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Illinois Medical Cannabis Advisory Board To Consider Adding More Qualifying Conditions, Again

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Illinois has tried multiple times to add more qualifying conditions to the Illinois medical marijuana program. Twice the Illinois Medical Cannabis Advisory Board has approved adding new conditions to the list, and both times the recommendation from the Board was shut down by the Governor of Illinois. The Illinois Medical Cannabis Advisory Board is taking up the issue for a third time, and hopefully the third time is the charm. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

The state’s Medical Cannabis Advisory Board will meet Monday on whether to add 15 new conditions to the current list of 39 approved conditions, according to the Associated Press.

The proposed conditions include: chronic pain, migraines, post-traumatic stress disorder, irritable bowel syndrome, Lyme disease, osteoarthritis, autism, chronic low-level depression, and diabetes.

It would be unfortunate to see these conditions approved again, just to see them shot down, many for the third time. Treatment for patients should be determined by doctors, and not by politicians. Illinois patients deserve to have safe access to medicine. In addition to adding more conditions to the program, Illinois also needs to allow for home cultivation. Suffering patients need it.


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  1. It’s really bad to generalize, especially when it comes to wealth. Being wealthy doesn’t mean he can’t be bought — it only means that if he *can* be bought, then he has a very high price tag (one that only the wealthy could possibly meet). It certainly does not automatically make him a man of the people. Especially in this case. The programs Governor Rauner has cut in Illinois are programs that shouldn’t have been cut — programs helping the lower, more needy rungs of the socio-economic ladder — programs dealing with domestic violence, homeless children, and autism, just to name a few. That’s cold and heartless.

    Someone could see beyond his cuts to public transit and argue about his disputes with labor unions. Sure, all that is debatable. But doing away with state-run programs that help people *most* in need proves Bruce Rauner fundamentally lacks compassion. Therefore, I have absolutely no confidence Illinois’ medical cannabis program will benefit from his administration. His actions aren’t those of a humanitarian.

    I’d be shocked and awed if a guy who can justify flushing programs that help homeless kids and battered women somehow turns out to be an advocate for reforming cannabis laws. I don’t see how that kind of person could be in our corner or see our point of view. Most of our arguments are populist arguments — everyone would benefit. He’s not a populist governor. The people of Illinois will be better off limiting him to one term by ousting him in 2018.

  2. True, but politicians who aren’t rich just take money from those who are, and do what they are told. Get the money out of politics, and everything changes. And if higher-level politicians had to take a serious test of their knowledge of economics, government and history before they could run for office, we’d be a lot better off.

  3. This is the problem with electing a candidate that is no politician and so rich. He doesn’t answer to anyone and doesn’t care about anyone but himself. I don’t understand why these people run for office when they don’t want to help people. I’m disgusted with this governor and him blocking people from getting access to medicine that a board made of professionals recommended. Maybe the third time will be a charm, but I’m not holding my breath.

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