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Industrial Hemp Briefing On Capitol Hill With Kentucky Ag. Commissioner Comer


There has been a lot of news lately about marijuana reform with the historic Senate hearing and the recent DOJ announcement. However, there has been a lot of movement on the hemp reform front as well, and I hope people don’t think that it has been lost in the shuffle. Below is video footage of the Sept. 10, 2013 briefing and press conference on Capitol Hill discussing industrial hemp policy and pending legislation featuring Kentucky Ag. Commissioner James Comer, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) and Eric Steenstra, President of Vote Hemp. Hemp reform is vital to the future of this country. Hemp has so many uses and is much better for the environment than the things it could replace.


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Johnny Green


  1. I contacted one US Senator, and he knew nothing of he bills currently presented to either side congress. He then proceeded to throw the usual reefer madness junk at me and then said he was glad to know my opinion and would keep it in mind when any cannabis legislation came through. Yeah, right. He even sent me links to bull-oney websites. What a moron!

  2. My US Senators both wrote back to me in response to a letter I sent them all. They named every piece of legislation related to hemp and marijuana that are currently in the works. I am glad at least they are aware of what is going on and I encourage everyone to write their reps and sens, and write often.

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