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Industrial Hemp Reform Emerging From Marijuana Legalization Election Victories


Industrial hempBy Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director

One of the major public policy and business fronts to end cannabis prohibition in America is to pressure the federal government to allow American farmers the same ability to cultivate industrial hemp like farmers in the United Kingdom, France, Russia and even Canada do under current so-called anti-drug international treaties. Ninety percent of hemp used in the United States is cultivated and imported from Canada.

What sane reason can be employed by the federal government to ban industrial hemp cultivation when Canadian farmers can prosper from cultivating it?

Numerous states-just like with decriminalization, medicalization and legalization-have passed industrial hemp reform laws that run afoul of the federal government’s anti-cannabis policies. This has created upward political pressure on Congress to introduce needed hemp law reform.

Check out this recent Washington Post article profiling lobbying efforts to get hemp legalized.

You can help out by signing the White House petition to bring the matter of industrial hemp law reform before the Obama Administration for a public reply.

See the dozen or so state hemp laws here.

To learn more about hemp and law reform efforts in states and Congress check out VoteHemp.

Source: NORML


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  1. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/legalize-marijuana-federal-level/St1MJKM5

    Sign the White House “We The People” petition to legalize marijuana at the federal level. cut the black market in half. take $$ away from the drug cartels. stop making non-violent Americans criminals. legalize and regulate like alcohol and tobacco. create a brand new industry for our crippled economy. the majority of Americans, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and the American Medical Association agree – PROHIBITION DOES NOT WORK!

  2. Thank you for spreading the word, this takes all of us working together as a community!

  3. GregoryMr.Rhoads on

    These are the types of stories we need to start hearing about. America needs to know what ELSE marijuana can do for us, fuels fibers and building materials. !

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