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Idaho Town To Hold Meeting To Consider Banning Marijuana From Their City Limits


Idaho medical marijuana ban twin fallsReefer madness is alive and well in Idaho, where the Legislature and individual municipalities are seeking to ban marijuana from their towns permanently, as a preemptive strike against any future attempts at reforming marijuana laws. Opponents of marijuana in Idaho hate marijuana so much that they are banning, even though it’s already legal, and don’t seem to care what the democratic process might hold in the future. I’m not sure this is even legal. Below is a Facebook post urging people to come out and attend the city council meeting from the always hardworking activist Lindsey Rinehart of Compassionate Idaho:

The Twin Falls City Council will be having a hearing Monday night at 5pm. They are/were considering Banning “marijuana” from their city. The Idaho Office of Drug Control Policy gave a presentation to them on why they should preemptively ban marijuana from their city.

We showed up and asked them to please not do this and we were actually able to get our chance. At least heard out enough to giveOUR presentation on why they should Not do that. Monday at 5pm we get to give a 15-20 minute presentation to the City Council on why NOT to ban marijuana. We are Very Grateful for this chance.

Please show up to Respectfully tell them why this is a bad idea. They have been very courteous to us as we have planned this presentation and we would like to keep that extended. They didn’t Have to hear us out but they are. Major props to them for being forward thinking enough to give us the chance to stand up for the patients. It’s a chance we didn’t think we would get and it’s appreciated.

If you are in Idaho, come out and show your support! Physical Address of City Hall is 321 2nd Ave. East | Twin Falls, ID 83301


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  1. I am glad that you enjoyed my last reply (even though you might not have read it). If my explanation was too complex for you maybe this will help.

    You are right, no one should have to move because of repressive neighbors. I just think you may have a better life living in a positive productive neighborhood or community than a repressive one. San Francisco’s gay community (Castro District) has become a powerful political force for their cause because many LGBT people left repressive neighborhoods to work together (Jewish communities did this also). I think the cannabis community can learn from this example.

    BTW – I’m sober this month. It is always a good idea to take some time off from cannabis. Moderation is always the key.

    Tyranny is forcing your views on others regardless of power or numbers…

    Thanks pierider this was fun.

  2. LOL! Your view seems so convoluted that it takes you paragraphs to explain your earlier paragraphs-long explanation. Pass the bong over to me and try again. People shouldn’t have to move anywhere because their neighbors are repressive in any way. Period.

  3. I believe that I was not clear enough. When I stated “personal behavior” or “personal freedom” it was meant to be in the context of what a person is able to do in the privacy of their own home to their own body. Legislation which bans drug use in the purpose of expansion of one’s consciousness is what I consider to be a federal violation of my personal rights and governance, after all this is a cannabis (drug oriented) blog not the benign politics of the Huffington Post.

    Civil rights, the rights of suffrage, gay marriage, etc. , are in a different category and should be governed by federal legislation because it inhibits the constitutional rights (and modern amendments) of the republic – every member of the republic (not corporations) should be regarded as equal. I do not advocate that we should allow towns to legislate (provide for) racism, gender bias and the like, but there are many towns that do so by social pressures, violence and corruptive governance. Why would a racial minority want to live in a town full of white supremacists or a gay man fight to be a member of WBC when they are so many other productive choices in this era?

    We live in a nation that advocates liberty, but there are limits so we are not truly free. Legislation is one thing, but I feel that people should be allowed to congregate with whomever they choose regardless of what a majority may preclude (that’s within their rights also). I cannot advocate that everyone must follow the majority and be hammered, persuaded or goaded into accepting a way of life if they feel differently, I advocate the liberty of choice and the ability to execute their choices in absence of obstruction and to do so without harm or being harmed (Amish communities come to mind).

    If a person wants to fight what they feel is tyranny, then I support that also (“carry on my wayward son”). I just feel that sometimes a life is better served in a community like minded people. The cannabis community is blossoming (since the historic legalization in CO and WA) and I would rather continue cultivation of the community than fight a town of small minded individuals. After they see what cannabis and hemp can provide they will eventually reconsider as many, once dry, counties have since the end of alcohol prohibition.

    I am a cannabis advocate, not a Christian crusader nor an American dreamer, live and let live – one love.

  4. So if a town bans interracial marriage, people who want to practice it should pick up and move, is that what you’re saying?

    Because the rest of us believe in making the bigots run and hide, and making them change their behaviors.

  5. It is already illegal here in Idaho, and in Every town in Idaho but ONE. That would be Hailey, who has a decriminalization of marijuana. Twin Falls, it Seems, didn’t even mean to get into this mess. Time will tell, but as of right now, I am Impressed with Twin Falls and their willingness to listen. I don’t know that there will Ever be a vote on this because our State already said it Didn’t agree and threw out the SCR that the Idaho Office of Drug control Policy was trying to get Twin Falls to sign. It will be interesting. I will look for clarification on this tomorrow.

  6. I think it’s called double secret probation.

    Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son.

  7. I don’t understand. Are they saying marijuana is now legal and they want to criminalize it? If not, isn’t it already banned by state and federal law? Or maybe they think this ban will keep marijuana out of their town. For real this time.

  8. Not really an issue. As with alcohol there are dry counties that prohibit the sale of alcohol. If city councils ban cannabis and it reflects the majority of the residents then there is nothing wrong with it. If a resident considers this to be a kind of tyranny then they should seriously consider moving to a more diverse and open minded community (difficult at first, but can be enlightening – often just 30 minutes away) if their challenge is unsuccessful.

    Change often fosters discomfort in those that are content with mediocrity and sameness (social monocultures). I think it is a good thing that we have these enclaves of dry or smokeless communities. A couple things about communities that ban personal behavior you know where they are and what to expect when (if) you go there. Having traveled much of the 48 states there are many counties that limit personal freedom by legislative policy of by social pressure. These communities will let you know what is acceptable and what is not (“Don’t mess with Texas” – enough said…).

    Cannabis is not like alcohol. Cannabis is a multifaceted plant with many known and unknown uses and constituents. In the not so distant future the marketplace will be beaming with textiles, supplements, foods, building materials, biomass, cosmetics, medicine and inebriants. It will be difficult to ban something that will make up the very fabric of everyday life. In the future, banning cannabis will be a lot like banning corn (high fructose syrup, maltodextrin, starches for biodegradeable plastics, ethanol, solvents, food, feed, corncob resins, paper, etc.), not likely.

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