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Hundreds Of Entities Applying For Medical Marijuana Business Licenses In New York


new york medical marijuanaPeople trying to get into the marijuana industry, or people that are already in the marijuana industry, have always had their eyes on New York. New York has such a massive population that the potential for success in New York’s medical marijuana industry is obvious. New York recently opened up the application process, and there are already several hundreds of applicants. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

So far, at least 300 would-be cannabusinesses have lined up to submit a business license application and a corresponding $10,000 non-refundable fee to the state health department, according to the New York Post. The application period runs until May 29, so that number could easily double.

Those hundreds are competing for just five permits to grow, process and dispense medical cannabis in the state, and each of the five will be allowed to open at least five dispensaries (though advocates say the law allows for the health commissioner to increase that number).

The stakes are very high in New York. By the time the application window closes at the end of this month, there could be double the amount of applicants that there are now, or possibly even more than that. Five companies are going to essentially win the lottery when they get approved. Everyone else will be left on the outside looking in. I just hope that the five companies that win licenses are good stewards of the industry, and put patients above all else. I’d hate to see nothing but greedy people win the licenses. If so, profits would be put before patients, at which point the industry would never reach its full potential in New York, and patients would likely go back to the black market.

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  1. Illinois is the same. As the entire US ‘knows’ 50% of the Cartels money is from Marijuana, I can not figure why they are soooooooo slow. I wonder who will be richer next year, New York or the Cartels? Do not forget that while it was killing, maiming and destroying families daily, they quickly legalized Alcohol. Something is afoot

  2. 5 stores is dumb. NY is huge. It’s safer then any man made drug. I will continue to use it illegally bc I know how it effects my body. Governor cuomo does not have a phd

  3. Doc Deadhead on

    The lottery draw is wrong.

    5 licenses granted to who? Can they grow successfully? Can they run a business without failing miserably?

    The 5 licenses show go to the most qualified applicants but then when politicians are in charge of something you can count on it be screwed up.

    $10,000 non-refundable application fee paid by hundreds? So far over 3 million dollars given to the health department for non-refundable fees…..for what? Is the state saying it cost 3 million to pick 5 people?

    This smells unconstitutional. The state is not allowed to MASSIVELY overcharge for services.

    Time for the first round of lawsuits.

  4. Doc Deadhead on

    who is supposed to be moderating this blog? Are you going to let this idiot comment on every post? WTF?

  5. Lawrence Goodwin on

    As someone who has devoted 15 years to advocating for and “trying to get into” a legal cannabis industry in New York, my home state, I can assure TWB readers that the Anti-Marihuana Tyranny is firmly entrenched here and aggressively blocks progress toward that noble goal. Smoking or vaping raw, cut and dried cannabis flowers–the ONLY part of the plant that can be called “marijuana”–remains illegal by law, and many New Yorkers are still getting arrested for nonviolent “marijuana offenses.” Every fall, the State Police helicopters scour rural areas everywhere searching for PLANTS of a very distinct green hue. This madness will likely continue for years, because our corrupted state lawmakers and even NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo literally HATE the idea of letting New Yorkers consume cannabis however they so choose. Sure, via the Compassionate Care Act passed in summer 2014, an initial 5 companies will be allowed to legally grow cannabis plants for medical purposes–but under very strict conditions. If state officials were not so zealous to micromanage every aspect of RE-legalizing cannabis, I’d have more hope.

  6. “Hundreds Of Entities Applying For Medical Marijuana
    Business Licenses”
    Didn’t know DMT elves, poltergeists, and interdimensional ectoplasmic blobs
    cared so much about legal matters.

  7. “I just hope that the five companies that win licenses are good stewards of the industry, and put patients above all else.”
    I hope so too. Even the ones with patients in mind are lured by the other kind of green – the greedy kind, once the profits come rolling in.

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