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Idaho Medical Marijuana Petition Is Available For Circulation Now


marijuana cannabis idaho threeIdaho’s Cannabis Laws are outdated and make criminals out of non-violent, responsible (and often extremely ill) citizens.

In 2010, Boise State University conducted a survey that showed 74% of Idahoans supported Medical Marijuana. ​IMAGINE WHAT THAT NUMBER IS TODAY!!

The Idaho Legislature’s most current efforts for Medical Marijuana was an affirmative defense law for CBD ONLY oil to give to epileptic children, but it stalled in the House Committee.

It is obvious, that our legislators ARE NOT speaking for us.  So it is time to speak for ourselves. It’s Time for  a New Approach!

Our initiative “Idaho’s New Approach to Cannabis” was first submitted to the Idaho Secretary of State on February 20th, 2015, with the final draft submitted on March 25th, 2015. It is now available for circulation.

We need valid signatures from 6% of the voting population in at least 18 of Idaho’s legislative districts, or 6% of the general voting population in Idaho (47,623 signatures), which ever is greater.

(6% Statewide is greater so our goal is 50,000)

We must have all validated signatures turned in by April 30th, 2016 to put it on the ballot for the November 2016 election.

The petition is available on our website, www.LegalizeIdaho.org, with circulation instructions for volunteers to help gather signatures.

Keypoints include:
– Idaho Medical Marijuana Act, which allows for 8oz & 12 plants for qualifying patients, as well as Medical Marijuana Organizations for the dispensary of medicine to qualified patients.

– Decriminalization of small amount Marijuana possession, making 3oz or less an infraction with a civil penalty, rather than a misdemeanor, with 50% of fines going to Idaho Public Schools.

– Decriminalization of Marijuana paraphernalia, making possession of paraphernalia an infraction with a civil penalty, rather than a misdemeanor, with 50% of fines going to Idaho Public Schools, AND an exclusion to prosecution for patients who qualify under the Idaho Medical Marijuana Act.

– Idaho Industrial Hemp Act, creating a program for Idaho farmers to legally cultivate and possess industrial hemp and related products.
*We will be hosting a variety of petition rallies and events through out the state over the next 13 months. We invite everyone to keep an eye on our events page - https://www.facebook.com/NewApproachIdaho/events

and join us whenever possible!

Every event is an opportunity to sign the petition, and get involved in changing Cannabis laws in Idaho.

Our next BIG event is the Boise Global Marijuana March, on Saturday, May 2nd, 2015, starting @ 1pm.

We will meet on Capitol Blvd @ Julia Davis Park, in front of the Art Museum and Public Library and march to the Capitol Building at 4pm, with speakers on the Capitol steps at 4:20pm

We have over 700 people RSVP’d on our facebook event, so we are expecting a fairly large turn out. Learn more here - https://www.facebook.com/events/740632109305529/
Hope to see you there!

Source: New Approach Idaho


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Johnny Green


  1. None of Spokans crime rates relate to medical marijuana. I honestly feel that you are completely ignorant when it comes to the plant. You sound over bias on the issue, and to bring in religion makes perfect sense why. If you actually looked at facts, you would see that there is an overwhelming amount for the legalization of medicinal marijauna. The reason it has not passed; has nothing to do with people for the bill, as apposed to it, and everything to do with shady politicians who are very much driven by religion. I have news for you and your fellow mormon politician elites. You will all soon enough be over turned and thrown out of your seats. It’s the people who truly run things, and the people are starting to speak up. As for you being depressed, maybe you should crawl back to your “mormonic” hole, read your made up bible while taking a couple light puffs of some medicinal, I promise it will not only cure your ignorance, but also your depression as well. When you do decide to do that get ahold of me, and I will recommend the right strain for your ailment, because as we all know- different strains do different things.

  2. I really hope it gets legalized here.. Half of Idaho goes over to Washington, Oregon to get some.. Brainwashed Sheep is so very misinformed about what MJ can do medicinally.. and Wasnot, I’d never wish that on anyone except maybe ISIS .. You get back what you put out.. If you don’t want to use MMJ for pain and many many other things, then DON’T.. But, allow others to live and do and use what they want to or need to in order to have a more pain free life.. #mellowout

  3. Brainwashed Sheep on

    It’s “this kind of ‘stupidity’ on a regular basis.” Learn grammar. Yes, I wouldn’t expect animals to vote on anything outside of their worthless little desires and needs. Potheads, like yourself, make this world a depressing place to live. No one wants your drugs legal in Idaho. Keep it at your house.

  4. Brainwashed Sheep on

    If you were truly that smart, then you could see the destruction that this “plant” has caused so many young people

  5. You even have to go and :’up vote” all your own comments because no one around here, or much place anywhere anymore, that is rehearsing bible versus, cries the pothead story. LOL, you make me so glad to not actually know any people like you – I couldnt take this kind of stupid on a regular basis.

  6. Once again, you are sitting here proven how much of an idiot you are – go crawl in a hole? Really? yeah, you sound very educated – I happen to own my own business, successful, reitirement saved already, weekends off to spend how and wherever I want. Pharms are poison ,not a medical plant. Get your facts straight. Your in the wrong place here –

  7. Brainwashed Sheep on

    Common sense would be to leave drugs out of the state of Idaho, pothead. No one here wants your drugs. Keep your lazy, worthless stoners in Washington.

  8. Brainwashed Sheep on

    Really? Chronic pain? So that’s why you want EVERYONE else to get high? There are countless other methods, legal methods, to deal with chronic pain. I’ve heard this excuse one too many times. Just another reason to get high.

    Just look at Spokane, WA. Because of all of the potheads there, the city is riddled with crime. I have met more worthless, lazy stoners there, than any other place I have been.

    Drugheads, trash, that only live for the next high. Noncreative, adding no true value to society

    And by the way, I have a loved one who USED to suffer from severe chronic, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriasis. I had her change her diet, getting her ooff of wheat and other poisonous foods. EVERY single symptom disappeared. She didn’t resort to drinking or getting high to mask the symptoms that crippled her. She had been taking meds for over 10 years and suffered greatly every day and night. Now she is a part of society again.

    Again, don’t give me that excuse. That’s just another reason to be lazy and to get stoned. There are other ways to deal with chronic pain. If the law were to be passed in Idaho, making weed legal, weed shops would go up on every corner and kids would begin their lives of being worthless drugheads, just like in Spokane.

  9. Brainwashed Sheep on

    1 Corinthians 10:23 –

    Everything is legal to me, but not everything is advantageous. Everything is legal to me, but not everything edifies.

    Just look at Spokane, WA. Because of all of the potheads there, the city is riddled with crime. I have met more worthless, lazy stoners there, than any other place I have been.

    Drugheads, trash, that only live for the next high. Noncreative, adding no true value to society.

  10. It's just a plant folks on

    I guess you didn’t read the verse that said “All thing created by God are good” Or the one that said “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth”

  11. I hope you or one of your loved ones suffer with chronic pain, everyday. How dare you – IDIOT and uneducated for sure!

  12. Brainwashed Sheep on

    You are a true idiot. I guess you didn’t read the verse where God said that we are to be of a sound mind and to not be drunk with wine… to be alert and SOBER.

    WORTHLESS pothead.

  13. Brainwashed Sheep on

    Worthless potheads. Leave Idaho alone and go crawl back into the hole from which you came. Go smoke your “shit” in another state. We don’t want your drugs legal. There are countless facts surrounding marijuana usage. It leads to lazy, worthless, leeches that feed off of hardworking citizens taxes. Welfare… That’s your future. That’s right. There is overwhelming proof.

    The brain cells it kills, the addiction, the clouded mind that can’t create or build anything. I know because I was addicted as a teen. I saw what it did to me and countless friends of mine. Stop pushing your filth on everyone else. A newsflash for you… The majority of people in every state, want nothing to do with marijuana. If we really wanted it legalized here in Idaho, it wouldn’t be so difficult for you to reach your goal of 50,000 signatures. You wouldn’t have to fight it so hard.
    So kick your feet back and smoke another, as your mind wastes away and you slip into a life that will produce NOTHING of value for our society.

  14. Richard McDonough on

    I would like to hear from Johnny Green in regards to getting a RESTORE THE RIGHT TO VOTE TO FELONS who have served their sentence. This petition will be in Idaho for 2016. Would also like a guestimate how much you would charge. I click on facebook and twitter for Johnny Green, but when I click on email nothing happens. Will sign up for face book today. Email ohc6rus@gmail.com phone number is 775 727 0881.

  15. You are “on point” with so many facets of this issue! I appreciate your comments and am in agreement with you. I believe in this medicine so much that I had a large, very visible tattoo put on my arm of a cannabis leaf, framed by the words, “Marijuana…it’s an HERB!” Anyone who believes in the bible should read it before they use it to persecute cannabis users of ANY level. I don’t know what scripture anyone ELSE found, but I found the one where “we” are told that the herbs and flowers of the fields were created by God for the benefit AND PLEASURE of all mankind.

  16. Absolutely true! Has anyone else noticed how many CHILDREN whose families move out of their home states to accommodate this type of treatment for seizure disorder? As an adult, a grand mal seizure is a very painful and terrifying experience…if an adult dreads them as much as I do, can you imagine what these poor kids are going through??? CBDs STOP SEIZURES! You don’t have to “get high” to get the medicinal benefits. There are many strains that are almost completely THC free, (the get-high part!) some developed especially for babies and children with seizure disorder! You don’t have to SMOKE cannabis to get the benefits, either! This medicine is available in tablets or capsules, glycerine based tinctures, alcohol based tinctures, injections, oils and butters, and all sorts of edibles. It’s pretty bad when you have to give up family ties and stability to find a “legal” place to get medicine to treat these conditions.

  17. Idaho Hippy Coalition on

    People need to realize that legalization is truly a life or death issue. The police are kicking people’s doors down at 4 a.m. and shooting unarmed individuals in their living rooms while they stand there in their underwear. I hate to say it, but I think that every candidate needs to be questioned on their position regarding legalization of cannabis and voted in or out of office based solely on that for now. Have you ever notice that the anti’s never asked a smoker what it’s like to smoke marijuana? It’s about like drinking 3-4 beers. They just heard that it was wrong 30 years ago and they just roll with that. I am tired of the missinformed and overly religious thinking they know what is best for everyone. I have never voted a day in my life, but this issue is extremely important. Count on my yes vote. And let’s keep law enforcement out of our homes and vehicles.. And our lives. Cannabis will stop being such a big deal when they stop making a big deal out of it.

  18. I do hope folks come out and make a real push to get this passed. Idaho is a pretty conservative state; However, the truth is, if family has been affected by a debilitating illness, and marijuana can assist in recovery or inhibiting certain effects of said illness, folks will vote with their hearts.
    Common sense always wins out; This movement can be framed in such a fashion that common sense arguments can win the minds of those on the fence.

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