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I-502 King County Zoning Lecture Today At Noon


washington state legalizes marijuanaFind Out Where The Best Areas Are To Open A Marijuana Business In King County, Washington

Thinking about vying for one of those uncertain-to-materialize, federally-questionable state licenses to produce, process or retail cannabis? Here’s a tip: location, location, location. Section 6(8) of Initiative 502 states:

“The state liquor control board shall not issue a license for any premises within one thousand feet of the perimeter of the grounds of any elementary or secondary school, playground, recreation center or facility, child care center, public park, public transit center, or library, or any game arcade admission to which is not restricted to persons aged twenty-one years or older.”

Get involved Tuesday, Nov. 27 at noon for a discussion on I-502 zoning. The I-502 zoning language is extremely restrictive, covering the vast majority of urban areas. I am mapping these zones in King County, and have completed layers for many of them — schools, parks, playgrounds, and game arcades — freely available at www.legalcannabis.us. Other layers, especially child care centers, will cover a fair amount of additional area.

Lecture: I-502 Zoning in King County

WHO: Ben Livingston, Center for Legal Cannabis
WHEN: Tue Nov 27 @12pm
WHERE: Surf Incubator, 821 2nd Ave #800 in Seattle
TICKETS: 5 seats @ $30, 15 seats @ $40


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  1. i voted yes…and the reason for that is sooner or later I believe it will get better, as of now, its gonna suck, I still believe in time things will get better, either way its a step towards a good thing, i will take time

  2. I told everybody to vote no they think that just because it said”legalize marijuana” that why the voted yes but hey u stupid ass that didn’t read the fine print Haha u getting screwed now they had time after it passed to make up new rules. And the nanograms for a dui that redickulous. I fart nine nanograms I’m a med paitent got my card and this is contridicting.

  3. Sorry, i am still stuck at, You can’t legalize something, until you decriminalize it!!!!!! Marijuana is STILL a schedule 1 drug!! WTF?!!!! Worse than meth, cocaine, heroin???!!!!! Make NOOOO sense!!!!

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