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Iowa Moves Marijuana From Schedule I to Schedule II


Today, the Iowa Board of Pharmacy has reclassified marijuana as a Schedule II drug. Schedule II means the drug has accepted medicinal purposes but still has a high potential for abuse. Under the old classification, marijuana was said to have no proven or acceptable medical use.

The change will classify marijuana with narcotics such as opiates and methadone.

Although the Board of Pharmacy rescheduled marijuana, members denied a petition requesting the board make rules on the use of marijuana. Chairman Vernon Benjamin says that’s the Legislature’s responsibility.

House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, a Des Moines Democrat, has said lawmakers likely won’t take up the issue next year because of more pressing matters.


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  1. sir toke-a-lot on

    Hey! Quit bein downers about it! You now have the ability to legally obtain the cannabis that helps you or the other countless numbers of people that truly need it. You need to take the complete positivity here. Yes, it is now in the same class of drugs as narcotics like percocet or oxycontin, BUT it is now available for medical use. I would say that is a more than major win for the people of Iowa! Just to clarify, I am from Ohio and this is how I feel about it.

  2. I agree, marijuana should be schedule V or unscheduled, but we just have to take these small victories. Little by little, one goes far.

  3. “The change will classify marijuana with narcotics such as opiates and methadone.”


    Marijuana is safer than garden hose water and the toxic hose itself

    Im mortified how any person or body of government could even use the word methadone in the same sentence as cannabis
    I can tell you 1 thing if you or someone you know has to go through methadone withdrawals pray for them and if you dont believe in god well heres the devil for you
    methadone , oxycotin , Xanax all FDA approved and toxic as hell some of these new meds havnt been tested and people go through withdrawals for years.

    So not to piss on the whole article , It is a positive outcome, no shit cannabis is medicine like 5 million people havnt known or “felt better ” from cannabis use jeeez

    Today is Tuesday and PROP 19 is happeneing in CA!!

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