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Illinois Medical Marijuana Law Takes Effect Today


Illinois medical marijuana hb 1It has been a long road for medical marijuana patients in Illinois, and unless you suffer from a very short list of qualifying conditions, the road will be even longer. Illinois’ very strict medical marijuana law takes effect today. Illinois doesn’t allow home cultivation, and doesn’t have any dispensaries open yet, so the law taking effect today is largely symbolic.

According to Illinois’ medical marijuana law, patients will eventually be able to obtain up to “2.5 ounces of usable cannabis during a period of 14 days and that is derived solely from an intrastate source.” The phrase ‘derived solely from an interstate source’ is going to be the sticking point for medical marijuana patients in Illinois. There currently are no interstate sources, and without home gardens, it’s going to be tough to get safe access, even after dispensaries open. Illinois will be a lot like New Jersey, where shortages are frequent, and safe access leaves a lot to be desired.

In order to become a patient in Illinois, you must suffer from one of the following conditions:

cancer, glaucoma, positive status for human immunodeficiency virus, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, hepatitis C, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, agitation of Alzheimer’s disease, cachexia/wasting syndrome, muscular dystrophy, severe fibromyalgia, spinal cord disease, including but not limited to arachnoiditis, Tarlov cysts, hydromyelia, syringomyelia, Rheumatoid arthritis, fibrous dysplasia, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury and post-concussion syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Arnold-Chiari malformation and Syringomyelia, Spinocerebellar Ataxia (SCA), Parkinson’s, Tourette’s, Myoclonus, Dystonia, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, RSD (Complex Regional Pain Syndromes Type I), Causalgia, CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndromes Type II), Neurofibromatosis, Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy, Sjogren’s syndrome, Lupus, Interstitial Cystitis, Myasthenia Gravis, Hydrocephalus, nail-patella syndrome, residual limb pain, or the treatment of these conditions

If you live in Illinois and believe in safe access to medical cannabis, than you can see that your work is far from over. It’s time to fight for a REAL medical marijuana program, which allows home cultivation and has many, many more qualifying conditions. The current program is obviously better than nothing, but it is far from where it should be.


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  1. just read you have to have $25k non refundable application fee, $250k operating cash, and $2 million surety bond to get a grow license. Well f’n Mansanto strikes again.

  2. It matters a lot. 1. it’s important that the problem isn’t made worse by mold, pesticides or other chemicals. 2. Medicinally, the benefits are strain specific. reduce rstop seizuressyndrome requires a very precise blend of CBD/THC ratio to reduce or stop seizures. Alzheimer’s requires a blend toward high THC , lower CBD and lots of raw THCa (juiced).

  3. This law is a piece of trash . Anyone with PTSD and other conditions that make life not worth living , that are not on the qualifying list, mite as well move. I plan to

  4. They should let residents grow in are house so the ppl that don’t like weed that will not have to see it or for that fact no one would have to see it so it would be like no is doing eneythan. 2 if they mad it legal that could taxi it and save us from tucking are country.

  5. and largely because it is federally illegal, take that all away, we’d be fine to at least grow our own, frig buying it.

  6. Mosbacher Law Group on

    You will be able to petition the Department of Health to add PTSD to the list.

  7. Mosbacher Law Group on

    Any MD or OD with a controlled substance number can prescribe if they are treating you for your listed condition and you have a relationship with that doc.

  8. I asked a va doctor about medical grass and he laughed but my personal doc is favorable for marijuana use instead of my Vicodin regimen through the va. Get a different doctor

  9. The origin of the pot should be irrelevant!..If a person has medical clearance to use it, then thats all that should matter.

  10. If they are taking a metered approach to gauge success and ensure safety, then I can commend this. I really can. Give it a year & see how it does, I suppose. Even though things are going well in California, Washington and Colorado, that’s still not a general sample, and Illinois is at least *trying* something. Now, it’s up to the citizens of Illinois to try for more. Vote in this direction and get to where you want to be. Make some noise, and not just on the Internet. Call your representatives. Actually visit them. Ask them to explain their stance on cannabis. Go from there…but, starting here is better than most states today!!

  11. Mosbacher Law Group on

    “Aren’t really strictly enforced” !!! I currently represent a client in the Cook County Jail on a one million dollar bond for her first arrest. The charge is a non-violent cannabis offense!

  12. Mosbacher Law Group on

    The Department of Health has yet to write the regulations regarding “add on” medical conditions. You are free to write them but I think their response would be to tell you that.

  13. You said a mouth full James, I’m in the same boat. Disability and service connected PTSD and all of the above and i don’t seem to qualify. smh

  14. MedicinalPurpose on

    Illinois residents have 120 days to write the department of health concerning any “add on” medical conditions that they feel is needed to add on to the Bill. Let your voice be heard!

  15. I would like to get a list of doctors that have the license to be able to give it to people that need it. any help out there

  16. Because using marijuana for mental issues is a “joke”, but you are free to use alcohol, tobacco, benadryl, DXM cough syrup, xanax, prozac, adderall, Ambien, and Ritilin for all of your mental health issues.

  17. Marijuana laws aren’t really strictly enforced anyways, at least not around here….. So what’s the big deal I say. You still can’t grow. It’s nearly impossible to qualify. Dr’s won’t even talk about it even if you have a qualifying condition. Nothing will change except a few very sick people will get some help…. IN like 2 more years when the law actually goes into effect, if they don’t die first…,.

  18. This stupid law is so strict that if your a cancer patient on your death bed if you have a drug related felony then you don’t qualify…. This is just political, it will mean really nothing I’m guessing to those of us that really need it. Chronic pain 17 years, migraine headaches, degenerative disk disease, scoliosis (not otherwise specified) …. but I probably won’t qualify. Migraines alone should qualify me….. ADHD, Depression, probable Fibromyalgia. But I’m not thinking I’ll be getting a card easily even though I’m on disability. That is how strict this stupid law is, for all of you who think it’s a breakthrough…. It’s a way of making the law so strict so a better one wouldn’t pass in my opinion. Illinois SUCKS!!!!!

  19. my sentiments exactly….. Just something so the Democrats can say we have medical now… But we don’t.

  20. I live in Illinois and there is a one day seminar offered by CCI (Cannabis Career Institute) near Chicago on 1/25. Have you heard of this school? If yes, what is your opinion? Thanks

  21. how is this program “better than nothing” when literally nothing has been accomplished?

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