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Iowa Committee Votes To Reschedule Marijuana


Iowa MarijuanaI have been closely watching Iowa ever since I co-founded this blog in 2010. The biggest reason is because early on in my blog pursuits, I met a guy online named Carl Olsen. Carl has been fighting for marijuana reform in Iowa for many, many decades. I have seen him do more as one person in an unfriendly marijuana state than probably any other person, in any other state. Recently a committee in Iowa voted to reschedule marijuana. Per The Joint Blog:

Iowa’s bipartisan, bicameral Cannabidiol Implementation Study Committee has voted in support of legalizing the distribution and private cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes. The committee also voted to recommend that the federal government and the Iowa Board of Pharmacy reschedule cannabis away from its current scheduling (schedule 1) which declares it as dangerous as heroin and other hard drugs.

The committee of five Republicans and five Democrats was established in response to a law which took effect in Iowa on July 1st; the law legalized the possession and use of cannabidiol for those with seizure disorders, though the law established no means for a patient to obtain the medicine legally.

The committee’s recommendation is not binding, so patient still have to wait for true medical marijuana to come to Iowa. I have long said that a CBD-only program is not a real medical marijuana program, especially if there is no way under the law to obtain it. If you live in Iowa, keep fighting for reform. Keep fighting for compassion until every patient that needs medical marijuana can safe access it and/or grow their own medicine.


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  1. I wish it was legal within Iowa as I am 68 and suffer from severe arthritis. It is evil to deny people effective inexpensive pain relief without side effects like ‘Vicodin.

  2. The above reasons are why I adamantly oppose “CBD ONLY” bills. All they are is a way for politicians to ACT like they’ve done something on Medical Marijuana and can pat themselves on the back for doing NOTHING! Due to these bills, 99% of the people who NEED the medication, WON’T be able to have access to it!

    The OTHER thing that pisses me off over CBD ONLY bills, is the fact that ONE COMPANY “Realm Of Caring” (ROC) (the “Stanley brothers”, who think they’re BETTER than OTHER marijuana growers because they’ve got GOD in their lives) have CONVINCED all these STUPID MOTHERFUCKERS that “Charlotte’s Web” is the ONLY High CBD strain that works! Imagine THAT? A proprietary strain is the ONLY strain approved in MOST of these CBD ONLY bills!

    I think that 90% of these CBD ONLY bills will NEVER come to fruition. It’s “SYMBOLISM OVER SUBSTANCE”! They’re an opportunity for politicians to FEEL GOOD about themselves when as usual, they’ve done NOTHING!

  3. The CBD only regulations are stalled and caught up in a myriad of faults and legalese. The reports from various news agency’s, is that they will not meet the scheduled deadline in the bill until well after the Nov. vote, one must ask why. Perhaps sometime in Septober of 2015 they will get it right.
    Because it was done by the Fl. legislative body, it can easily be changed and / or retracted. It appears to have been a setup from the getgo. I truly feel heartbroken for the kids and their parents The only way to get this over with is the Amend 2 vote. That will become the Florida Constitutional Law and the powers in Tallahassee cant do a thing about it, other than regulate it to death, as with the CBD legislation. Which is anticipated, no matter who gets elected Governor.

  4. So the talk is (very reliable) that Gov.Trick Scott will make a move such as above In Rescheduling / Decrim. cannabis, in a way to get out in front of Crist and others by deflating Amend 2 and the vote it carries. Less than 2 years ago, Scott had his budget people crunch the cost of doing this.
    All he needs to do at this point is order the AG Bondi (the Monica of Florida) to do it. It is within his purview to make this move. The power vampire Scott will find a way to deflate Amend. 2 and it’s tag along votes. Not just for Crist, but for other politicians that are hanging on to the non-support position.
    If you think about it, the states that have passed CBD oil only bills, which were than signed off by their Governors. Have already rescheduled cannabis in their respected states. Why you ponder,, the THC count is above the DEA’s threshold of <.03%. I believe Florida is .05%, one or two states are .08%. Also by doing so they opened a can of anchovies, just by their actions, acknowledging that it does have medical value.
    Think about it..

  5. people should not have the right to govern other people if you cant open your eyes to the situation that we all live in not only you are blind but you are also a fool we shouldn’t pay to live when we can sustain are selfs with natrual resources taxes are a joke government is a joke society is a joke and its not funny this is the truth the natrual human is no longer everything is chemical sickness and electric stop being weak and start living the real life if you want to grow cannabis do it as a human being you have the right to cultivate to sustain yor self and you have the right to land without having to pay just because we are born in the system does not mean we are from the system ….

  6. The important thing to know about my work in Iowa is that I did not ask for schedule 2. I simply said schedule 1 is no longer valid because marijuana has accepted medical use in treatment in the United States. The Iowa Board of Pharmacy agreed with me in 2010, and again two weeks ago on August 27, 2014. It appears the Iowa legislators are also beginning to agree with me that schedule I is a major problem to the medical use of cannabis, particularly federal schedule 1. We could have all predicted that schedule 2 would be their choice. What people need to keep in mind is that there are good arguments for removing marijuana from schedule 2, but I can’t make those arguments as long as marijuana is in schedule 1. I can’t argue that schedule 2 is the wrong schedule unless marijuana is actually in schedule 2. The law does not allow me to complain about a schedule that marijuana is not in.

  7. I won’t defend Crist tooth and nail, but he’s the sort of centrist conservative who made up the “middle” of the GOP before they ran screaming all the way to the right. One of the reasons Crist gave for leaving the Republican party is their low-key pandering to the racist voting block, which I cannot disagree with or fault him for recognizing. I do recall Crist being crucified by the GOP for daring to leave the party, however, so I’m not surprised that you’ve got such a low opinion of him — that was the point of the post-exodus smear campaign.

    Whether or not racism within the GOP was his actual reason for leaving, I don’t know — I’d left Florida right before he was elected, and long before he left the GOP. Crist left in 2010, right when around the time the Tea Party started pulling the levers within the GOP. My guess, he’s one of those people who says he didn’t leave the party, the party left him. I recall the conservative pundit rumor mill circulating talk about Crist being a closeted homosexual, right after he left the GOP — it was as if he abandoned the popular clique in high school, so they had to call him a fag.

    I can’t sing Crist’s praises, but I didn’t hear of Crist making Florida worse after I moved away. However, I’ve heard more about Rick Scott than I care to know since he took office. I can’t begin to sum up the ethics violations he’s culpable for in both the public and private sectors — he’s made millions for himself and his big-money friends by deliberately and systematically overbilling patients for procedures they didn’t need (feeding business to his wife’s urine testing company is just scratching the surface). Rick Scott’s guilty of what’s described of as “the biggest case of Medicare fraud in history.” Odds are good his office played a direct role in getting Kevin Sabet appointed to a faculty position at the University of Florida’s medical school.

    I can’t say if Crist was worse than Jeb, but the consensus appears to be that Rick Scott is ten times worse in terms of corruption and abuse of power — he’s a snake. There’s no way centrist Charlie Crist can be worse than corporatist Rick Scott.

  8. By Amendment 2 REQUIRING at least 60% of the electorate on Election day to pass, I don’t actually foresee a New Jersey style blockade of the implementation of the law! Rick Scott’s a SCUMBAG, but Charlie Crist is JUST below that! Crist has ZERO backbone! He governs like he runs his campaigns… By POLLS! I’m not a Floridian but I AM well aware of Crist!

  9. Sorry to jump in with this post, but I find the venue story appropriate to enter my point. If not, then I offer the Mods to remove it and I will re-post it in a later more appropriate story.
    I see the same scenario ,,, Rescheduling or Decrim., taking place here in Florida. Gov. Trick Scott is tittering in the polls and Crist factually may win based on voter turn out regarding Amend 2. Added that the state citizens of Florida are tired and fed up with Scott’s big corporate ties. Just Google his history and his connections to Health Insurance, Private Prisons and the continuing attempts at Urine testing by a company owned by his wife. Now they are appealing the gay rights marriage act, which they just lost again. He is shooting himself in the foot on that vote. Florida is the fifth most corrupt state in the country as a result of Scott, May I add Crist was no better in this area, just not as bad, but than again they all are.
    But Scott “Gotta go” , period. (gotta is Brooklynese for got to)
    So the talk is (very reliable) that Gov.Trick Scott will make a move such as above to get out in front of Crist by deflating Admend 2 and the vote it carries. Less than 2 years ago, Scott had his budget people crunch the cost of doing this.
    All he needs to do at this point is order the AG Bondi (the Monica of Florida) to do it. It is within his purview to make this move. Florida is a key State in the movement. Scott loves power and will spend / do anything to keep it.
    My biggest fear is “WE WILL PASS ADMEND 2”, Scott somehow wins, and we get stuck in a
    “New Jersey Scenario” and we all know had that turned out.

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