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Insurance Company Drops Lawyer For Representing Medical Cannabis Clients


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In what seems to be the first event of its kind nationwide, a Denver attorney has lost her liability insurance because part of her practice involves representing medical marijuana clients.

Ann Toney’s insurance company last month told her it will not renew her malpractice coverage, reports John Ingold at The Denver Post. Toney’s practice “does not meet current underwriting guidelines because of the following risk factors: Area of practice involving medical marijuana,” the Hanover Insurance Group explained in its notice.

A former prosecutor who’s taught classes on medical marijuana law for the Colorado Bar Association, Toney was surprised, especially since most of her work representing medical marijuana businesses came one to two years ago, when the state’s laws for such businesses were more murky.

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  1. Phil McCanless on

    One candidate for president is unabashedly for marijuana legalization and on the ballot in all 50 states: Gary Johnson.  Support those who support you … vote for Gary and the libertarians. 

  2. Neal Feldman on

    Pure, unadulterated BS.

    The Hanover Insurance group needs to be boycotted into insolvency.

  3. Despicable! This was a GREAT country BEFORE Insurance company’s came to RUN it all. Hadn’t been the same since the 50’s…

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