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Indiana Legislature Approves Hemp Legalization, Measure Heads To Governor


industrial hemp cultivation indianaCourtesy of The Joint Blog

Indiana’s legislature has given approval to Senate Bill 357a proposal to legalize industrial hemp. The measure was approved unanimously through the Senate last month, and was approved with a 93 to 4 vote through the House of Representatives earlier this week; given that the House amended the bill, the Senate needed to sign-off on it one more time, which they did today. The measure now heads to Governor Mike Pence for consideration.

Under the proposed law, the cultivation of industrial hemp would be legal for those who become licensed with the state to do so.

Although the measure is contingent on a change in federal law, the federal government’s recent legalization of hemp research in states that have legalized hemp will allow Indiana to begin researching hemp almost immediately (this July) if ipproved into law.

According to congressional research released last year, the U.S. imports half a billion dollars in hemp from other countries, primarily China and Canada, while retaining the illegality of its cultivation. The same congressional research found that the hemp market consists of over 25,000 various products.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com


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  1. I support NORML on

    Man, I’ve been thinking the same thing for so long now. Indiana has such a bad spice problem especially here in Elkhart county but northern Indiana throughout. It’s easily accessible, the laws are very obscure on it,and it is HIGHLY addictive. I know from personal experience and the withdrawals are no joke. People are becoming physically sick from this stuff and even more so when they suddenly stop. That makes it so dangerous when people run out and have no money for more. Some commit crimes (robbery, gta, etc.) for the money others sell everything they own and go without food for they’re drug. I was addicted for 2 years but I knew I had to stop because the stuff was killing me. But mostly for my daughter. I want to be there to raise her and watch her grow up. Not buried six feet under. It was hard the nausea was debilitating was marijuana really helped! And the best part about it was I didn’t feel the need to smoke it all the time. It was a much calmer, cleaner feeling too. I could focus better and was just really at ease with myself and the world. I’ve been clean now for almost a year and I don’t even smoke weed anymore. Referring back to my daughter I don’t want her to see her daddy in jail. But that will all change if our government could just become more educated on the issue and legalize it.

  2. Dimitri Ruiz on

    This mutha luva better, i mean if hemp is legallized then marijuana would b next, right? Especially if the government is so worried about getting out of debt and eliminating the Chemical K-2 or Spice. I hope Pence decides to go green.

  3. Thanks Bill… I hope he does too! As a born & raised Hoosier, I fully understand what this could do for Hoosier farmers

  4. I have FAITH that the man sees the light on HEMP… The TRUTH will set us FREE.. Education is the key…
    When a child can be cured, a cancer patient, MS patient…etc..etc… evidence becomes overwhelming even to the uneducated.

    PLUS.. there are MAJOR HOOSIER CORPS backing this bill…. MONEY TALKS!

  5. Knowing Pence stance on ANYTHING cannabis, do you think he’ll sign it? It could really help Hoosier farmers. Right now they’re being paid by the Government to grow NOTHING. This will help save MANY Hoosier family farms

  6. It went from the house… now its back to the senate to OK the houses pork, then to mikes desk… but we be good.. its going down.

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