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International Impacts Of The US Trend Towards Marijuana Legalization


In collaboration with the Washington Office on Latin America, Governance Studies at Brookings will host a forum to discuss the international repercussions of the United States’ changing approach towards marijuana. A panel of experts will consider the possible ramifications for other countries and the international drug control regime.


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  1. Read more about this here:

    A very telling story! The US Gvmt. is really dragging their heels at marijuana legalization and the whole Drug War because of bad foreign policies. The US threatens nation that need US Aid that they must adopt the US War on Drugs Policies or loose US $. So they do, and now the US is in an embarrassing place with states legalizing it and US public opinion lining up against the War on Drugs. Very precarious!

    I really over-simplified this. Heat of the moment. Sorry.

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