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Illinois May Expand List Of Conditions That Qualify For Medical Marijuana

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The process of getting a medical marijuana business license in Illinois has been very competitive. I talked to one applicant who told me that his company spent roughly one million dollars to try to obtain one or more cultivation licenses in Illinois, and his company didn’t receive a license. During my conversation with him, I pointed out that even if he had received a license, he would be one of 21 cultivation license holders that would be serving a very, very small patient base due to the short list of qualifying conditions that patients can qualify for a medical marijuana card in Illinois.

I could tell by the look on his face during our interaction that he didn’t understand what I was saying, or didn’t believe me. As of right now, there are only roughly 1,600 medical marijuana patients in Illinois. That means for every cultivation company that is investing enormous amounts of money into a cultivation facility, they will only be serving between 76-77 patients as of right now. A lot of companies are going to lose a lot of money at that rate.

A medical marijuana program is only as good as the list of qualifying conditions it allows to be approved for the program. I personally feel that if someone is suffering, from whatever ailment, and they find relief using medical marijuana, they should be allowed to do so legally. To say otherwise lacks compassion. There could be changes on the way in Illinois. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

The medical marijuana patient pool in Illinois, which has alarmed some in the state’s cannabis industry because it’s quite small thus far, may be on the verge of expanding.

The state Department of Public Health is considering a petition from potential patients to expand the list of qualifying medical conditions for MMJ, and will hold a public hearing on May 4, according to the Associated Press. After that, a panel of doctors, nurses, patients and a pharmacist will make a formal recommendation to the department.

The advocates behind the petition want to see more than 20 more conditions added to the current list, including post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, migraines and insomnia.

Expanding the list of qualifying conditions in Illinois is vital to the state’s medical marijuana program’s success. Both from a business standpoint, and from a compassion standpoint. No one that suffers should be left without medicine, or forced to purchase unregulated medicine from the black market. If you live in Illinois, I highly encourage you to participate in the public hearing. Tell everyone you know to do the same. Be polite and courteous at the meeting, but also make sure that your opinion is heard. Share your story, and stories of others.

Below is the current list of qualifying conditions to become a medical marijuana patient in Illinois:

• Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
• Agitation of Alzheimer’s disease
• Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
• Arnold-Chiari malformation and Syringomelia
• Cachexia/wasting syndrome
• Cancer
• Causalgia
• Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy
• Crohn’s disease
• CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndromes Type II)
• Dystonia
• Fibromyalgia (severe)
• Fibrous dysplasia
• Glaucoma
• Hepatitis C
• Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
• Hydrocephalus
• Interstitial Cystitis
• Lupus
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Muscular dystrophy
• Myasthenia Gravis
• Myoclonus
• Nail-patella syndrome
• Neurofibromatosis
• Parkinson’s disease
• Post-concussion syndrome
• RSD (Complex Regional Pain Syndromes Type I)
• Residual limb pain
• Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
• Seizures, including those characteristic of epilepsy (Starting January 1, 2015)
• Sjogren’s syndrome
• Spinal cord disease, including, but not limited to, arachnoiditis, Tarlov cysts, hydromyelia, syringomyelia
• Spinal cord injury
• Spinocerebellar Ataxia (SCA)
• Tourette’s syndrome
• Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

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  1. I struggle with spina bifida, when I was born I was missing two vertebrae is out of my back and ever since I have been having back pains I just really think they should reconsider and look at their list and look at other peoples injuring. And when I started smoking marijuana I wasn’t because for fun it was for my back and ever since its helps with the pain I really think they should reconsider in and look at this spina bifida is really nothing to mess with it sucks being scared one day you can injure yourself with your back and end up being paralyzed is scary

  2. I suffer from an ischemic stroke I had 2 years ago. I also suffer from spina bifida, scoliosis and sciatica. I suffer from migraines, sleep disorder, depression, muscle spasms. I am on so many pills, 22 a day. At night it takes 2 tramadol, valium, Vicodin, melatonin and Topamax hopefully GOD willing I can then fall asleep. With everything I suffer from its not enough to be eligible for their program. They need to take a better look at there guidelines and help more people.

  3. They really need to add insomnia to the list as well. I have been suffering from insomnia for almost 6 years now and all of the sleep aids that I have tried are not working. I have tried taking medications such as zquil and a ridiculously high amount of melatonin (10x the amount the average person would take) and it doesn’t do a thing.

  4. I have Trigeminal Neuralgia and it is a disease that has no cure, and it’s hard to find relief for it because there are very few medications/procedures that help the intense, debilitating facial pain. They definitely need to expand this list, people like me deserve to get our relief. Marijuana is meant to help everyone✌❤

  5. Did they add chronic migraenes to the list because i have had chronic migranes multiple times a week (10+ a week) and am prescribed barbiturates, I do not enjoy this as my medicine to my migraines ive noticed multiple con symptoms. I feel like this would really improve my life. Email me if you could inform me cwylmatthew@gmail.com

  6. Francisco Hernandez on

    What about Anxiety, Aponea, Chronic Back Pain really why should alcoholics get to rush to a bar or home to have a drink after a hard day but the criminal potheads need to be sober or break the law screw this square ass state and its Government I am sick of them forcing people to break the law is Pathetic they are obviously all alcoholic pill poppers.

  7. Francisco Hernandez on

    How about just chronic pain , why should I have to take two Aleves daily sometimes more just to get by what about my liver and quality of life , what about MY CHOICE AS AN ADULT LAW ABIDING VOTER AND TAX PAYER.

  8. Can an employer terminate you if you have a medical marijuana card and your company does random drug tests and it shows up ? I’m eligible for it but am hesitant to apply for it for I can not afford to loose my job. Lately my conditions are not responding to traditional treatments and it’s starting to affect my attendance at work.

  9. Willard harper on

    I am in morris Illinois
    can anyone recommend a good Dr.
    text me at 8157600319

  10. upfrontdaemon on

    What is amazing is that both Cannabis AND Video Games have been clinically proven to help with reduce symptoms associated with PTSD (which is something we have very little understanding of to begin with) and yet, if offered as treatment in coping with the side effects of PTSD, the argument turns into “This pothead just wants to play video games all day.” Needless to say, its this type of ignorance that makes getting the proper treatment so difficult.

  11. Bryan Holland on

    They might add migraines to the list but I’m satisfied with glaucoma so I’m not complaining

  12. Eric K. Johnson on

    Here lay the way?… to de-schedule/end cannabis prohibition?

    Justice Sutherland of the Supreme Court of United States adopted these words in Funk v. United States:

    “… cessante ratione legis, cessat ipsa lex … This means that no law can survive the reasons on which it is founded. It needs no statute to change it; it abrogates itself. If the reasons on which a law rests are overborne by opposing reasons, which in the progress of society gain a controlling force, the old law, though still good as an abstract principle, and good in its application to some circumstances, must cease to apply as a controlling principle to the new circumstances.”

  13. In *1996* DC voters approved a MMJ measure and it literally took 20 years for the first dispensary to open. And almost nobody can get approved for MMJ because the shortlist of conditions. Good luck IL!

  14. it’s not necessarily a small patient base either. I live in Illinois. I have a spinal cord injury that causes extreme spasms. both my general practitioner iand my rehab doctor said marijuana would work for me. My GP says she can’t prescribe it because you need to be a specialist. In my rehab doctor can’t prescribe it because the healthcare system they’re affiliated with made the decision on what they’re going to do when it comes to medical marijuana.

    Also, many people are actually waiting until they can actually use the program. since there Aren’t any dispensaries open. I’ll talk to a few other people that are waiting until they can actually go buy what they need.

    I do agree though. Expanding the list would make it easier for Doctor to make recommendations.

  15. yea,how about letting past felons who qualify for medical bud sighn up,there a lot of qualifying patiants with past criminal records,who need medical bud,

  16. Who cares if no one can get access to the medicine to begin with? Hasn’t it been ≈1.5yrs or so since the citizens of that great state voted to legalize for medicinal use?
    Is it nice that there are going to be more qualifying conditions? Sure, but the point is moot if there isn’t any medicine available.

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