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I Don’t Want You To Smoke; I Just Want You To Understand Why I Do


Marijuana ScholarMy name is No Inhale. I am 20 years old and I live in Portland, Oregon. I am part-owner and administrator for The Weed Blog. I don’t have a criminal record and I’m attending school full-time, but still people don’t think I am capable of leading a healthy and productive life. I’m not here to endorse smoking marijuana, nor am I here to convince anyone to try it. I am only asking those around me to, not only understand why I smoke cannabis, but accept it, as well.

I first smoked when I was a freshman in high school; I was 14 years old and just as blissfully unaware of my own ignorance as I am now. I didn’t like how it made me feel then, so I only did it a handful of times before quitting for the remainder of my high school career. I was approached by Johnny Green and Ninja Smoker in May of last year. They knew I supported those who used marijuana, but did not smoke it myself. This gave me enough credibility (and relevance) to start writing for the website. It’s a year later, and a few things have changed; mainly, that now I am, once again, a marijuana consumer.

I remember the petty judgments and shallow reception the “stoners” got in high school, but I always thought the animosity stemmed from 1,200 insecure teenagers forced to be around each other five days a week. Unfortunately, the adult world can be just as judgmental and closed-minded as a pack of 16 year old girls. Both sides of this issue are tired of the opposition’s repetitive rhetoric. Stoners, bible thumpers, rednecks, liberals, conservatives, hippies have all been beating their dead horses since June, 1971. It’s gotten so ridiculous that both sides are stretching the truth to serve their causes.

My time around cannabis culture has exposed me to hundreds of claims and “facts” about marijuana; many contradicting. What I have extrapolated from my experiences is much less dramatic than a painful death or a cure to all ailments. Marijuana is a plant; it grows naturally in the dirt. The fact that we have made nature illegal should show you how out of hand this has gotten. My father recently passed away from esophageal cancer. It was a three year battle of hell, but marijuana helped him enjoy his last years alive. I can’t imagine anyone would want to throw him in jail for trying to make his last years livable. Marijuana is not the cause of, nor the cure for, cancer, it’s just a plant that amplifies the positive emotions a person feels. Food tastes better, movies are more enjoyable, people are friendlier. Marijuana gives me a certain lucidity, a certain intimacy with everything around me, including myself. Sounds super stoney, right? So, who gives a shit?? Let me be a stoner. Let me laugh at Jay and Silent Bob, let me appreciate every-day objects as divine creation, let me see the beauty and symmetry this world has to offer. Why do you care? Let me enrich my life the way I want to. Let me roll my spliff and sink into my own subconscious, I promise you will come to see that marijuana is just another consumable this earth offers. No different from an apple, no different from chocolate cake, no different than salt and pepper. I don’t want you to join me (although you are always welcome), I just want you to understand and leave me to my happiness.


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  1. Never posted on here before saw no inhales post Sorry about your dad man cancer is unforgiving bastard. I feel ya man if herb is what it takes for someone to enjoy their last years and be able to tolerate the pain they shouldn’t be punished or looked down at. Sadly the government would never legalize it to help people maybe if they could make a ton of money that’s a different story. Or just keep shipping money to help other countries or children all over the world it’s nice that they do it but there are plenty of starving children In America and sooo many people battling cancer and other deadly diseases in our own back yard unfortunately as the years keep going by people care less and less about others. Sorry about all that think I had to get that out

  2. My father has been battling cancer for 14 years tryin to beat it for a 3rd time now I’ve been taking care of him sence I was 11 years old. After seeing the progression of cancer treatments seeing people in Roswell park cancer inst people in his situation look much worse they weigh nothing have no energy can’t eat aging fast from stress. My dad has been smoking marijuana religiously my entire life. Well doctors gave him a year to live 2 1/2 years ago still looks heathy still pushing. Amazing seeing how much better he feels if he has good herb or he is miserable without. He also takes way less pain killers than most people battling when he smokes he doesn’t need them as much doctors wanted him on high mg oxys but because the weed helps him he only takes a 7.5 tab a day. For years I beat myself up because I felt helpless watching him suffer not anymore turns out I have a really good green thumb :) if a natural plant that grows on earth helps someone escape pain they should not be denied this cheap effective medicine. And if I get arrested for it I won’t care I’m buying myself extra years with my father he’s all I got and il do whatever it takes to help him beat this again

  3. I’m sorry if I offended you, I put this under the “opinion” category and I thought that was disclaimer enough. Also, (in my opinion) you should relax. I love marijuana because it brings me peace, but it seems that marijuana has made you such an angry and bitter person that you spend your time chewing out some 20 year old stoner because he said some things about weed on the internet that you didn’t like. Tolerance and acceptance, my friend.

  4. This statement is utter nonsense: “Marijuana is not the cause of, nor the cure for, cancer, it’s just a plant that amplifies the positive emotions a person feels.”

    I don’t think you should profess your unsubstantiated, unresearched OPINION as fact as you are wrong on this account. Read some history (and not the Cliff Notes version) before showing your ignorance in the future.

    For the record, not only does cannabis cure many kinds of cancer, every government study or otherwise (reference Rick Simpson and Phoenix Tears, et al) has echoed the same facts.

    Furthermore, it has recently been reported that the mystical, healing ingredient in Jesus’ annointing oil was cannabis. To date, in thousands of years, nobody has OD’d from cannabis. The amount to OD at one time is something like 20 tons. In one word: Impossible. Name any other medicine with the same ratio and medical success. At least 100,000 people die a year from the pharmaceuticals.

    And cannabis is not “just a plant”. It is a superplant – you can eat it and it is fabulous for you, it can clothe you, it can house you and gives the body homeostasis. Name any other organic or inorganic material that can do the same! The problem is that anybody can grow this plant. If you can grow a tomato plant, you can grow cannabis. And if anybody can grow it, you can’t tax it. And that is why it is illegal.

    The Hegelian Dialectic dictates that the sicker a person is, the more the corporations make treating the symptoms. Thus, it is fully in the best interest of big business to make you sick and prevent you from healing yourself. Of course, history relates that this holds more than a bit of truth. In the 1920s and 1930s, there was a shift to the synthetic. The agricultural revolution, the green growth revolution which had catapulted the US into superpower stardom, was cast aside. Taxable chemicals and synthetics became the new theme of the Hegelian Dialectic used by the corporations.

    This continued on during WWII with Hitler and I.G. Farben (now known as Bayer) as well as with Dupont which is infamous for its nasty chemicals. Since this time, it has been fully integrated with Monsanto and the pharmaceutical companies.

    Control the money and you control the government. Control the food and medicine and you control the people. Long story short, like the use of tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceuticals, people are literally paying to kill themselves. Not to be cliche, but you are what you eat.

  5. Debra Halter on

    Thank you for putting into words the thoughts that I can not express without tears flowing freely. Please give those of us who choose to medicate or use marijuana the frredom to to so without fear of being sent to prison. blueskies and sunshine granny

  6. Applause!!

    Very well stated. We are much in the same boat.

    I love your blog here– my blog is similar (but not limited only to weed) and I am bad at keeping up with current events, so I really admire the collection you’ve got. :) Thanks so much for all the information you’re providing!

  7. Umm, yeah, there is increasing evidence some non-psycho-active cannabinoids may indeed cure some cancer. All the rest, whatever, get on with your own life. Readers don’t need to validate your existence any more than smoking weed should. In my view. Peace…

  8. natalie karmo on

    Thank you for this great blog! I’m an advocate and its so good to see a site that highlights congressional issues and medical news along with the basic fun of this amazing, GOD given, plant.

  9. i use for medical purpose’s and it has helped me for 29yrs im glad it is becoming legal..

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