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Illinois to Vote on Medical Marijuana


high quality cannabisIllinois Medical Marijuana

Another bill that would allow seriously ill Illinois residents to use medical marijuana has been introduced, after a similar bill was narrowly defeated last year. According to The Illinois Observer, the House Human Services Committee voted yesterday to send the bill to the full House for a vote.

The new bill, H.B. 30, will have a much better chance at passing this year. New restrictions have been added to ease concerns from some lawmakers, and Governor Quinn has stated that he would consider signing it if the bill makes it through the legislature.

MPP has been pushing one form of medical marijuana bill or another in Illinois since 2004. It looks like this may finally be the year we can get through to lawmakers and get it passed. With 16 effective medical marijuana laws on the books around the country, and 12 other states considering medical marijuana bills this year, Illinois legislators will have to think twice before voting “nay” again. Aside from the overwhelming evidence that medical marijuana provides great relief for a wide variety of patients, public opinion is solidly behind allowing sick people to use it. Hopefully politicians get the message.


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  1. i should b king of the world on

    i truly hope that this will pass. it is so sad that so many people have to suffer because of drug companys influence on so many politicians. any one who has ever tried marijuana knows that it is a wonderfull plant that should be completly legal for anyone who wants to use it. i am a father of 2 boys and i hope that my sons decide that they want to b drug free but if they r going to do any kind of drug i would much rather have them use marijuana than any other drug including alcohol and cigarettes. i have used marijuana for 25 years almost everyday and guess what i go to work everyday i havent called in sick to work but 1 time in ten years. i have raised to heathy happy kids. does that sound like a drug addict to you. its time to take some big steps foward to a better world for all. except some greedy drug companys that dont want u to find out the truth about marijuana and what a wonderfull plant it is. o and lets not forget the lumber industry that does not want it legal because it could take away part of there profits to.  god forbid a few million and billionares might make a little less money so millions with cancers and bipolar disorder and children suffering from seizures and countless others suffering from pain and sickness can have a little peace and might b able to eat a meal and keep it down. its time to start doing the right thing and im not just talking about marijauna laws. its time for real change through out the world.

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