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Initiative Filed To Legalize Recreational Marijuana In Nevada


nevada marijuanaCourtesy of The Joint Blog

An initiative to legalize the recreational use, possession and distribution of cannabis has been filed in Nevada by the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana. Advocates will have until November 11th to collect 101,667 valid signatures; if they’re successful, lawmakers will consider the measure during the 2015 session. If lawmakers reject the measure, it would be automatically put to a vote of the people in 2016.

Under the proposed law, the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis would be legal for everyone 21 and older. Cannabis retail outlets would be authorized to distribute the substance.

Under current Nevada law, the possession of any amount of cannabis is a misdemeanor charge with a potential jail sentence of up to a year. For someone’s 4th offense of possession of up to an ounce of cannabis, the charge is a mandatory minimum sentence of 1 to 4 years. This new initiative would make the possession of up to an ounce entirely legal for those 21 and older.

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  1. The thing I don’t get is when there is legislation for possessing but not growing, where do they think it comes from… they are promoting risky, illegal transportation across state lines. These legislators are obviously unaware of supply chain logistics…or maybe just plain stupid.

  2. I agree as someone who is growing my own–but not in Nevada. Maybe you could grow one of those auto-flowering strains that only produce about an ounce, then grow another plant and keep the rotation going. Of course, that’s like the abortion debate, when does the fetus/growing plant become a person/ounce of marijuana. It’s too bad politicians can’t see the absurdity of all this.

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