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Human Marijuana Trials Moving Forward To Determine Medical Benefits


thcv marijuana human trialsThousands of medical marijuana patients in the United States rely on the drug to alleviate a multitude of symptoms from cachexia to nerve pain; nevertheless, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) still considers it a Schedule I controlled substance that has no accepted medical use.

Despite this law-enforcement-agency-approved “analysis,” doctors are conducting their own research. In Israel, the Meir Medical Center is recruiting Crohn’s Disease sufferers for a study on the ability of marijuana to treat the inflammatory bowel disease, which affects 400,000-600,000 North Americans.

In San Francisco, for more than five years, doctors at California Pacific Medical Center have been studying the effects of the marijuana compound cannabidiol (CBD) on metastatic cancer cells (i.e., very aggressive tumor cells).  In their recently published large-scale animal trial, brain scans revealed the disruption of tumor cells after CBD was used to switch off a specific gene regulator.

These promising results left researchers optimistic and they believe that the findings warrant human trials. They will work to secure funding in the upcoming months for two trial groups, one for brain cancer and the other for breast cancer.

Will these and other studies finally convince our government that science, not myth, should dictate how we approach marijuana?

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  1. I have Lupus and know that it helps with the problems of this disease, as I am a user of medical marijuana. Sadly, the test have already be done, shitcanned by Nixon and will have to be done overseas.This “war” on drugs makes too much money for the US to make legal

  2. daniel a davis sr. on

    I do not see why they won’t as of now the feds have applied for and received a Paton for an anti inflammatory drug derived from marijuana. They know but they are still the same old fools they have always been.

  3. Those studies need to be approved by the NIDA and DEA (probably others). Everybody knows they won’t allow human medical research with a Schedule 1 controlled substance since it has, by definition, no medical use. Based on past history, I’d say chances of any such study happening in the US of A are slim to none, regardless of funding.

  4. Love this stuff!

    So The US gov declares Cannabis dangerous – sched 1 and the people vote in laws to protect from the tyranny
    .”more testing” they spew ,knowing NIDA wont allow any positive testing

    Colorodo and California have bypassed this and done the testing with out the approval of FDA

    And this shows the world what a scam prohibition is!

    long after cannabis is proven effective the drug profiteers will protect the income they enjoy

    where do I sign uP for testing? that is what thousands want to know!

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