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Initiative To Legalize Marijuana Moves Forward In Arkansas


Arkansas marijuanaColorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C. have all legalized marijuana. Within the next two years, more that a dozen states could join that list. One of those states may be Arkansas, where a marijuana legalization initiative campaign is underway. The Arkansas Attorney General recently approved the ballot tile for the initiative, which is a big first step. Per KATV:

A group is spearheading a campaign to create a new constitutional amendment in Arkansas that would legalize marijuana – both for medicinal and recreational purposes. The group got approval from Attorney General Dustin McDaniel’s office on the wording of their ballot title last week – now the group awaits approval the Secretary of State’s office on the wording of their petition instructions.

Fred Porter, co-author of the Arkansas Hemp & Marijuana Amendment is probably the last person you think would be pushing for marijuana legalization. Porter is pastor at the Sabbath Day Church of God in Hot Springs, as well as vice president of Arkansas CALM, the Citizen’s Alliance for the Legalization of Marijuana.

“We want it regulated, we want it made available and we think we have the very best amendment out there to do that,” said Porter.

It’s rapidly becoming easier to make a list of states that won’t legalize marijuana by 2016, rather than a list of states that may succeed in reforming their marijuana laws. I’ll be reaching out to the Arkansas campaign to see if they need help spreading their message. If you live in Arkansas, please do everything you can to help by volunteering and contributing to the campaign in anyway that you can.


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  1. Yes, works great for me. I too prefer a Sativa dominant hybrid. I find it works best as a preventative, daily dosing an hr before bed, and again if I wake too early in the morning. Switching to an Indica at the onset of an attack and allowing yourself to go relax and to sleep works very well. If I’m already into a full blown migraine I stay away from Mary Jane as it tends to amplify my symptoms. Noises seem louder, light more intense, head banging becomes more intense as well. I’ve gone from 2-3 migraines a week ( 24-36 hrs each) in the pre MJ years to 1- 24 hr every month while daily dosing now.

  2. Not for me it doesn’t. I’ve done my own research, and it’s reliable. But thanks for playing.

    I can drop 10 points 10 minutes after 3 vape pen hits. I vape hybreds – Alien OG just an hr before my physical last week, 112/76 @ over 50 yrs old. I’m right here with ya Austin and lotsohair. I vape for relief/prevention of migraines, PTSD from childhood, ticking syndrome, ADHD and trouble sleeping – can’t get my mind to stop racing.

  3. Mary Jane raises your blood pressure! !! Do some research. I’m all for medical use being legal but the blood pressure thing is false

  4. I am a disabled vet..I am in arkansas. I have si band issues, a split in my right pelvis my lower lumbar has a twist in it and my right hip will not stay in socket fully.and thanks to modern medicine I am addicted to opiates now.So for the last 4 years I have been on tramadol and hydros,along with a long list of muscle relaxers and other pills to help with the pain. Nothing works and I am addicted to the opioids and the pain still resides. I used to smoke and I know that it works, and takes the pain away. I am one of the many that have a true use for it and think it is wrong of the state and federal gov. To tell us that we can’t use something that is proven to help the sick. We need to push this bill through.I don’t care about the rec use but I do want the medical pushed through.

  5. I just moved here from Florida and I suffer from various things that I use Mary Jane for, number #1 is high blood pressure . #2 anxiety. #3 arthritis. And a few others. I can’t afford to go to the doctor and pay for all the meds I would need, so what is a girl to do to be normal?

  6. Pretty sure you’ll have medical approved in 2016. It got 58% last year in an off year election when young people tend not to vote, it should be pretty easy to get 60% next year. I just hope they don’t water it down too much, the 2014 initiative was nice and liberal.

  7. (No prohibition of cannabis or any other drug is made in the Ten Commandments: See Ex. 20:1-17)

    (Cannabis is mentioned in Ex. 30:23 but King James mistranslated it as ‘sweet calamus’) :
    Moreover, the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, 23 Take thou also unto thee principal spices, of pure myrrh five hundred shekels, and of sweet cinnamon half so much, even 250 shekels, and of qaneh-bosm [cannabis] 250 shekels, 24 And of cassia 500 shekels, after the shekel of the sanctuary, and of oil olive an hin: 25 And thou shalt make it an oil of holy anointment, an ointment compound after the art of the apothecary: it shall be an holy anointing oil. 26 And thous shalt anoint the tabernacle of the congregation therewith, and the ark of the testimony, 27 And the table and all his vessels, and the candlestick ahd his vessels, and the altar of incense, 28 And the altar of burnt offerings with all his vessels, and the laver and his foot. 29 And thou shalt sanctify them, that they may be most holy: whatsoever toucheth them shall be holy. (Exodus 30:22-29)

    * As one shekel equals approximately 16.37 grams, this means that the THC from over 9 pounds of flowering cannabis tops were extracted into a hind, about 6.5 litres of oil. The entheogenic effects of such a solution — even when applied topically -would undoubtedly have been intense.

  8. I can relate brother. I have a lot of medical problems like the ones you mentioned. Mainly spinal stenosis, sciatica, nerve damage, disc damage and I get tired of swallowing a hand full of drugs giving me God knows what side effects.

  9. I have two different kinds of arthritis. Facet and spondylosis sciatica and degenerative disease. I to am on alot of pain medicine that could be cut in half if marijuana were legal in Arkansas.. This needs to pass..

  10. I am a medical retired vet at the age of 24. I have PTSD, spinal stenosis, sciatica, nerve damage and the list goes on. I am moving from Michigan to Arkansas to go to UALR to become a civil engineer I used medical hemp in Michigan to get rid of a lot of my pills. I don’t want to go back to taking the bag of pills each day and living with the side effects. I hope this is passed because I am one who believes in medical hemp.

  11. It would further the economy provide more demand and jobs. Long story short you don’t have to use marijuana to see it should be legal.

  12. I have a very interesting story about marijuana and how it helps me and honestly saved my life from suicide…if any one is interested in hearing it ill be glad to inform anyone.

  13. Migraines can also be treated with medical marijuana, sometimes better than actual migraine medication. When consumed or smoked, retrograde inhibition will help to slow the rate of neurotransmitters in the brain. This is wonderful news for people who suffer from migraines—all too often, these horrific headaches are due to an overload of neural stimulation. Retrograde inhibition also relieves the pain and other symptoms which attend a full-blown migraine, including nausea and sensitivity to lights. Additionally, migraine medication has been flagged for dangerous side effects, including increased blood pressure. Migraine medication can also be rather debilitating to take, as it makes the user feel very tired and only want to sleep. Medical marijuana can make some users feel slightly sleepy but the doze can be adjusted so that the migraine sufferer will still experience relief from pain, nausea, and hyper-sensitivity, while not becoming as drowsy as they would with the alternative.

  14. I JUST GOT BACK FROM WASHINGTON I LOOKED VERY HARD TO FIND THIS PRODUCT I NEVER USED THIS PRODUCT OR HAVE ANY INTENTIONS TOO. THE USAGE IS SO SMALL IT APPEARS ALL THEY DO IS GO TO SLEEP. Legalazation will give our state a major tax base as well as unplug our courts of unnessary charges. Many new jobs will be created

  15. Ah, you’re right. Feeling pretty foolish right now. Still, Amendment 2 only allowed for a handful of conditions to qualify.

  16. Justin Graziano on

    You’re thinking of the CBD “Charlottes Web” law that was passed by the legislature early this year, NOT the constitutional amendment that was put on the ballot. Two totally different things. There was no THC limit on the amendment and the amendment was considered by some to be the most lenient in the country (making it easy for non-medical users to obtain).

  17. Nunya Business on

    Truth be told, you really didn’t want that abomination of an amendment
    to pass. Did you even read it? It was only for exceptionally few (and
    rare) conditions, liquid CBD exctract tinctures only, with zero-to low
    THC concentration. If anything, it would have set you guys back even
    further and hampered future legalization efforts. Do yourself a favor and read bills and amendments before voting
    on them; their names/titles aren’t necessarily what they really are.

  18. Truth be told, you really didn’t want that abomination of an amendment to pass. Did you even read it? It was only for exceptionally few (and rare) conditions, liquid CBD exctract tinctures only, with zero-to low THC concentration. If anything, it would have set you guys back even further. Do yourself a favor and read bills and amendments before voting on them; their names/titles aren’t necessarily what they really are.

  19. Justin Graziano on

    The dump state I live in (Florida) will probably be one of the last to legalize :( We couldn’t even get medical approved.

  20. Mary Lou Berry on

    he can’t touch the Amendment.. if the people vote it in… it will take another vote of the people to change it.

  21. And then again maybe not. Don’t forget Drug Warrior Newt “Death For Two Ounces of Pot” Gingrich came out for decrim of not only pot but also heroin in California. It passed. The times they are a changin’.

    Newt’s rationale? Filling the jails with these people is an expensive waste. That can provide a LOT of cover for Republicans.

  22. While I support all efforts to legalize mj, recreational in a red state is not going to pass. Hopefully the dems will get off their butts and vote in 2016, they sure didn’t this past election. I am a volunteer for arkansans for compassionate care, we are collecting signatures for the Medicinal Marijuana Act of 2016. Look us up on line to find signing dates and locations. Go green in 2016! arcompassion.com.

  23. Govenor Bebee’s recent pardoning of his own son for marijuana sales and possession will help in 2016 campaign for legal marijuana ….

  24. Arkansan’s put forth a 2016 marijuana legalization bill. This, only days after electing former Bush two’s DEA Chief, Republican. Asa Hutchinson for Governor. So, If Arkansas voters were to legalize marijuana (medical and/or rec.) they also voted into office the one man who will veto it.

  25. Even Mr Sabet has said use in privacy of own home, and home growing is acceptable, and while that is progress, it isn’t enough and is much too vague. Where are the people who can’t grow it going to get it? Will the black market still thrive? Dangerous politics.

  26. I will wash my hands after writing this but even a good slice of republicans are coming around now.
    A poll recently released by the Huffington Post showed that one detail gets a lot of support from voters. Support for legalizing marijuana in the privacy of one’s home received huge support:

    Americans are even more likely to support making it legal for a person to use marijuana in their own home. Sixty-six percent of Americans said that it should be legal to smoke pot in a private residence, including 72 percent of Democrats and 70 percent of independents. Even Republicans tended to say that smoking marijuana in a private residence should be legal, by a margin of 50 percent to 39 percent.

  27. Even though it is not legal here now I told my doctor that I use it for depression. I had my medical records sent to his office and in those there was a doctor from another state that had diagnosed me for RLS and that will be a qualifying condition when the Medical weed passes here.

  28. Great point. Patients in Washington (and elsewhere) are allowed to obtain a medical marijuana recommendation via a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and/ or a Physician’s assistant. Often, primary care MD’s / physician’s won’t stand up to their group/clinic’s insurance company.Thanks

  29. Just think of the wedge Arkansas could plunge into the Prohibitionist South. For example, people in Memphis would only have to cross that little creek to buy it legal and then maybe people in TN would wake up to all the money they’re not only missing, but is leaving the state. And multiply that by all the other states that border you–and there’s a bunch.

  30. Have you tried weed to see if it helps? If yes…tell your doctor and be specific. They need educating too. The woman who is doing important research on marijuana and PTSD was educated by her own patients – so much so that after years of being anti-marijuana she has turned and is leading scientific research in this area.

    Unless a patient has valid fears about loosing jobs or coverage, we should ALL be speaking very frankly with our doctors. If we want them to stand up against the machine they have to work within, we have to re-educate them too.

  31. We put the most Prohibitionist Party in office in the last election while doing well (even in Florida) in the move to end Prohibition.

    Why? Well I think it is mostly a reaction of the electorate towards our current administration. It is not impossible that 2016 will bring more of the same.

  32. I’m politically active on this issue here in Arkansas and have promoted people signing the petition. I talk about this issue anytime I can inject into any and every conversation that I have with people. I think that Arkansas has a good chance of passing this in 2016.

  33. We as a state of the “BIBLE BELT” need someone to help get true info out about mmj.I went to my doctor and asked him if he would consider prescribing marijuana for my condition,he said he didn’t know that it would help.I currently take prescriptions with a long list of side effects.PLEASE HELP US TURN THE SOUTH AROUND!!! Donate what you can.

  34. Times and thoughts are changing, hopefully Arkansas wakes up and smells the coffee ….. And by election 2016 the education / medical benefits will be better known!

  35. Great news. Although on the other hand, I don’t understand why a majority of Arkansas voter’s chose a former head of the DEA to be their new Governor. Asa Hutchinson is one of the most hard core anti -cannabis politicians to ever walk on the planet. Strange.

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