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Initiative To Legalize Marijuana Filed In Maine


portland maine marijuana legalizationMaine is high on my list of states that are next to legalize marijuana. I think it’s very possible that Maine could become the first state to legalize recreational marijuana via the legislative process. But if not, there is a solid backup effort for an initiative underway right now. Legalize Maine has filed a marijuana legalization initiative for the 2016 Election in case the Maine Legislature fails to act. Per The Joint Blog:

The nonprofit political committee Legalize Maine has officially submitted their initiative to legalize cannabis to the Secretary of State, beginning the process of getting the proposal placed on the November, 2016 general election ballot.

“It’s time to put the question before Maine voters”,  said Paul McCarrier, president of Legalize Maine. “We are confident that Mainers will support our plan to legalize, tax and regulate marijuana as an agricultural product. Marijuana has been an economic engine for Maine’s rural economy for the past 50 years and it’s time for Mainers to decide if they want to legalize that section of the economy or not.”

The legalization initiative that Legalize Maine is moving forward with would allow the possession of up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana, and would allow marijuana stores to exist, where marijuana would be taxed at 10%. The initiative also has a provision for people to grow up to 6 mature plants, and 12 immature plants. To find out more about the initiative, visit the Legalize Maine website.


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  1. The true ,this marijuana topic is just a smoke screen. The only reason all this states and cities are talking about marijuana is to pretend that they are trying to legalize when in fact they are setting a network of news laws to charge those the get cut. The hold point for this states and cities is to get more people in possession of marijuana , so they increase there revenue at the same time there correctional instructions will not have the over population of marijuana consumer. That is no spending and lots and lots of revenue generated on tickets for possession. The most intriguing to me is how the marijuana activists are helping this states and cities to set this network of new laws that will delay any chance for legalization. If you want to
    know what is been done in your state, just look at there plan, if there plan is not identical to Colorado, you state is just setting a network of news laws to generated revenue. By the way, the federal government will not change there position , doing so will cost all this agencies millions of dollars in budgets cuts. Let me clear this for you the activists , no more marijuana schedule 1 no more need to fund marijuana law enforcement, no more money for law enforcement ,less need for caps, detectives , judges ,correctional officers ,lessneed for jails….. so you see there is no reason for the federal
    government to legalize marijuana , there is to much money to be loss.

  2. we the people here want to make sure only maine citizens can grow and sell it . protect our new source of livelyhood!

  3. Sounds reasonable for the most part. I hope the legislature gets something done so the initiative option does not have to used.

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