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Idaho Family Wants To Legalize Medical Marijuana To Help 6 Year Old Son


marijuana cannabis idaho threeI have a lot of family in Idaho, and I can say from first hand experiences while visiting them, Idaho needs marijuana reform as bad as any other state in America. I have literally written articles about how scary of a place Idaho can be to a marijuana consumer, whether it be medical or recreational. There’s a reason why a lot of people have fled Idaho for Oregon and Washington, especially for medical marijuana purposes.

One family in Idaho doesn’t have the option to move (nor should they be required to), and instead is fighting to legalize medical marijuana in Idaho in an attempt to help their son who suffers from epilepsy. Bryce and Holli Bunderson have lived in Idaho their entire lives (Eastern Idaho currently), and plan to lobby the Idaho Legislature to try to urge them to pass a medical marijuana bill in 2015. Per JRN.Com:

With so much uncertainty surrounding the possibility of Scout having another seizure, the family wants to do everything possible to help their son. In January, the Bundersons will ask Idaho lawmakers to consider looking into medical marijuana legislation.

“Hopefully we will never have to use it for our son. Hopefully we will never need it. But other parents do now. Other parents are looking at do we cut our kids head, do we try another medication and see what happens this time or do we try something that is natural and see if that helps,” Holli told Oswalt.

The family has a Facebook page, Scout’s Journey, to document their struggles and to raise awareness of the benefits of medical cannabis. Doctors Oswalt talked to say research on medical marijuana is small, but all of them said there is a benefit. Oswalt will be researching those benefits for stories set to air in the next several weeks.

Admittedly, the Bunderson family is going to face an uphill battle at the Idaho Legislature, but it’s a battle worth fighting nonetheless. Every seizure that their son experiences could be his last, and that’s a feeling that breaks my heart so much as a new father myself. I hope for their son’s sake, and for the sake of all suffering patients in Idaho that medical marijuana could help, that the Idaho Legislature takes a compassionate and sensible approach and passes a bill this session.

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  1. I’ve heard that Idaho has approved medical marijuana for those who qualify. Yes or No ?

  2. It’s so sad that any child or adults have to suffer just because of ignorance and unjust laws. We need to legalize america. Even if we have to do it state by state. In regards to all of the super conservative people a couple question. What give you the right to dictate your believes on to other people. Just as important ignorance is just as harmful to the public as corruption. If you want to talk faith have faith that legalization is better for our country than prohibition. Legalization will save suffering people, legalization is not evil and how can it be evil when cite rates kill more people in a life time than thousands of years of marijuana use. Nor is it as disabling as alcohol. If none of this makes any sense to you than wonder that just maybe, just possibly, just consider that in all truth probition was financed by greed, that probition is a faithless law. That greed is the cause of all evil. Just think about it

  3. There was an survey rather than a poll released this week by the UK magazine “The Economist. It lists America’s ten most conservative cities and the ten most liberal. (250,000) up. Although it contained the usual suspects San Francisco, Seattle, D.C, Boston /Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Anaheim it also had a surprise. They found conservative cities less conservative and liberal cities more liberal. American’s cities, even ones once considered bastions of conservatism are quickly becoming more liberal as a whole..

  4. People’s responses to the politics of the day have gotten strange over the years. As a lifelong Idahoan, I’ve always had a lot of family close-by and never really desired (nor had any meaningful opportunity) to move anywhere else–for any reason.

    Over the last 15 or so years, though, I’ve talked with more and more people moving TO Idaho because they’re highly conservative and they’ve abandoned California (or wherever else). And people on the other end of the spectrum just get fed up and move away–if they can.

    These actions, considered as a whole, are tending to make the “red” states redder and the “blue” states bluer. I have to wonder if there could eventually be some sort of checkerboard “cold war” where half the states hate what half the states love and so states start regularly suing other states.

    Strange times.

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