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Indiana Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Dies In Committee


indiana marijuanaBy Phillip Smith

A bill that would have decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana is dead in the Indiana legislature after a key Senate committee chairman refused to allow a public hearing on it. The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Karen Tallian (D-La Porte), says she will be back next year.

The bill, Senate Bill 580, would have decriminalized the possession of up to two ounces of pot, but it was not just a decriminalization bill. It would also have provided protection against per se drugged driving charges, legalized industrial hemp, reduced criminal penalties for other marijuana offenses, required courts to impose suspended and deferred sentences for marijuana possession misdemeanors, and provided a defense for people who delivered up to 10 pounds of pot without consideration.

It was referred to the Senate Committee on Corrections and Criminal Law, chaired by Sen. Mike Young (R-Madison County), who said he wasn’t ready to take it up.

“It’s dead for this year,” Young told WISH-TV before adding that he would continue to talk to Sen. Tallian about the bill “so I can work with her over the summer and learn a little bit more about this issue before we hear it.”

Tallian said she was getting support for the bill and vowed to keep pushing until she gets a hearing.

“I have a lot of professional people sending me e-mails saying where are you, what can we do to help?” she said. “We will get a hearing on this bill.”

But not until next year at the earliest, and that’s too bad for Indiana voters. They’ve indicated they are ready for decriminalization. A recent WISH-TV/Ball State University Hoosier Survey had support for decriminalization at 53%, with only 41% opposed.

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  1. Lori Battista on

    Then why does our own government own the patent on it’s medicinal uses ? U.S.Patent # 6.630,507…Applied for in 1997, granted in 2003… Answer me that, after you read it…

  2. u have no clue what u are talking about.. I know several people that smoke. have good jobsor own there own bussiness. if weed is against the law alcohol should be to

  3. You have a right to your stupid opinion. You don’t have the right to make criminals out of people who feel that they can benefit from cannabis.

  4. You’ve obviously never smoked it. I bet you find cigarettes and alcohol acceptable right? And second, if you don’t like it, don’t smoke it then. Why ruin it for people who enjoy.

  5. Agreed completely. Stubborn old fucks such as this guy are ruining the economy. They don’t care about the people at all, only themselves.

  6. Seriously? I bet you 10 to 1 this guy goes home and downs a fifth of vodka after work each night, but won’t smoke a joint. He’s just being ignorant. He should of taken the bill and had a vote on it, it’s not solely his decision alone.

  7. Sorry, not true. As long as pot is illegal, the government continues to lose money like a sieve. The drug war is a lost cause. The problem is too many politicians aren’t aware of it.

  8. It makes me mad because ive gotten emails saying that they appreciate my opinions and outlook on this subject and then the “day” comes and he said “itll have to wait” remind you that i wasnt the only person concerned. Litterally almost half of the people in Indiana called their office and he just blew everyone off but he acted like he was interested? I think thats kinda SHITTY! The ppl spoke so why cant we get a hearing on this subject? I hate to be like this but other states have programs or some sort of access to safe herbal medication. The science is there but its not being herd?

  9. Legalization has been proposed in my state, and it will not pass there either.

    I am a medical patient in a place where that is still illegal, left with the choice between Oxycodone or a little cannabis. My months supply of Oxycodone is months old, and it is still half full. Cannabis is not addicting for me and it keeps me from being addicted to something very bad for you.

    I am very tired of being made into an outlaw by making sound medical decisions for myself.

    Legalization for recreational use may be in it’s infancy, but medical marijuana is a maturing industry that should have been accepted everywhere by now.

  10. Very well said. The only issue I have is with the idea that “decriminalization” would be somehow acceptable. Legalization, taxation, and regulation is the only acceptable option, in my opinion. We’ve done all the baby step approaches and they had their place. The time has come for huge leaps now. The people are ready for this prohibition against Cannabis to end.

  11. As long as pot is illegal the government makes money and that’s all they care about. Not too many people have common sense these days…

  12. Im 59 years old and have been using cannabis since I was 29. There is absolutely no reason marijuana shouldn’t be legalized.

    The reason the law enforcement don’t want it is because by legalizing we should be able to alleviate ourselves of about 35 percent of law enforcement throughout every county and state immediately which would mean huge savings for the tax payer without even considering the taxes and profits collected from the sale of marijuana.

    The big scare here is that they (government/law enforcement/prison systems) will lose their big overstated budgets. Prison systems will see a drop in prisoners by about 50 percent, as it should be.

    This is not about getting high folks and never has been, this is about the businesses they have created for themselves inside each and every government around this country on the backs of the American citizens. This is about racism and bigotry and showing how they intend to keep black and brown people in their places and where they belong and doing so by telling all the rest of the citizens that it is done on their behalf for their safety and security. Its always for the safety and security. That is how they position it for the tax payer so they justify it.

    So do yourself a favor and vote to legalize or at the very least decriminalize it. Stop putting people in jail by passing immoral legislation and trying to legislate morality. It does not today nor will it ever work. Stop listening to anything your governments tell you, they will not only lie to you but have recently passed a law in the US congress that allows them to push and promote propaganda. They will tell you whatever they need for you to hear. STOP, THINK and stop allowing them to put us in jail. One more thing if you are ever on a jury and the case is about marijuana always remember “Jury Nullification”. We need to put this into practice in every case in this country when it comes to dealing with the court system and marijuana.

    Regardless of the Judges instructions, you can always, ALWAYS vote not guilty if you don’t agree with the law. ALWAYS.. They wont tell you this but you can. It is your civic duty to do so.

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