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If You Could Meet Anyone In The Marijuana Movement, Who Would It Be?


Gatewood GalbraithWhich Marijuana Celebrity or Activist Would You Want To Meet?

A little while ago, I met with the organizers of Oregon’s I-24 initiative which will end marijuana prohibition in Oregon if it succeeds. It was the first time that I had met fellow marijuana activists face to face for official Weed Blog business. By official, I mean I talked to them via e-mail and met up with them for pizza and to talk the toke. Whether that’s ‘business’ or not, I will let other’s decide. At the meeting, and at just about any other meeting with marijuana activists, they always ask if I know ‘fill in the blank’ person. My answer is almost always the same, “I’m friends with them on Facebook, and have talked to them via e-mail for two years, but no I have never met them.”

I explained to my new friends that one of my goals for 2012 was to meet as many marijuana activists as possible in a face to face situation. I always feel that it results in a more dynamic team scenario. I can write articles about people, I can follow them on social media, I can even follow up with them via e-mail, but rarely do things actually get done as fast as they do when I talk to a person face to face. At the meeting, the organizers of Oregon’s I-24 asked me, ‘who in the marijuana movement would you most like to meet?’

I didn’t have an answer at the time, and to be honest, I still don’t have an answer. I have narrowed it down to a list of about 300 people, and I can’t imagine being forced to choose just one! I have met a lot of activists lately from Oregon and California, and that has been amazing! I always feel empowered when I see how excited marijuana activists get when they are talking about their causes. It makes me want to get out and get active even more.

I have always wanted to meet the legendary Vivian McPeak, and Carl Olsen from Iowa, and Jay Selthofner in Wisconsin. I have been talking to Cheryl Shuman lately and she is now at the top of my wish list as well. The list goes on and on. I am compiling a directory of all of the people that I want to meet, and it seems to be never ending. Some of the people that I have wanted to meet most are unfortunately no longer with us. Jack Herer and Gatewood Galbraith were two people that I wanted to meet at least once in life, but unfortunately I won’t have the chance. I guess if I was forced to choose one person in the movement that I would like to meet over all others is Peter B. Lewis…but then again, something tells me that most other marijuana activists would too lol.

Who do you want to meet in the marijuana movement? Or for that matter, was there someone that you wanted to meet, and did? How was the experience? I know I admired a lot of people from afar to find out that they were even cooler than I thought. On the flip side, some were not as I expected!


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  1. The Dope Fiend – I listen to him all the time. I would have loved to meet him when he toured the US this year. Would have been fun.

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  3. I’m from Kentucky and had the honor of meeting Gatewood Galbraith many times through the years. He was of genius level intelligence, wore a hat and suit made of hemp while campaigning for Governor, He received a decent percentage of votes too. He was a fine, caring man of peace and is a genuine Legend in Kentucky now.


    Do you really trust the person on the other end of this email,do not know anything about them and what the true motives

  5. I typed in Google search for hemp activists & got your marijuana activist page.  While I am aware that both forms are cannabis varieties they are quite different in functionality & purpose.  I am of the opinion that mmj needs to be differentiated from hemp because ALL America needs the benefits that hemp could provide for sustainability for everyone without the medicinal & recreational benefits & controversy attached from the 1/2 that are against mmj no matter what anyone says. 

  6. There are many people I would love to meet, and it’s kind of fun to consider. Willie Nelson is on my list, Chrissie Hynde of course, and 
    Louis Armstrong…if only he was still with us. I was blessed to meet and interview Jack Herer several times, and met the late Gatewood Galbraith. There are so many heroes, Vivian McPeak, Paul Stanford, and Dr. Phil Leveque just to name a few, I am very pleased to be in the company of history makers right here and now… <3 Love ya all!

  7. Bitchcrafts420 on

    since i recently met paul stanford, i’m gonna say steve elliot.  he is SO funny & i think he would be fun to hang with.  :D

  8. Vivian McPeak on

    Johnny, wow, thanks so much for recognition, it really means a lot to me. I regularly read The Weed Blog, I think it is a great resource. I really hope you can make it to Seattle sometime so we can get together and send some smoke signals to the sky. My biggest reward for community activism is the community of incredible movers, shakers, and history makers involved in serious reform.efforts I get to know and work with.

    I really support our own movement’s alternative media sources, because the honest information is on our side. Thanks for all your efforts. 

  9. As much as it would be nice to meet everybody who is influential in some way, if I had to narrow it down, well connected people with finance would be my desired networking aim… there is a critical mass building up, and this industry is going to be BIG… People like Cheryl Shuman, and Richard Branson, who are open to new ideas, and can see the potential, but can’t do everything themselves… 6 degrees of seperation?, or is that just 1 degree these days with social networking?… Of course once business is over for the day, I would love nothing more than to kick back and share a mix with some other personalities, people like Willie Nelson and Woody Harrelson would have some great stories… ;)

    Excuse the obvious names, but stuck over here in Australia, I can only be so involved with the US movements and communities, and it’s even harder to ever think I could actually meet some of the wonderful, dedicated people doing great things for the MMJ/Hemp/legalistion movements, which will trickle out to the wider world one day soon…

  10. Thank you for the high honors!  Come on out to Wisconsin anytime…you should plan on attending our Annual Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival held in Madison the first weekend in October…this will be our 42nd year!

  11. Thank you for the high honors!  Come on out to Wisconsin anytime…you should plan on attending our Annual Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival held in Madison the first weekend in October…this will be our 42nd year!

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