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Idaho Will Have A Medical Marijuana Program Sooner Than Later


Idaho marijuanaMedical Marijuana In Idaho Is Only A Matter Of Time

There are several reports coming out of Idaho that the medical marijuana initiative there will not make the ballot. One of the articles was titled, ‘Group misses mark for medical marijuana initiative.’ I don’t like that title. Mainstream media always tries to trash on medical marijuana campaigns if they don’t make the ballot, acting like everything was done for no reason. This isn’t coincidence – mainstream media tries to downplay marijuana reform campaigns to try to keep the public from supporting them in the future.

I would argue that the Idaho medical marijuana campaign did exactly what it needed to do. Sure, ballot access would have been optimal, but there were still a lot of things accomplished by the signature drive. People in Idaho are talking about medical marijuana more than ever now, especially older voters. A big part of my family is in Idaho, and they never thought medical marijuana would ever have a prayer in Idaho. Now, they all agree that it’s not a matter of if medical marijuana comes to Idaho, it’s when.

Whether people want to realize it or not, Idaho already possesses everything they need to win in 2014. It’s no secret that there are Idaho residents crossing the Snake River to get medical marijuana cards and cannabis in Oregon. When you already have registered medical marijuana patients in the state, it’s easier to convince people it’s a good idea to start a medical marijuana program because after all, there are already patients in the state and the sky is still in place.

There’s already a lot of sympathetic business owners in Idaho. I don’t want to name names out of respect, but I know of two prominent business owners in Boise that now own collectives in Oregon. People like these are important for drumming up campaign funds. From the conversations I’ve had with people in Idaho, there are countless other possible campaign funders within the state. There are a lot of national organizations that will match campaign contributions, but rarely if ever do they pony up cash for a campaign that has little to no in-state contributions. Idaho is ahead of the curve in that respect.

I have talked quite a bit with people from Compassionate Idaho, and I can say for a fact that they have a solid plan for 2014. Expect a launch of the Compassionate Idaho website soon. Everything that was done thus far will be built upon going forward. If you live in Idaho, don’t be discouraged by media reports. Instead be encouraged to get active and continue to make change to prove those people wrong! Compassionate Idaho made a big splash in 2012. That splash will turn into a tidal wave in 2014!


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  1. I am a Pancreatic Cancer patient who has to break the law & risk being incarcerated if I have “any kind of Pot” on me. Having a medical card from Oregon really doesn’t do one much good. The Idaho ISP works with his buddy from the Oregon ISP who patrols the Ontario dope dispensary & writes down the license plates from Idaho & then calls his Idaho ISP buddy & tells him who to pull over.

    Unless you sneak in over the Border you will get nailed…eventually.

    Medical marijuana is legal in WA, OR, & Mt. So we have 3 states that border us where it is legal. I can, of course, get any prescription from my oncologist for any type of Narcotic I might need for pain. Except the organic one I know works for my diet, pain, bowel, movement, & insomnia.

    The medical community in Idaho may agree with you but can only prescribe Drugs that Drug companies make. It’s all about the profit & not the patient.

    I don’t believe it will change in the short term & it will take many year, if ever, before western States like Idaho, Wyoming & Utah legalize medical marijuana.

    The only thing that will make the conservative & L.D.S. Republicans in the Idaho House & Senate to change their mind is when they need the money to balance the budget.

    But for now the legislators & the Gov. are quite happy gutting education & social programs so they can balance the books & hire more cops & build more prison. That is all they really care about in Idaho.

    Not individual rights.

    Go figure.

  2. I always like seeing your words in the comments section :) Finding some in-state campaign cash is vital, and I think that Idaho can do a good job of finding some. Will one of the notorious billionaire’s step up to fund something in Idaho? Only time will tell. But I think Idaho is small enough that big things can happen with a smaller amount of cash when compared to other states. I would love to see Radical Russ in his home state showing patients the ropes in the near future!

  3. Sometimes a poor showing on a campaign can be more detrimental than not campaigning.  When you get 1/10th the sigs you needed, it leads some to think there really isn’t that much support or the people supporting it aren’t serious.

    Everyone can have all the grassroots fervor in the world, but without serious money for professional signature gathering it is nigh impossible to qualify for the ballot.  Every statewide marijuana reform was funded predominantly by just three billionaires, save Prop 19, funded by Richard Lee’s life savings.  Work now should go into fundraising fundraising fundraising for 2014.

    Which, by the way, might not be a bad idea in Idaho to work an off-year election.  Being the most Republican state means progressive issues actually benefit from lower voter turnout.

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