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Illinois Governor Denies Medical Marijuana Program Expansion


Illinois medical marijuana hb 1Illinois legalized medical marijuana in 2013. However, even though 2015 is drawing to a close, not one medical marijuana patient has been able to purchase any legal medical marijuana. Patients in Illinois are not allowed to grow their own medical marijuana, and can only buy it from a licensed dispensary, which have yet to open for business. The last statistic that I heard was that there are roughly 3,000 medical marijuana patients in Illinois, which is a very low number considering how many people live in Illinois, and would benefit from medical cannabis.

One of the reasons that there are not that many patients signed up is because there is no where to buy medical marijuana yet, but another reason is that the list of qualifying conditions to become a patient is very small. There was a recent push to add more conditions to the program, but Illinois’ Governor axed that idea. Per the Chicago Tribune:

Gov. Bruce Rauner on Thursday continued his chilly reception of the medical marijuana program he inherited, vetoing a measure that would have allowed patients with post-traumatic stress disorder to qualify for medical marijuana as his administration revealed it would not expand the trial program to include 11 new ailments.

In his veto message, the Republican governor said the medical marijuana test program is still in its early stages and it would be premature to expand the scope “before we have had the chance to evaluate it.”

The conditions that would have been added to the program were: Migraines, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Chronic Pain (Post-Operative), Anorexia Nervosa, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Peripheral and diabetic neuropathy, Osteoarthritis, Polycystic kidney disease, Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome, Neuro-Behcet’s Autoimmune Disease. Unfortunately for patients that suffer from those conditions, they will have to wait until either Governor Rauner changes his mind, or wait for him to leave office. Neither option is favorable of course, but unfortunately that appears to be the situation at hand. Illinois patients deserve a much, much better medical marijuana program (and Governor!) than this.


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  1. Why don’t you reporters post the truth about illinios medical marijuana program and the law makers who run it they discriminate against health care just like the Nazi
    You can’t discriminate against health if your free and doing right just because you have a record doesn’t mean that your garbage and your only human and should be treated that way

    All business owners who think they are going to make money need to think twice about their investments Idph are denying people who have one of the qualifying conditions are being denied the right to medical treatment they should be worried about their investments Illinois discriminate against health care and fingerprinting should be removed it against human rights all when it time to vote for them the should not get the support of the people Illinois has chance to make millions but with lawmaker who discriminate against health care need to resign Illinois will not make money and any investors should pull out before the lose money and Idph shouldn’t be put in charge of approvals we need to change who we pick to speak for us Illinois should fire those who discriminate against health care and the representative who say they care should resign or proved it Illinois is the worst state to help people with heath care

    When it comes to health care we are all equal rep Lou lang pretends to care for all felons who are free and working hard to stay that way and are in need of heath care we are all equal we can not say that felons with qualifying conditions can’t get medical treatment is very wrong in so many ways we need leaders who can do something about it now not in four years or step aside and quit and let better men or women who have are best interest at heart if we let this happen what next they will they you you can’t get health because of your color of skin who does that sound like and what is that my question to the lawmakers if you pledge to care for the people as you say you do then stand up and change the fingerprints requirements and show the people that they come first its our constitutional rights and our rights as humans so prove to us that the state of Illinois is a state that is free and not corrupt we the people ask for this change what is this world coming to if we stand here saying who gets treatment or who doesn’t so lawmakers please change the your policy you can’t let days pass and cont. Showing the people of Illinois and other state that this is what the united states has come to discrimination hatred for fellow humans we are not animals

  2. Illinois deserves much more than just a better Governor, the whole lot of them needs to be replaced, from GOP Governor to the 44 years in the House, DEM Speaker Michael Madigan, and all the way through state government. Every one of them needs to go for passing along humongous debts to future generations, the minority attacking drug war, rigged elections, corporate welfare to the connected and wealthy, failing schools, etc.

    Unfortunately, both disgusting parties have the elections rigged through gerrymandering and some of the most discriminatory ballot access laws for political competition of any democracy in the world.

    “Last November, 82 out of 137 legislative races across Illinois were uncontested.”


  3. Another one that needs to be voted out. Also needs to be told it will happen if he continue to mess around.

  4. Jordan Shorette on

    this type of news drives me nuts its the same way here in NYS, the gov doesn’t even know how to properly wipe his own a** but still has the say in medical regulations and the restrictions that go with MMJ. 9 times out of 10 they are NOT qualified to be setting those regulations. its no different then picking a random person out of a crowd and letting them set up the system to benefit their own personal agenda. if the governor does not have a background in medicine then he should kindly F*ck his own A**

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