but the word “marihuana” itself is no more racist than the word “mota” or “sinsemilla”. It’s just a word in Mexican Spanish.

    Second, marijuana is a more accurate term than cannabis in some respects. We’re not overturning “cannabis laws”, the words used in statutes are “marijuana” and “marihuana”. So we are working to reform marijuana laws.

    In another respect, marijuana is more accurate to describe that part of cannabis which we smoke. Cannabis refers to the plant as a whole. I can get a stalk, a leaf, a root ball, a seed, and a flower from cannabis. But if we’re going to talk about hemp production, not using the word “stalk” would make the discussion difficult. Likewise, “marijuana” is an accurate description of the dried flower of cannabis prepared for smoking.

  2. I have an idea! Why don’t you do exactly what you have been doing for the past umpteen years that has managed to keep you from getting a DUI already?

  3. We dont lose money we boost our economy with legalization and the only money that is “lost” is the money buying it. It is just like a average person going to cvs or a drug store

  4. It’s over. You don’t have to scare us any longer. So how much money will you lose due to legalization? That should be your only worry at this point.

  5. Again, I think you’re the one reinforcing negative stereotypes, not me or anyone else who uses the term “marijuana,” by promoting the idea that the term reinforces negative stereotypes. To the vast majority, it doesn’t, so therefore insisting it does and spreading the word is the thing creating the problem.

  6. Since I live in Washington and use cannabis regularly under I-502 law I will be DUI every time I drive a car even if I have not ingested or smoked cannabis the day I am pulled over. So it is just a matter of time and a tail light will burn out while I am driving or I don’t use my turn signal for some reason and it’s off to the slammer I go. I guess it won’t be so bad since the jails will be full of pot heads…

  7. DavidTheExpert on

    Hey I’m not saying we should force people to use that word, just encourage them. Encourage yourself. Every time you say “marijuana” you’re reenforcing negative stereotypes. Make yourself say “cannabis” and you will be promoting knowledge and truth.

  8. And I disagree with you. Words are just words. Not using a word or asking people not to is 1. not effective and 2. approaching censorship. Also, I’m sure I could poll people on the street and only 1 in 20 or fewer would connect the word “marijuana” with racism.

    I went through this with a group on my campus that wanted to shut down usage of what they called “the R word” — retard. While I fully support not using it in a pejorative way — and not using “marijuana” in any type of pejorative way, though I can’t think of a single one — attempting to remove the word from our collective vocabulary is ridiculous and counterintuitive. The only power words have is the power you give them, and if you attempt to re-connect racism with the word “marijuana,” you’re giving it negative power. The word no longer has any racist connotations to most of society, and you’re only prolonging those connotations.

  9. Even better, we should come up with a new nickname, like… sunshine. “ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone…”

  10. DavidTheExpert on

    I disagree with the very last one. “Marijuana” is a slang term steeped in racism. We should all be calling it cannabis, its proper name.

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