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Illinois Medical Marijuana Bill Advances


by Phillip Smith

A medical marijuana bill in Illinois passed its final House committee hurdle Monday and now heads for a House floor vote. The bill, House Bill 30, was approved by the House Healthcare Availability and Accessibility Committee.

The bill would allow people diagnosed by a physician with a debilitating medical condition and their caregivers to register with the Department of Public Health. Patients could possess up to 2 ½ ounces of marijuana every two weeks. They would obtain it from a “nonprofit medical cannabis organization” registered with the state.

The bill proposes only a pilot project. It calls for the legislation to expire after three years.

In the last session, a similar bill passed the state Senate, but died in a close vote in the House.

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  1. I certainly hope so, my disease is the reason i use. Tell me where or how can i help to bring more patients to b able to use this MEDICINE without fearin repurcussions?

  2. The point is that they will ONLY allow patients to purchase it at $10+ per gram from “non-profit” dispensaries. Grow it in your house for your own use and they will break your door down, claim your kitchen knives are weapons and arrest you for resisting arrest.

  3. Do you realize that you dont know anny thing about growing medical marijuana?? it dose take a lote time, effort and money to grow it, i think people should only talk when they know what there are talking about and should do a lil reserch to learn about a topic b4 making a fool of your self. vote yes to legalize medical marijuana. yes you should b able to grow your own but not every one has the time or the space to do so, there is nothing wrong with charging for growing for other people becuse the growers need compinsation for there time just like with any other services that people provide every day.

  4. Well, i agree with what you say, however it’s only partially is true.
    First off, you must understand, to produce High Quality Medical Grade Herbs you will need the Best dirt//hyrdo setup, Quality Food & Nutrients, P.H.//Temp.//Humid Controll, even Enriching the air with more Co2.
    Its not just plopping a seed in some dirt, leaving it untended & Getting Nice Greens.
    It Costs alot of Money and Even more Time & Effort in that process of growing.
    Which must be covered for the caregiver to take the time to go out of his//her way, It must have some form of payment to compensate for the money out of pocket. Although, I will say there are some crooked people that look to benefit too much finacially and that is not right.
    Not Everyone has a GreenThumb, and those that do deserve to be well payed.
    I’m sure there is a caregivers license or permit that will allow you to grow a certain amount per person.
    God Gifted man with every herb bearing seed, so i feel it should be legal under certain guidelines, whether its medicinal or as a religous sacrament.

  5. Thanks for keeping us informed.
    If you put in your article people we could contact and how they can be contacted, it would be a great boon for the cause. Would give an avenue of voice to those who may have forgotten they have one.

  6. This plant is a gift from God just like all plants on this planet. This bill demands that you purchase from a “nonprofit medical cannabis organization” instead of growing it yourself. You can grow it for hardly anything and most “nonprofit medical cannabis organization” charge between $10 and $20 a gram !!! This is a horrible plan and hope it is not passed unless patients can grow their own. Nonprofit medical cannabis organization does not mean charity, these guys will pay them selfs hundreds of thousands of dollars costing patients millions of dollars.

    Lets be real don’t make this about making money, make it about helping people. Remember at the end of the day its a weed that grows anywhere with very little effort. What gives you the right to play God and decide who can grow his plants and charge for his free gift?!?

  7. I hope the bill this time. It would help so many people. Being Illinois though I highly doubt it will ever be completely legal.

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