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Indiana House Approves Welfare Drug Test Bill


indiana drug test testing welfare

By Phillip Smith, StopTheDrugWar.Org

The Republican-controlled Indiana House voted overwhelmingly Monday to approve a “reasonable suspicion” drug testing bill for welfare recipients. House Bill 1483 advanced to the state Senate on a 78-17 vote.

The bill would require all adult recipients of Temporary Aid for Needy Families (TANF) benefits to undergo an assessment to see if there is “reasonable suspicion” that they might be using illicit drugs. Recipients who are deemed “suspicious” would then go into a pool for random drug testing, with half of the pool members being subjected to drug testing.

People who fail the drug test would lose their benefits unless they enrolled in a drug treatment program and produced negative results on future drug tests. Repeated positive drug tests could result in the permanent loss of benefits.

The bill defines “reasonable suspicion” as having been charged with a drug offense, having previously presented positive drug test results, or having been assessed as a likely drug user by theSubstance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory test, a commercial test that claims a 90% accuracy rate.

The House approved the bill despite a legislative staff financial analysis that showed the state would spend $2.7 million on the program to possibly the save the state $1.5 million in denied benefits. That means the state would lose $1.2 million next year if the bill were to become law.

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  1. No it wont Ed. This kind of thing has a history of failure to even do what they set it up to do. Florida tried it and out of all it’s welfare recipients they found 1 who was dirty.
    I can’t help believe there is something more sinister behind this. There is no reasoning behind this other than making more hoops to jump through because they can.

  2. I firmly believe they are trying to bankrupt the ACLU. They feel that if they submit enough legislation like this it will stretch the ACLU to their limits.

  3. Yeah, more fucking law makers getting paid by I don’t know who to introduce these drug testing bills. All republicants too the dirty bastards! The ACLU already stopped FL’s drug testing law on the poor. These asshats know it’s going to be litigated so why waste the tax payers time and money? Oh, yeah, because they’re just assholes, silly me.

  4. the only people who wil suffer will be the children of the parents who fail the test….the parents will still get their fix from food and clothing fund….I dont see how any proponent of this test cannot see the babies who will get more water than formula in their bottles, or the kids whose clothes and shoes are too small….THIS WILL NOT HELP THE SITUATION………

  5. So if they profile you as someone they suspect could be a user they put you in a pool with others they have profiled, then by random choice you are picked to test? Now there’s legislation just begging for the ACLU to tackle.

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