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Illinois House Vote On Marijuana Decriminalization Measure Imminent


Illinois medical marijuana hb 1I received the following alert out of Illinois. There’s still time to contact your Representative to let them know that you support decriminalization:

The Illinois House of Representatives is expected to vote on decriminalization as early as tomorrow, and this may be your last chance to help ensure the bill will pass. While the measure was supported by a large majority in the Senate, support is weaker in the House, and we need your help!

Please take a moment to ask your representative to vote in support of SB 2228.

This bill would remove the possibility of arrest and jail for the possession of up to 10 grams of marijuana and would lower the fine to between $100 and $200. It would also remove the possibility of a harmful criminal record for possession, which can last a lifetime. Finally, the bill significantly improves to the state’s current DUI law.

Advocates in Illinois have done an incredible job under difficult circumstances in working toward incremental improvement. Now is the time for one final push! SB 2228, sponsored by Rep. Kelly Cassidy in the House, is part of a multi-year effort to help move away from the harsh penalties currently in place, and help bring more consistency to possession laws in Illinois.

If you haven’t done so yet, please make sure your representative hears from you and voice your support for SB 2228. Then, pass this email on to friends, family, and fellow supporters to want a better approach in Illinois.


Chris Lindsey
Senior Legislative Analyst
Marijuana Policy Project


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  1. According to a story run today in the Chicago Tribune, Governor Rauner said that if the changes he asked for last year are in this version, then he will “probably sign it.” That’s not a solid yes, but it’s better than “maybe I won’t.” So I’m optimistic for your chances, this year. Best of luck.

  2. Hey hey! I’ve missed you. Or rather, you have not replied. Suffice it to say, you’re not even making an argument, you’re just making a simple distinction: decriminalization is not full adult use legalization. That’s not exactly a downer…

    And you’re also wrong — you can be arrested for less than 10 grams of cannabis in Illinois, at the moment. This bill would change that. So no, it’s not “SAME AS NOW.” Try harder.

    Once again, we find ourselves in the exact same place. You’ve said nothing of importance, and your comment has been summarily dismissed as nonsense. So I’ll ask you again: why are you trolling the weed blog? What makes you come back here again and again? Grow a spine and answer the question, because nothing else you have to say is the least bit interesting.

    Why are you trolling TWB?

  3. Decrim means

    No homegrow
    No marijuana stores
    Penalties for possession, use and sale remain

    Its the SAME AS NOW.

  4. I contacted my Rep. and he said he was glad I contacted him, then voted against the bill anyway. To many still believe the old lies.

  5. Rauner is the one that recommended the changes in his veto of last years attempt. He got everything he wanted in this bill, now it’s up to him to sign it. And it’s about time we took this step forward.

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