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International Cannabis Business Conference Focuses On Activism On Day 1


international cannabis business conference san franciscoWhen we named the International Cannabis Business Conference The Weed Blog’s Marijuana Event of 2014, it wasn’t just because the event was a great time. Of course, it’s a great time with the cannabis community converges upon a cannabis friendly city to network and share ideas, but it’s because the event melds both activism and business together. Marijuana businesses and the activist community haven’t always gotten along, and I have certainly called out businesses that only want to make money and shared appreciation for businesses who are in the cannabis field for the right reasons.

The success and failures of marijuana law reform across the country demonstrate that the cannabis community as a whole is in a much better position when there is unity, when the industry and activists work together, and sometimes compromise. Oregon has long been considered a fractured marijuana movement, but once a majority of groups, activists, growers, patients and businesses unified around Measure 91, the cannabis community won a huge victory by a huge margin. Not everyone got exactly what they wanted, but we greatly improved the law and are in a great position to continue improving the law.

As California and other states look to legalize in 2016, they need to remember that the activists and business communities need each other. The ICBC in San Francicso on February 15th & 16th provides a great opportunity for the California cannabis community to really start unifying around a common goal. The first day of the ICBC features Dr. Carl Hart, one of the foremost scientific researchers of addiction today. Dr. Hart recently testified in federal court helping challenge scheduling policy that puts marijuana in the same category as heroin under federal law. Real science is one of the best tools for the cannabis movement. Dr. Hart is followed by Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, whose name is on the amendment that prevents the DEA from using federal funds to bust state-legal medical marijuana patients and providers. Ethan Nadelmann, the Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance and top drug law reformer in the world, will be sharing his wisdom after the good congressman. Oaksterdam’s Dale Sky Jones, Stanton Peele and Drug Policy Alliance’s Amanda Reiman are focusing on cannabis law reform advocacy. The cannabis media panel is stellar, including Smell the Truth’s David Downs, bestselling author Doug Fine and Ricardo Baca and Elise McDonough of the Cannabist. Anthony Johnson (Measure 91 chief petitioner & New Approach Oregon Director), UFCW’s Dan Rush, cannabis business attorney Hilary Bricken and California NORML’s Dale Gieringer will be informing attendees of cannabis policy developments in the western states.

Day two of the conference will cover the business aspects of cannabis, but as an activist myself, I am so excited about the first day and so happy that a marijuana business conference has the wisdom and insight to meld activism and business together. Get your tickets to this great event now. For more info, check out: www.internationalcbc.com.


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Johnny Green


  1. Whyiowa4medical on

    Johnny, I consider you a wealthy man!!! You fight hard for a plant with medical qualities that is only illegal because of the greed of paper and textile corporations in 1936!! I am to the point (after my rather heated response last night) that I consider you far more a professional than the faux professionals that welcome the opposition with open arms and even join their sites!!! You are as true blue to our cause than many of those I thought I knew. Spaceship Earth are always supportive friends, and without your longest running blog to my knowledge, I could never have met my friends in Oregon!!! I do not know if I can trust my very hard work to the two-faced people on that international site.
    I congratulate you on the great experience you were able to have, but Johnny, you already have the skills in spades!!! It is nice to hear what is going on in places I am (yes, again today) snowed away from. I doubt I will make Oregon prior to early summer, unless I get a content writer’s position in another legal state. Aarr knows my attraction to Portland and as I am sure he will see this, I have been almost too busy to get it all done without a great Sativa!!! I could care less about making millions, I just want to write, teach, and work on a retro experiment of my own. I believe it will change the drop off of beginner medical patients and I will always drop you free samples!!! Retro is not the only project I will work on as some other crossed strains will be worked on as well, but if it isn’t strong, pleasant, and social I will scrap it.

  2. As always, thanks for being a balanced person, you’re being awesome Johnny Green :)

    That said, I feel you’re right on the money re. the wisdom of ‘melding’ activism and business – why lock the door on passionate engagement?!?

    Activists and Business folks are a dynamic duo if you ask me… its all about understanding that the table is round and that we can seek non-zero games to play together!

    Cheers, Max

  3. The call for unity seems almost alien in these times of perhaps the most entrenched polarization in our history – barring the Civil War.

    It would get more to the heart of the issue to say that initiative planners need to make sure to give an equal voice to marijuana consumers in the current gold rush of profiteers. Big money has always had an outsized voice. Hopefully, they will be put in their place.

    This issue is not about growers and vendors. It is, and always has been, about ending the persecution of millions of good Americans who prefer near harmless marijuana over addictive, very harmful alcohol.

    Free the people first. Then, get the cash registers going. – Or better yet, grow your own.

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