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In Ohio, Views On Marijuana Are Changing


ohio marijuana medical marijuana legalizationBy Ryan Smith

Ohio has recently seen increased support for allowing adults to choose to consume marijuana, according to Cincinnati.com. Public opinion nationally is at an all time high, with 54% in support of making marijuana legal, and this has prompted many officials, including law enforcement, to reconsider the issue. Chris Lindsey, legislative analyst for MPP, attributes the changing attitudes to Americans viewing marijuana as less dangerous, saying they “realize [marijuana]is a much safer alternative to alcohol. It doesn’t lead to violence and harmful effects.” In addition to this, many view the “war on marijuana” to be futile, including a number of law enforcement officers.

Roger Moore, the Chief of Police in Chillicothe, Ohio, believes that marijuana is like alcohol and should be treated similarly. He believes that in light of the opiate epidemic that many places across America are facing, marijuana offenses are minor at best. Moore says, “I believe it’s just like alcohol. Just because you drink beer doesn’t mean you drink hard liquor … Those that do marijuana, they do marijuana. There’s plenty of people who don’t smoke marijuana who do heroin, ecstasy and cocaine. (Marijuana enforcement) is not what my priority is in Chillicothe, it’s heroin.”

In Ohio, possession of 99 grams or less is a non-criminal citation, and residents can possess up to seven ounces of marijuana before facing any felony charges. Despite these relatively lenient penalties, prosecuting adults for marijuana in Ohio continues to saddle citizens with unnecessary criminal records at enormous costs in law enforcement time and resources.

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  1. alaskanthunderfunk on

    Cannabis is good for the world and all the people in it. the more individuals who begin to care more about humanity and the future existence of the human race will start with recognizing the vast confusion on marijuana and hemp and how much it can help us all. I hope and pray for more change every day because this world is ours and we have to work together. I love you all, peace be with ya :)

  2. I sort of agree, but on the other hand, Roger Moore is giving a metaphor that people understand and can easily accept. If it is legalized in Ohio, it will probably be dealt with in the same way as alcohol anyway. So there is no point in him engaging in what some people may want to label as hyperbole (meaning it is safer than alcohol).

  3. Yeah that’s a good point. I don’t have kids so I miss out on that talk, but good advice, my parents gave me similar advice.

  4. while some people resent the comparison I have always used it as an example when talking with my kids and would draw to the end with ..’just like an adult who comes home from work and unwinds with a couple glasses of wine, a few beers or a sew scotch& soda’s – if you are going to smoke STAY PUT. I do not believe that young adults – at least those in our socio-demographic class – have the ability to know when they are impaired, and decide to prove just how un-impaired they are… so smoke if you are going to (they know I do on occasion) but don’t smoke and get behind the wheel of a car!

  5. Am I the only one who really dislikes when cannabis is compared to alcohol, even if it’s just as an example? Alcohol, in bad cases, destroys families, marriages, careers, and kills people daily. Cannabis is completely different, doesn’t kill, is natural and medical, and the only families / careers that are hurt are from the ridiculous laws based upon old lies.

  6. Ohio I wish Michigan’s laws on marijuana was as generous as ohio’s . You have an historically important voting power in Ohio. Please email your politiction’s and ask the to legalize marijuana. Legalize America

  7. Herb Greenfelt on

    Good to see the majority of people coming around! Almost critical mass!
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  8. Legalize? is just more Republican/Democrat shitty weed. Repeal Prohibition is the ONLY way you’ll EVER see the miracles of this plant. This crime syndicate will NEVER allow the full benefits to be realized. Why is it illegal anyway? It doesn’t produce THC, but rather it produces THCA which must be heated to 174F to convert to THC.

  9. Kimberly Glanz on

    please oh please! let us get it legalized here soon! it would sure make my life a lot easier!

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