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Hysterical Media Dub Dabs “The Crack of Marijuana”


high times bay area cannabis cup entries 2013 dabs dabNo article I have written generated as much controversy as one I originally entitled “The Danger of Dabs” (reprinted in HIGH TIMES May 2012 issue as “The Dawn of the Dab”).  My thesis was “The danger of dabs isn’t so much physical as it is a public relations nightmare.”  A theme that has developed from just a few news reports reveals how the media are framing butane hash oil as the latest dangerous drug endangering our teenagers.

ABC15 in Phoenix ran a story on a Monday entitled “‘Dabbing’ the new drug of choice for teens?“.  Following a brief explanation of what “butane hash oil” is without ever mentioning it is essentially marijuana, the bulk of the story features Shane Watson, a rehab counselor and recovering addict explaining how awful his life became because of BHO.  The story even warns parents what to look for if their child is “making ‘dab'” without mentioning the marijuana needed to make it.  The entire construction of the article is to separate hash oil from marijuana conceptually, to paint “dab” as some different drug entirely.

By Tuesday, ABC2 in BaltimoreABC7 in Denver, and ABC5 in Cleveland are re-airing the story.  On Wednesday, ABC23 in Bakersfield and ABC10 in San Diego repeat the story.  The “dab” aired all over the country as any ABC affiliate needing a sensational filler story out of Arizona played the footage.

By Thursday, the ABC15 story made leap into the internet media as a screen grab for a story “‘Dabbing:’ Dangerous New Drug Seized in Maryland” appearing in the Towson Patch.  This story features the subtitle, “‘This is the crack of marijuana,’ one official quoted a user as saying of the concentrated butane hash oil.”  The official, Sgt. Mike Conner of the Maryland State Police, goes on to say, “It’s so potent.  It is dangerous.  People claim you can’t overdose on marijuana. In fact, you can. It’s so strong, they are passing out.”

“The crack of marijuana” quote then gained traction when it was re-printed in the Baltimore News Journal on Saturday.  Then, in a story called “The Best, Worst Marijuana in the World is Spreading Like Weeds” in the Fredricksburg Patch, “the crack of marijuana” quote is followed by a lead that read “A powerful, concentrated form of marijuana is quickly gaining popularity along the East Coast—but unlike typical marijuana, it may carry the risk of overdose.”

For reference, the story then cites California NORML’s Dale Gieringer writing in O’Shaughnessy’s (the journal of medical cannabis) that “increased use of BHO has led to an increase in hospitalizations for cannabis overdose.”  And I can attest to the fact that I’ve never seen people pass out and get wheeled away on stretchers for smoking flowers like I have at events with dabs.  There is also my own personal experience with a too-big dab that left me retching my guts all over a Los Angeles sidewalk.

But terms like “overdose” are misunderstood by the public.  When people think “overdose”, they think “OD” and they think death.  However, many people have experienced overdoses, from the gal who can’t sleep from too much coffee to the guy with a throbbing headache from a hangover.  While passing out is a serious concern, that can happen from liquor and nobody is calling Jack Daniel’s “the crack of beer”.  For that matter, calling anything “the crack of” is metaphorically inaccurate, since crack and cocaine are the same drug and have the same addictive potential – the Reagan era “one hit and you’ll be addicted” line turned out to be as much a myth as the so-called “crack babies”.

As the dab phenomenon sweeps eastward, more local news affiliates are also reporting the stories of exploding motel rooms and apartments from the latest ignorant butane hash oil maker.  Recently, two such stories made the evening news in Fresno and San Diego.  Please don’t make the news this way!

There is nothing quite like a moral panic to set back years of progressive momentum – ask anyone affiliated with marijuana decriminalization in the 1970s.  Even the most “live and let live”-minded neighbor who won’t mind a pot smoker or a closet grow isn’t going to abide potential explosions.  Even the Woodstockiest parents and grandparents aren’t going to identify with blow torches and passed-out teens.  We must redouble our efforts to educate the public that just as profit-seeking bootleggers blew up the occasional still to make concentrated alcohol (whiskey) under Prohibition, so too will profit-seeking hash makers operate unsafely until the activity is regulated and prohibition profit margins reduced.  We must ensure that people understand BHO is just concentrated marijuana – don’t let media promulgate the misunderstanding that “dabs” is somehow a new, different dangerous drug.

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Executive Director: Russ Belville has been active in Oregon marijuana reform since 2005, when he was elected second-in-command of the state affiliate, Oregon NORML. After four years with Oregon NORML, Russ was hired by National NORML in 2009, working as Outreach Coordinator and hosting the NORML Daily Audio Stash podcast until 2012. Since then, Russ launched the 420RADIO marijuana legalization network and is the host of The Russ Belville Show, a live daily marijuana news talk radio program. Russ is also a prolific writer, with over 300 articles posted online and in print in HIGH TIMES, Huffington Post, Alternet, The Weed Blog, Marijuana Politics, and more.


  1. Cheapest way I have found is to grow healthy plants and use the “sweet leaf” to make cannabutter with a Magical Butter Machine (found online, under that name). It is fabulous for making medicine! Just like with any cooking or baking, the secret is often in the temperature and time! Ditto making cannabutter! That machine allows you to be precise with temps, which is necessary to keep as much THC, CBD and CBN – each has a different temp in which in ‘burns off’ (when you smoke a joint, the heat is activating the THC but it’s short-lived). So, by setting your temp/time you will wind up with the BEST FOR YOU mixture of the three major active ingredients (that we know of! LOL There ARE over 80 active ingredients – we just don’t know them all yet or what they do where in the human brain. .

    If you ever get the machine, I have some tricks and great recipes to get your pain down or even gone! But I just will not waste anymore weed in crockpots, frying pans, microwaves, etc. The stuff is just too dang spendy if you buy it, and even if you grow your own medicine, it’s still better to get the right ingredients cooking at the correct temps for the correct times. Just think of the Betty Crocker test kitchens! LOLOL If you ever want my recipes, I’ll be glad to share but they’re all for that one piece of equipment – the magical butter machine. I swear by it! A cook is only as good as his or her ingredients AND kitchenware!

  2. Hey Terry, my curiosity has nothing to do with getting higher, just the cheapest and most effective way to medicate. I also look to the future and hope that, as my pain levels increase, there will be stronger medicine available for me to use.

    And yes, you are right, medicine should be kept out of the reach of children, and even though I don’t have any children living with me, I always keep mine locked up whenever I leave my home.

  3. right .. you can physically overdose to a point of actual toxicity…. leading to death……. it was just a single point, trust me if it was possible with cannabis by any means it would have been done a long time ago…. we were making bho 20 years ago… its nothing new just something people aren’t used to…not to mention government tests on animals with extreme levels of isolated cannabinoids that were conducted decades ago….

  4. I’m not thta curious. I have no need to get higher. I’m happy with what works right now – medical edibles. If I’m not careful, the cannabutter will knock me out for two full days (and HAS when I took two heaping tablespoons full versus the usual one). Dab users have literally passed out. Not a fun way to get stitches or perhaps break your neck. I dunno, sounds to me like kids just wanting to get higher, higher and higher … higher right up unto death, I guess! NO THANKS. When a 3 yr has to be put on a ventilator to breathe after ingesting Mom’s brownies (she ate three, I think) then this cannot be said enough, IT IS A MEDICINE, AND IT CAN HARM, AND IT CAN CAUSE OVERDOSE IN THE RIGHT POPULATIONS – the very young, the aged with multiple medical conditions, and even the young with “old age” diseases, like clogged arteries, heart disease, etc! NEVER SAY NEVER. Let’s not go attending the funerals of little kids, maybe your niece or nephew, or your own child, before we truly learn this: KEEP ALL MEDICINES OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. How hard can that be, people?

  5. because of the way we receive the molecules and how they bond i believe that its near impossible to reach a level of toxicity. and only then would i consider it
    an overdose

  6. No not at all a total noob can do it. Purging is just pressing the bubbles out of the oil. Sometimes small butane bubbles get caught up in the finished product.

  7. Once you gather the keif the bud is still smokeable. There is still a lot of THC in the bud it’s just the keif has the highest concentration of thc usually around 80% where as the bud is usually around 20-25% Now if you make BHO the bud is useless all compounds have been extracted.

  8. The web page you reference is from 1994 and we have learned a lot more about cannabis since then. In fact, all the studies listed in the footnotes are pre-1994.

    The web page (prepared by a Director of NORML) states that the same toxins are produced when smoking tobacco as when smoking cannabis. With all due respect to this doctor, I heartily disagree. I guess it’s a little beside the point now, as tools have been created that bypass this problem.

    The Baltimore study regarding accidents appears to be a study which produced results that were one-of-a-kind. (Also, the doctor who performed and published the study sure does a lot of studies about drug abuse.) Research published after this study indicate that smoking cannabis is a minor safety road hazard.

  9. Yanno, you and NORML totally disagree. I am with NORML! How could I not be, as a person, parent and medical anthropologist?! Here ya go, an excerpt from their website:

    Myth: No One Has Ever Died From Using Marijuana :

    The Kaiser study also found that daily pot users have a 30% higher risk of injuries, presumably from accidents. These figures are significant, though not as high as comparable risks for heavy drinkers or tobacco addicts. That pot can cause accidents is scarcely surprising, since marijuana has been shown to degrade short-term memory, concentration, judgment, and coordination at complex tasks including driving.1 There have been numerous reports of pot-related accidents — some of them fatal, belying the attractive myth that no one has ever died from marijuana. One survey of 1023 emergency room trauma patients in Baltimore found that fully 34.7% were under the influence of marijuana, more even than alcohol (33.5%); half of these (16.5%) used both pot and alcohol in combination.2 This is perhaps the most troublesome research ever reported about marijuana; as we shall see, other accident studies have generally found pot to be less dangerous than alcohol.

    Nonetheless, it is important to be informed on all sides of the issue. Pot smokers should be aware that accidents are the number one hazard of moderate pot use. In addition, of course, the psychoactive effects of cannabis can have many other adverse effects on performance, school work, and productivity.

    For more info http://norml.org/library/health-reports/item/norml-s-marijuana-health-mythology#2

  10. Brrrrr, the name Monsanto gives me chills… How about marketing to women with PMS and/or menopause? That’s a pretty big market for big pharma, and one that doesn’t have that many effective treatments (I mean, Pamprin and hormones? C’mon). I don’t have any suggestions for the male market… maybe men can be in the ads for PMS and menopause cannabis treatments?

  11. SOS message heard and received! Watch for the black Defy Gravity hot air balloon in the skies over your house in Kentucky, I will throw out one of those ladder-thingies, and pull you right up! Bring your friends, all are welcome! Until I get there, keep reading The Weed Blog — you’ll be surprised at what you can learn. (And no, I don’t work for The Weed Blog :)

    Sorry about the upside down pictures, I tried to delete them, but this software has a grudge against me. Try standing on your head to view, I guess…

  12. IMO cannabis a cure for many illnesses and therefore lies the problem. Surely pharma could come up with another illness to push their pills. Maybe monsanto could assist them in their search?

  13. I was wondering the same thing…..I want to try this so bad I’m ready to travel. By the time it is common place in Ky. I may not be allowed out of the old folks home, and that day is rapidly approaching…….SOS.

  14. Why would you take seven dabs in a row? That’s just wasteful! (And newbies might be affected a little differently than you.)

  15. Thordude Vilson on

    LMFAO… I used to make QWISO Hash (Quick wash isopropyl hash) and would literally take seven dabs in a row and would be completely fine. You’re never going to have a THC overdose.

  16. This article is so stupid, it’s just misinformed people all over again. People will believe anything they want to.

  17. The point I was trying to make was that it is not usually one thing, for instance alcohol, that ends up killing someone. Usually it is combined with poor diet and environment, inability to handle stress, etc. You’re right, alcohol can be a poison (just like Botox) in sufficient quantities. Water shouldn’t be a poison (but I’m not so sure there isn’t toxic things in our water). I don’t think I equated cannabis with a poison, but if that is how you read it, maybe I did. I don’t believe that.

    I’m mainly griping about blanket statements, that’s all. I fear that a lot of people just won’t go to the trouble to discover the truth. And as a worrywart, I am constantly on the look-out for things that could derail legalization. Ya know?

  18. Alcohol IS a poison! Anything that can directly affect the body in a negative way and cause death can be considered a poison. Water can kill you directly many ways, drowning is the most common, but you can drink too much water and kill yourself, but it does not act on a certain function of your body and makes it dysfunctional like a poison. Tylenol is a poison, at a high enough dose it will negatively affect your liver and cause liver failure. Too much water will cause everything to get diluted in your body, so that your cells cannot find the nutrients in all that liquid that they are swamped in. It also will cause your lungs to fill with fluid so your blood does not get oxygenated, and so much pressure will build up in your body and make it hard for your heart to beat that it can actually fail. Even with all this, water is not a poison, nor are the cannabinoids in cannabis. They do not fit the definition of a poison.

  19. A person rarely dies DIRECTLY from any one thing (you know, unless it’s a poison). While I have an overall understanding of the science of cannabis, I worry about the very broad positive statements I see related to cannabis. It is oft repeated that cannabis has never killed a living soul. To me, life doesn’t include these kinds of absolutes. But since I’ve done decades of research, I understand how some people could interpret the cannabis science that way.

    I mean, a person can “overdose” on something as innocuous as water, so these black and white protestations do not help the cause. (In my opinion.)

  20. Terry, it is not possible to die DIRECTLY from ingesting too much cannabis. To understand this, look at how THC and the other cannabinoids interact with the human body. The cannabinoids like THC, CBN, CBC etc. attach themselves to receptors on nerve endings. These receptors are all throughout our nervous system except one important place. The part of our brain that controls our breathing and heart beat. This is where alcohol and a lot of other drugs can kill us.They affect this part of the brain and too much in our bodies can cause us to not continue to live. I will agree that more study needs to be done on how cannabis affects all of us, especially the young. Once it is removed from schedule one status and science can actually start to study it without interference from people with agendas, we will find out so much good, and what the dangers REALLY are from this amazing plant. Yes, keep it away from the kids, but to keep it illegal is not the way to do it. Yes, things will happen, people can be stupid, but keep a eye on the bigger picture. I am sure there are all kinds of statistics on young kids getting into the liquor cabinet, or ingesting all manner of things left out by otherwise responsible adults. This is not causing everyone to want to outlaw those things because we all know that would be unjust and unfair to everyone else. We learned that alcohol prohibition did not work, and now our society is starting to learn that other prohibitions are as destructive if not more so to society today. Now it is just a matter of convincing the right people that this fact is true.

  21. We had a drive-in where I grew up, but it closed down in, what… the 70s? Jeez, that was a really long time ago, you’re right. We are not old, we are wise, kemosahbee.

  22. Yeah, John Wayne. Am I showing my age? If not this should, I used see his movies at the drive-in when they were still first run.

  23. First I tried a tincture. Unfortunately, it was an alcohol tincture and burned like a… well, you know. So I tried to put it in a liquid (instead of under my tongue), and yuck. I haven’t tried the glycerin-based tinctures, but I have tried some edibles and didn’t get much of an effect. (Don’t worry, I intend to try again!)

    So then I tried the wax. I understand that it is supposed to be stronger, but four times as strong? And it’s really messy too. I’m sure it would work out better if I had the correct tools, but so far I’ve budgeted for zig zags, and that’s it. I thought that the oil was as strong as the wax, but I’m guessing that the oil is way easier to use. I haven’t seen the oil listed on the menu at any of my dispensaries, so maybe it’s not available in New Mexico yet.

    I think the smell of the smoked bud increases the effects, so my interest in oil hasn’t been that strong. However, I have to bring down the monthly costs of my medicine, so I’m going to have to do something. I also worry about my future pain levels and I don’t want to raise my tolerance to cannabis too quickly.

    Coffee and John Wayne? I think I’ll take my Dr. Pepper and a documentary on psychedelics. And of course my lovely bud. And a good time was had by all! :)

  24. That’s what I used to think but it is a much better high. The THC and CBD is extracted leaving behind the chlorophyll and other unwanted compounds. For some reason the oil you end up with gets you more buzz per dollar than the starting material. I can start with cheap Mexican brick weed that will kind of give me a buzz for 2 or 3 days and end up with oil that will kick my a$$ for a week. If you start with top shelf the oil is just that much better and the yields higher due to the greater THC and CBD content.
    That being said there is nothing like pouring a cup of fresh ground gourmet coffee, sparking up a well rolled blunt, and putting on a John Wayne movie. I like oil but the bong, joint, blunt, and pipe are all still in my repertoire.
    BTW, have you ever tried oil? The taste alone will convince you.

  25. How kind you are to put up with my silliness (and overwhelming curiosity). It is hard, isn’t it, to sit at a computer screen, post to a comments section, and wonder who will read it? However, I think I am having way more fun than all these other people on The Weed Blog who have to “listen” to me… :)

  26. And so I’m wondering… You’ve got this beautiful bud. You grind it to take all the good stuff out, then you get a teeny, weeny little bit of smokable kief. Strong stuff, sure. But that sounds like an awfully expensive way to smoke bud.

  27. Trichomes are kief. You’ve seen a bud grinder with a kief screen right? The kief (trichomes) are what gathers in the kief chamber. You can buy a “pollen press” to turn it into hash. You can use the leaves to make BHO but it’s not as strong as when using just buds.
    Normally what you do is get a quantity of buds and grind them in your grinder and place them in a tube with several small holes drilled in one cap and place a coffee filter in the bottom, then you fill the tube LIGHTLY packing it with your plant material, screw on the other cap that has just one hole drilled in the center to accommodate a butane can and go outside away from any flames. Holding the tube with the filtered end down you run 3 or 4 cans of butane through the mixture over a pyrex lasagna pan. To speed the initial evaporation you can place the pan (stay outside!) in another larger pan of hot water. This will get most of the butane out of the oil, letting it sit overnight (indoors is okay at this point since we’re now dealing with trace amounts) will rid it of the rest.

  28. Hysteria … can we say “Reefer Madness” strikes again? With the internet, EVERYTHING is front page news … for about 3 hours! It does make it harder to get laws passed/changed to reflect the goodness of cannabis, and that is a crying shame. It’s an uphill battle already! People who want to get “higher” are making and using this wax/dab/BHO and in the process, are helping ruin the legalization efforts – not purposefully but you can bet the anti-legals will use everything they can – so THINK before using! Is it worth the high to have it remain illegal in states where it still can get you a stay at the Hotel Graybar? People DO pass out from the BHO stuff – that’s always bad. Little kids eat Mom’s ‘special brownies’ and wind up on ventilators cause their little lungs just can’t get up the umph to move – yes, that IS an overdose! Happened in CO, 9 kids – one, a 3 yr old, had to be vented.) It is especially dangerous for the very young (ages birth to 5) to consume it; their metabolism just is not capable of handling the effects of the chemical compounds. This calls for MUCH greater responsibility and accountability from all users than ever before. Remember, it’s not just recreational, it IS medicine, too: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN! There is simply more to pot than there used to be and if we do want it legal, get ready to face this fact: just because there has not been a true ‘yer dead’ overdose, doesn’t mean there can’t or won’t be, or worse: the anti’s will find an OD case and abuse it: ‘High School Football Star OD! THC Found!’ – bleck! I wouldn’t put it past them (always wonder: what IS their real agenda?). But fact are, with the much stronger potency, easier availability and the different methods of drug-delivery to the human body, it may just be a matter of time before there is an OD. I HATE to say that, but it is true so careful with this stuff! It just takes a few moldy nugs to ruin the whole 5-finger bag!

  29. Ah, the hypocrisy of drug laws. If cannabis research was as up-to-date as other drug research, we might already have a cure for cancer. I have also read where the U.S. helped to re-task other “political” bodies in OTHER countries…

  30. I recently read about a study that demonstrated the ability of THC to kill brain cancer cells while ignoring healthy cells. Still, the DEA keeps cannabis classified as a Schedule 1 Drug with no medical benefits. If reducing our national debt is an important priority, I could suggest a federal agency that might be eliminated without causing much damage…

  31. If your life has been ruined by a moderate Democrat whose politics are similar to Dwight Eisenhower’s, you must be in rough shape.

  32. MiCreeNi QuashMah on

    the idea that a drug may ruin your life is a false conundrum………..the individual makes a choice to use a compound . for what ever reason health or recreation….stupid way to play with your body but it is your body……..Now that choice is what may have ruined or caused whatever “RUIN” you are describing…. As is said in most families …. step away from the bong and enjoy the rest of your life don’t come back until you feel the pain and not a moment sooner. not more than you have decided to use and not less than your mental ability to maintain.

  33. I knew he was talking about President Obama, but I thought he WANTED to talk about that. So, he was being facetious? Now I feel really silly. (And I did laugh when I figured it out…)

  34. You’re high, dawg. He’s talking about Barack Hussein Obama. It was a joke, but now explained I’m sure you’re not going to laugh…

  35. You’re high, dawg. He’s talking about Barack Hussein Obama. It was a joke, but now explained I’m sure you’re not going to laugh…

  36. Oh, come on. President Obama does not still smoke pot. His doctors would find out and, I dunno, blackmail him or something.

  37. Oh, come on. President Obama does not still smoke pot. His doctors would find out and, I dunno, blackmail him or something.

  38. You’re on The Weed Blog, you mention that BHO has ruined your life, and you want to talk about the President? The President of what? Never mind.

  39. You’re on The Weed Blog, you mention that BHO has ruined your life, and you want to talk about the President? The President of what? Never mind.

  40. Let’s talk about kief (cuz you’re being so nice and answering all our questions). If you take the bud, extract the kief, then press the kief, you get hash. What then would you do with the rest of the bud? Is it still psychoactive?

    When you say “dried plant matter,” are you talking about the whole plant, sticks, etc.? Or are you just talking about the kief? Is BHO, wax, etc. ever made with the whole plant, instead of just the kief?

    Are trichomes another name for kief? And if I say “What the kief?” — is that funny?

  41. I’m assuming all of the butane would be removed only when it is prepared by someone who knows what they are doing?

  42. basic hash is pressed kief. BHO is done by extracting the THC by use of Butane which is a solvent much like Alcohol. You take the dried plant matter put it in a plastic tube with caps on the ends with small holes drilled in it. You inject the Butane through the top as it seeps through the THC is dissolved and absorbed by the Butane and passing out the bottom of the tube. One back in the open air the Butane will instantly start boiling off without any form of heat source leaving an oily/waxy substance behind. Some people refer to BHO as Honey Oil because the color is the same as honey.

  43. No cooking involved and it doesn’t burn off. Butane boils at 30 degrees F or -1C all you do is set the Pyrex bowl on the ground and it will boil without any sort of heat source. As long as you purge the final product 100% of the butane will be removed.

  44. You heard wrong. The butane completely evaporates out with nothing left behind. Same goes for Alcohol and Naphtha extraction. Naphtha gives you the purest form of oil. The one that is dangerous and can leave behind a level of toxic chemicals is called THC-O-Acetate which is basically running marijuana through the same process that they run Morphine through to make heroin. It can make the weakest weed into the most potent extract hitting THC lvls of 99-100% but it is a very dangerous process.

  45. I wonder if BHO ever smoked BHO. Maybe Russ could contact the Choom Gang and find out. I always wondered how Hussein smuggles his muggles, maybe now we know.

  46. stellarvoyager on

    The danger is that some try the evaporation in the oven or on a stove, and kaboom. Likewise, butane gas is heavier than air, so people may think that it has all been ventilated out, but then they go to spark a bowl and kaboom.

  47. Hash and hash oil trace back for thousands of years, from dry sifted, to tinctures, to alcohol extractions. Hash tinctures were the main for of marijuana medicine in the 1800’s. In other parts of the world, they don’t smoke marijuana, just hash. Just like whiskey / moonshine under alcohol prohibition, the production is left up to people in their “backyards” under marijuana prohibition. Legalize it and the problem goes away.

  48. This is not some synthetic drug or something, it is another process in the cultivation of the plant itself. The “trim” or excess leaves that get cut off of the bud is ground up in a mixer/food processor and put in a tube, where it is then not “cooked” but “frozen” by the butane, and all the components of THC that is on the leaves is extracted from the ground up mix, and the butane is in itself so cold it is evaporated in the air, so the end product is called “wax” This is pretty simple explanation, but that is it in a nutshell. Media is such an evil thing.

  49. BHO is made by passing liquid butane though cannabis in a tube. the liquid is allowed to dribble into a Pyrex dish where the butane boils off. This is where the greatest danger lies. The explosions you hear about are people who “blast” (the term used to describe the process) indoors. This has to be done OUTSIDE! When outside the butane gas can dissipate fast enough that it will not be as likely to fuel a explosion. also remember, putting a explosive substance in a container (the building) then lighting it will increase the explosive power. While outside if the butane does ignite it will be more of a foomp instead of a boom.

  50. Butane is used in the cooking process, and I have been told that “most” of it burns off. (By the way, had to chuckle at your name… much better than the combination of chill and relax.)

  51. It’s very dangerous from what I hear and chemicals from the process are left in the substance which make it even more than alert to danger

  52. Why exactly is it called butane hash oil? I get the ‘hash oil’ part of it, but does it actually contain butane?

  53. The DEA is trying to grab onto something… something… about cannabis that will allow the agency to keep busting down people’s doors. On the other hand, people running around with butane torches is not a pretty picture.

  54. I may be an idiot, but I think earwax is made from the kief and oil is made from cooking down whole plant to a very concentrated form (using alcohol by the person who taught me.) Dabs is yet again something different and I don’t know how it’s made but I always thought it was whole plant as well. I’m an old freaking fart, so I’m probably wrong. Anyone care to explain?

  55. I saw a story on my local news channel about wax a couple of months ago. It was a DEA agent talking about how concentrated the product was. Even though I knew that he was exaggerating, I decided not to purchase wax again because I didn’t want to be on the DEA’s radar. The only reason I tried the wax was so that I could smoke less but get the same effect. I used it with bud that was, well, mediocre.

    One positive note was one of the quotes that ended with: “…but unlike typical marijuana, it may carry the risk of overdose.” At least it’s in the news that you cannot overdose from “typical” marijuana.

    I have been confused by the term “hash.” From what I understand, hash is a concentrated form of the bud, made with the trichomes (keifer?). Then the hash is made into the oil or wax. I thought that a concentrated form of cannabis, no matter how strong, would still be too weak to cause an overdose. Taken alone, of course. Am I right?

  56. Absolutely! Kids die every year from over consumption of Everclear and lesser cousins, but this is where they want to point the finger? Insane. People die of stupidity, not dabs.

  57. I agree. This is just another thing the prohibitionists are gonna grab and run with. This sucks in so many ways. As we don’t have enough mis-information over the last 40 years to contend with.

  58. stellarvoyager on

    And yet, no mention in the media whatsoever of the considerably greater dangers of consuming Everclear. More fearmongering, as expected.

  59. stellarvoyager on

    Whatever happened to good old fashioned bong hits? I guess I’m old school that way.

  60. stellarvoyager on

    Idiots blowing up their neighborhood by improperly making BHO is a major public relations disaster.

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