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Illinois House Committee Approves Marijuana Decriminalization Measures


Illinois marijuanaCourtesy of The Joint Blog

The Illinois House Restorative Justice Committee has given unanimous approval to two separate measures aimed at decriminalizing cannabis possession, one of which would also decriminalize cannabis cultivation and distribution.

House Bill 4299 would make the possession of up to 30 grams of cannabis a simply $100 ticket, rather than an arrestable misdemeanor as it currently stands. In addition, the measure would remove criminal penalties – also making it an $100 ticket – for manufacturing or delivering up to 10 grams of cannabis, and for possessing up to 5 cannabis plants. It would also reduce the charge from a felony, to a misdemeanor, for the possession of between 5 and 20 plants, or between 30 to 500 grams.

Under House Bill 5708, the possession of up to 30 grams of cannabis would be decriminalized, reduced to an $100 ticket, as with House Bill 4299. Unlike that bill, House Bill 5708 would have no effect on penalties regarding manufacturing or delivering cannabis.

“The war on drugs has not worked,” says Representative Christian Mitchell, one of the sponsors of House Bill 4299. “Our jails are overcrowded. We need to get smarter on crime, not tougher. Drug addiction is a public health problem, not a public safety problem.”

Both measures now move towards a full House vote.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com


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  1. Roger Turner on

    I just read the thing I have been saying for a long time drugs are a public health concern not a criminal concern and I am not the only one saying this also I am not the first one to say it I read it first back in the 70s over 40 years ago it seems rediculouse to me that this fight over pot has lasted this long

  2. really they should legalised they should just legalised weed and tax it and balance the buget i know illinois need’s the money very bad and theres ppl in jail for a harmless plant witch is dumb polititc’s dont care what happen’s all they care about is money and greed and in illinois is the truth look how many govener’s got locked up so far and the stupied law’s that are being made like fine ppl that dont have health insurance wtf man stupied democrats they made everything worse it the usa big time. anyway’s witch side you pick there all crook’s and money grinder’s thats why i vote independent.if george washington came back to life he would be pissed off sorry for going over board politcs make me mad but i smoke weed becouse it helps my asthma to relax and my stuttering speech witch i had all my life but weed help’s that it slow’s down my brain so i can talk slower see i found out why ppl studder it becouse of there nerves and inpulses of the brain and breathing of the lungs and major stress of the human body those ppl need to relax . that’s why weed should jus be legalised its medicine for ppl who need’s it.

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