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Illinois Is Harvesting Its First Crop Of Medical Marijuana

illinois marijuana

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I have been very upfront that I don’t like the Illinois medical marijuana program. Yes, it’s better than nothing. But I have always felt that Illinois medical marijuana patients deserve better. The program has taken a very long time to get off the ground, and as of right now, there has yet to be even one gram of legal medical marijuana sold in Illinois. Fortunately for some patients, medicine is on the way. Per Chicago Business:

The Associated Press recently gained an exclusive look at Illinois’ first legal marijuana crop, and the new farmland ritual beginning amid the cornfields surrounding the historic town of Albion.

Illinois is among 23 states that allow marijuana for at least medicinal purposes. The state’s restrictive law doesn’t allow people to grow their own, only state-approved cultivation centers with rigid security systems.

A company called Ataraxia is harvesting medical marijuana that will soon be sold in dispensaries around the state. It’s the first center to make it to the finish line after running a gantlet of state requirements.

I’m very curious to see how much the final product sells for. I’m sure the quality will be good enough, but if patients are ruthlessly price gouged, then it doesn’t matter how good the medicine is. I’m curious to see how long the first crop supply lasts too. Patients deserve quality medicine at an affordable price, and anything short of that and I’d assume patients will continue to go to the black market. Illinois needs to fix its program, and allow home cultivation, among other changes.


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  1. I’m a nonviolent felon that has a cultivation charge in Ohio for a couple plants. Which in Illinois would be considered a misdemeanor. Any way I have terrible back problems which has led me to 2surguries. The latter being a spinal fusion which really hurts me still and its almost been a year. To get to my point , why can’t someone like me get medicinal marijuana. I find this crazy .I mean I can take pain pills rx by a Dr. But if I want to quit those and getrRX. For marijuana its illegal. That’s insane

  2. Why don’t you reporters post the truth about illinios medical marijuana program and the law makers who run it they discriminate against health care just like the Nazi
    You can’t discriminate against health if your free and doing right just because you have a record doesn’t mean that your garbage and your only human and should be treated that way

    All business owners who think they are going to make money need to think twice about their investments Idph are denying people who have one of the qualifying conditions are being denied the right to medical treatment they should be worried about their investments Illinois discriminate against health care and fingerprinting should be removed it against human rights all when it time to vote for them the should not get the support of the people Illinois has chance to make millions but with lawmaker who discriminate against health care need to resign Illinois will not make money and any investors should pull out before the lose money and Idph shouldn’t be put in charge of approvals we need to change who we pick to speak for us Illinois should fire those who discriminate against health care and the representative who say they care should resign or proved it Illinois is the worst state to help people with heath care

    When it comes to health care we are all equal rep Lou lang pretends to care for all felons who are free and working hard to stay that way and are in need of heath care we are all equal we can not say that felons with qualifying conditions can’t get medical treatment is very wrong in so many ways we need leaders who can do something about it now not in four years or step aside and quit and let better men or women who have are best interest at heart if we let this happen what next they will they you you can’t get health because of your color of skin who does that sound like and what is that my question to the lawmakers if you pledge to care for the people as you say you do then stand up and change the fingerprints requirements and show the people that they come first its our constitutional rights and our rights as humans so prove to us that the state of Illinois is a state that is free and not corrupt we the people ask for this change what is this world coming to if we stand here saying who gets treatment or who doesn’t so lawmakers please change the your policy you can’t let days pass and cont. Showing the people of Illinois and other state that this is what the united states has come to discrimination hatred for fellow humans we are not animals

  3. Whyiowa4medical on

    I do not think so, Critic. I am next door in Iowa and am searching for a medical and decriminalized, or legal state to relocate my cannabis and health research association. I see Illinois as running their program much like Al Capone ran his bootleg booze organization. The black market wants to keep their niche, so I do not believe they will increase their prices above that of Denver dispensaries. When those who really know what they are doing with cannabis are squeezed out of a legit job, or business of their own, what you get will be of the newbie grower quality. The reason for the lack of good grow facilities, the record of the people involved with the company. Felons are automatically out of the running as are misdemeanors for drug offences and this makes about as much sense as not allowing a doctor to practice because they saved a life outside their hospital or clinic!!! Many of these “black marketer’s” are true professionals in the industry and to disallow them kills potency, as well as the creation of strains for a specific condition. Cannabis is a plant one must care about very deeply to give the attention to it needed during certain times of its growth. Those with a record of marijuana production should be on the top of the list of those considered, but these people are forever black listed from work in the industry as I know from the 1980s when I had a grow collective. I created rules and gathered good people to make my operation undetectable, and the Iowa and Illinois strains tested a continual 25% with each of us producing a “one hit wonder” that the Illinois State Patrol tested at 32% when a client had to travel to Chicago and was stopped and imprisoned federally for about one gram.
    Those of us held captive in zero-tolerance states (by state related abject poverty) could not afford the $200,000 non-refundable application fee. Those of us who have the skills to research (allowing for far more allowable conditions, in fact, few would be dis-allowed) and to grow the very best you have ever inhaled or eaten are prevented from attempting to apply financially. I have worked with nameless strains in Minnesota (kept secret until their legalization), that are of such medical quality and some of recreational quality, that I have Iowa born and raised immigrants into legality returning to this part of the country as they cannot find any product of comparable quality!!! Many are now medical patients that would qualify anywhere, but they never want to do business with any dispensary that gets their product from this class of uncaring grow-op ever again and if they are not satisfied, they promise to return the product to the dispensary and throw it in the face of the “Boobtender!!!” Let the felons with the top shelf knowledge do what many were raised doing and doing this very well!!! Many of the people you WANT to do business with could never be employed by a grow-op or a dispensary. I am not encouraging high THC for all cases, but there are many canna-smart people working at cleaning out the manure lagoons because they could never (as of today) be employed in the business they are very expert in doing. Illinois needs a lot of work as you will be doing business with the Nations Mafia of medical cannabis!!!

  4. “I’m sure the quality will be good enough, but if patients are ruthlessly price gouged”

    Are black market patients being ruthlessly price gouged too? Or are they paying artificially inflated prices due to the restrictions imposed upon the market by the state?

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