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Is Hillary Clinton Bluffing On Her Marijuana Policy Stance?


hillary clinton marijuanaHillary Clinton wants to remove Cannabis Marijuana from Schedule 1 Federal Classification.  Taking it off the same schedule as such dangerous recreational drugs with the highest potential for abuse and addiction, among them heroin and cocaine.  This is what the MMJ industry has been waiting for!  Getting weed off of Schedule 1 should be a boon for the Cannabis industry, right?  The likely Democratic nominee who is churning inevitably closer to the nomination of the same party that brought us 8 years of President Obama and state level legalization in Colorado, Washington, Oregon with several more putting initiatives on the ballot that would involve some sort of legalization of recreational cannabis use on a state level.

Even in states where recreational use has been approved, Marijuana remains federally on the Schedule 1 level and punishments for possession, sale, transportation can be severe and on similar levels as substances that one traditionally views as much “harder drugs.”

So the idea that Secretary Clinton wants to get Marijuana of Schedule 1 sounds pretty good on the surface right?  Well, let’s dig a little deeper on this.  Is Hillary Clinton bluffing on her marijuana policy stance?  As Mrs. Clinton has slogged her way through a particularly challenging primary season she’s been dogged by a crotchety old, progressive, atheist Jew from Burlington, Vermont by way of Brooklyn – none other than fiercely liberal, Independent Senator Bernie Sanders. While Secretary Clinton has maintained a significant lead in terms of how the Democrats award delegates for several months; young people across the country, who feel Clinton and those aligned with her represent the very establishment against which they have grown so disillusioned.   As Senator Sanders, and his supporters are eager to point out, Secretary Clinton’s ties to large pharma, Wall Street, and other significant corporate entities have inevitable and unavoidable effects on the policies the Secretary would look to implement should she, come January 2017, become the most recent (but not newest) to take up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

By putting Marijuana on to Federal Schedule 2 every medical grower becomes subject to FDA (federal) regulation.  Would those regulations be enforced?  Only time would tell.  Every dispensary is going to now require a pharmacist on hand.  Last time we checked PharmD’s don’t come easy and they don’t work cheap.  This could spell disaster for the local business owner who simply can’t bear those regulatory burdens and costs.  It is about as friendly to small business as WalMart and Target.  Big box retailers don’t sweat those regulatory burdens for a second.  But you can believe your local dispensary likely can’t swallow those expenses and expect to keep the doors open and lights on for very long.

By shifting Marijuana to Schedule 2 alongside Meth, and Opioids like OxyContin recreational cannabis runs into yet another hurdle from those whose cannabinoid drug patents would find themselves battling on another front and competing with OTC recreational marijuana.

This also speaks nothing to the private prison industry and the Secretary’s ties to it.  This very industry naturally is bound to view any scaling back of the drug war as “bad for business.” However, perhaps the most frightening of all is there is simply no precedent for an FDA regulated substance to have a state level recreational designation.  We don’t have any legal recreational Adderral or Vicodin.  What evidence do we have that points to this new Schedule 2 designation not being used to kill recreational where it currently stands?!

With that said, the path may be narrow, but there are still ballots to be cast and delegates to be awarded.  I urge you, check your voter registration and your state’s party format and make sure that you are casting a vote for progress and that you’re “feeling the Bern” so we can all look forward to a day where we can all burn one without fear of Federal consequence!  Most importantly, make sure your voice is heard and cast your vote loudly and proudly on election day!

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  1. Instead, how about we send in Cannabis commandos to shut down Christie. Wave something shiny and eatable in front of him to throw him off the scent. Tell him Hillary is a ham sandwich.

  2. saynotohypocrisy on

    What I meant is that I don’t think she’s willing to pay the political price, and loss of support, not that she wouldn’t be able to shut down aboveground dispensaries if she was determined to do so.
    But who would support her in such a project? An overwhelming majority favor letting states determine their policy at this point, and most of the diehards are probably people who hate Clinton even more than they hate weed.
    She’s said she’s watching the ‘experiment’ of legalization, and I expect, whenever it’s convenient for her, she’ll decide that the ‘experiment’ is proceeding well.

  3. You don’t GET any more Schedule 2 than fentanyl – doesn’t keep folks from ODing on prescribed fentanyl every day…

  4. Outlawing EtOH was “hard” too, but the gubmint did it anyway – even created a Constitutional amendment to that effect, yes? Who do YOU think will come to the defense of stoners and MC users? Republicants? CONServatives? The very fact that 200 million Americans who call themselves Christians tolerate their gubmint preventing them from following the Word on the first freeking PAGE of their Bible (“all seed-bearing herbs”) tells me (and should you) that Americans will tolerate anything that’s not happening to THEM…

  5. And WHAT, pray tell, WOULD WE DO ABOUT IT?!?! Weed gets re-criminalized nationwide, what DO we do? Under Raygun, the DEA assessed 10,000-dollar penalties against anyone charged with cannabis distribution REGARDLESS their State’s legal status. The American gubmint poisoned it’s own citizens with Paraquat under the rationale that they were committing a Federal crime anyway. Gawd, Clinton wanted to raid public housing and evict folks who were in possession irrespective of medical or legal status – the same BTW is still legally quite possible. When the Feds criminalize it, all you can do is go to prison or die – that’s your choices. Just ask anybody who survived Prohibition…

  6. Yup, no matter what, Therump WILL NOT get or do everything he wants. Obama ran on bringing jobs back from overseas, but after that meeting with the Chambers of Commerce (where the CoC attendees were clapping Obama on the back as they exited the closed-door meeting) he never again mentioned bringing manufacturing back. Therump has a long row to hoe if he’s gonna keep 1% of his “promises”- and the “Party of Less Government” has come down against people’s personal freedoms EVERY TIME in favor of evangelical interpretations of ancient religious texts…

  7. Yikes – really? I was hoping for a 2-year-long recount process and a subsequent runoff election. This whole electoral college thing needs to go away so we can choose who we want rather than the choices we’re GIVEN…

  8. And with any luck, such a president would eliminate ALL those onerous Federal agencies that bog down our economy – like the DEA, FBI, FCC, FAA, SEC, ICC, FTC & Homeland Security. Libertarians (according to their various websites) don’t believe in national borders either. Making Johnson good for the New World Order, but little else…

  9. They’re gonna need more cops, more DEA (from the Party of Less Governemtn) and a LOT more prisons capable of warehousing those of us too crippled for gen-pop…

  10. Don’t vote? Big help that is – for all of me, at least Therump belongs to a sector of American politics that disdains Big Government (though those same folks have no problem expanding gubmint control of human uteri) and his presidency won’t withstand outright lies – too many legislators eager to impeach him…

  11. A long time ago Trump said the only way to stop the drug cartels from getting richer is to legalize. When the time comes, Trump will have to decide if that’s what he wants.

    Hillary is toxic to the marijuana movement.

  12. MrGordon Swanson on

    Her “handlers” aka Big Pharma lobbiests and corporate greed mongers, are angling her to snatch up a few more votes. Also interesting is that the federal government owns a number of patents for MMJ (and has reupped them, all there at the patent office web site for your reading enjoyment), reading the patents it becomes clear that the big winner will be big pharma when/if they wrestle control away from the pesky states. Schedule 2 is a ]Trojan horse if you ask me – I agree with the article above.

  13. runrabbitrun on

    Rescheduling cannabis federally would be a huge boon to her big pharma pals but would do little for small startups or most importantly patients because let’s face it, the pharmaceutical industry will make a variety of poisons out of what is already the perfect medicine.

  14. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    Sadly so,
    and one of them is ALSO pro-GMO, according to a
    “Which Senators Are Against Labeling For GMOs”
    article-list, published by RealFarmacy.

  15. “Every dispensary is going to now require a pharmacist on hand. ”
    That argument is compelling on the surface, but the industry already operates outside of Federal regulations.
    Why would it stop doing so just because of this change to scheduling?

  16. Please take a look at Gary Johnson.
    I know everyone says a third party candidate can’t be elected, but amazing things happen all the time.
    With so much dissatisfaction for the two party frontrunners right now, maybe this is finally the year for some like Johnson!

  17. Cocaine, and many derivatives, are used for medicinal use in a wide variety of settings all the time. This ruse has gone on long enough. The collection of BS we put up with is nothing short of pathetic.
    None of the above 2016!

  18. Mark Godfrey on

    There should be a 90% tax bracket.

    You do understand a graduated system of taxation, correct?

  19. PeaceOnEarth on

    I am voting Johnson. He is the best voice of the Cannabis reform movement and he understands this issue like no other candidate. I actually think that it would be a good idea for MPP and DPA to support Johnson so he can campaign in the states where there are initiatives on the November ballot.

  20. Superstorm250 on

    So basically, there’s a good chance that adult use cannabis could be wiped out by either Trump or Hillary. It could be wiped out under a Trump administration since he has apparently been hearing about about a lot of “very bad problems” with legal cannabis in Colorado and he just appointed Chris Christie as the leader of his transition team, which means that Christie is in charge of finding potential candidates for all federal positions under the Trump administration should he be elected, and you know that they’ll be staunch opponents to cannabis if he picks them, and also the possibility that Christie himself could be appointed attorney general.

    And it could be wiped out under a Clinton administration for the reasons stated above and it could also put harsh restrictions on the existing MMJ industry by requiring them to undergo FDA approval and have a pharmacist on staff at all times.

    Hopefully it survives, but it doesn’t look good according to this.

  21. Or, you can elect Donald Trump. To make the deal even sweeter, it’s looking like Chris Christie might be his VP choice, or at the very least, an important figure in the Trump campaign to be King of the World. And it’s well known that Fat Chris hates marijuana as much as dieting and open bridges.

  22. Her and Him need to be locked up, along with most of the federal government.

  23. EVERY politician will lie and twist words into any shape as long as it gets them elected. That is the nature of the beast. What the citizenry has to do is supply a worthy candidate to pick from, in the last several decades, we the people, have sucked at this.

  24. Thumbs up for the unfortunately unelectable Gary Johnson. He just makes too much sense.

  25. No Hillary, no Donald, no Bernie. Please Lord just send us someone who isn’t a complete idiot.

  26. wowFAD I agree with you 100 %. I would not elect Hillary to any responsible public position. Her half hearted position on cannabis is at most, weak. I will not vote for a candidate on the grounds of a single issue, Hillary is so far off MY center that her stance on cannabis puts her way under my radar.

  27. Adderall is definitely a big seller. As is acetaminophen/hydrocodone/vicoden, a Schedule II painkiller prescribed all the time.

  28. Ok, look — I’m about as fond of Clinton as dental surgery, but no kidding, Hillary trolls, don’t come here to leave nasty, off-topic comments. This is The Weed Blog. We’ve seen years and years of the Obama trolls flocking to every story with his name in the title like flies flocking to a rotting carcass. If Clinton wins the White House, find another outlet for your bile.

    If your two-cents don’t tie directly to the issues discussed in the article (i.e., CANNABIS), you can save it. Go hang out under a bridge at the HuffPost or some other site with an overt political bias. Seriously. We get it — you don’t like her. Go vent your spleen elsewhere.

  29. True enough, but ever since Bernie started pulling her begrudgingly toward the left, she’s cut her ties with private prisons — those stories have been in the news since last October. She’s been giving their money back or donating it to charity. I don’t believe for a minute that she would have done this if Bernie had not entered the race, but we must be pragmatists.

  30. Uh, ya — that’s not the topic we were discussing. The topic is whether or not Clinton will be our friend or our enemy. My point was that she isn’t going to go after medical or recreational cannabis in her first term, should 30+ states have medical and 12+ states have recreational by 2020, which will include both Ohio and Florida, swing states that a candidate must win to lock down the White House, both of which have medical on the ballot this year. Neither Ohio or Florida rely upon the minority vote as much as they do the white suburbanites, who have become very sympathetic to cancer patients, veterans with PTSD, and little kids with intractable epilepsy (medical cannabis issues).

    You may not like it (I don’t like it), but vs Trump, she has this election on lock-down. We’re discussing what that means for us. In terms of reforming our cannabis laws, for the next four years, we’re going with the same game plan as the last four — reform at the state level to pressure federal reform. I don’t think for a moment Clinton will be a champion for cannabis, but I also don’t think she’ll overtly oppose us, either. Not if she wants a 2nd term.

  31. AntiIgnorant on

    Hillary is in bed with big prison and big pharmaceutical. She will subject us to insane policy that undermines the cannabis movement at every turn. Her corporate masters call the shots; she is but a mere puppet.

  32. I agree.
    Turning the tide now on legal cannabis would be monumentally hard, especially as more than 75% of Americans might live where cannabis is legal in some form by the end of this year.
    Just as I said to people who claimed Chris Christie would send DEA agents in and “shut down Colorado,” any such move might just well be the spark to finally ignite the powder keg!

  33. At the end her promises are at least just a trick to get voters !
    If she really gets elected, I dont think she is doing something. Even more i would suggesst, that she rather try to make it more difficult for states to legalize Cannabis than to help them !

  34. Sounds like one more set of reasons I am glad I this year abandoned the Republican Party and became a Libertarian.
    On every major topic, Gary Johnson has sensible policies that make both Hillary and Trump look clueless.

  35. PeaceOnEarth on

    Hello Michael,

    All you accomplished? All by yourself? How many votes were there in that election? What was the difference in votes? If you felt guilty voting your conscience and you are ok voting for the lesser evil now, that’s fine. Do what you have to do. It is your constitutional right. However, understand that with both major parties candidates with negative favorability rates in the 50s, I am not proposing something outrageous by asking Cannabis activists/enthusiasts to vote for the parties and the candidates that best represent them. Chances are that Gary Johnson will pull more votes away from the GOP anyway. Odds are that a good portion of non-libertarian leaning republicans will sit this one. With so many variables in this crazy election cycle, why should I vote for the I will limit your rights less than my opponent slogan?

    Maybe the democrats in congress, the democratic national convention super delegates and the DNC should push for a change in the party platform when it comes to Cannabis so they can try to sell it to our growing constituency, but I am not voting based on fear. The whole strategic voting is a myth perpetuated by both major parties to deny participation in the democratic process unless one plays for one of their two teams and by their rules.

    Hope you have a nice evening.

  36. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    Tried to post more detailed info about SB 2237, but it has yet to “display”.

  37. michael_ellis on

    The betting markets have been fairly stable for the last 3 months at 60% chance for Clinton to win in the General Election.

  38. michael_ellis on

    Have to dispute that logic. I voted for Jill Stein when she ran for Governor in MA. All I accomplished was to help Romney win. (Some might think that a good outcome, I thought otherwise.)

    If you live in solidly Red or Blue state and don’t like either Clinton or Trump, then vote your conscience for a third-party candidate. If you live in a contested (swing) state choose whichever of the two big weevils seems the lesser, hold your nose, and pull the lever.

  39. PeaceOnEarth on

    Simple guide to the 2016 presidential election for the Cannabis activist/ legalization supporter.

    Multiple issues are important to you and politically you lean left? Jill Stein 2016.

    Multiple issues are important to you and politically you lean right? Gary Johnson 2016.

    Cannabis as a single issue voter?
    Although the green party is pro-legalization, Gary Johnson has been very outspoken about Cannabis legalization since 1999 when he was still in the New Mexico governor’s office. He admits to using Cannabis occasionally on weekends, was the CEO of Cannabis Sativa, INC until recently, when he declared himself to be a presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party and is way ahead of everyone else on this by a lightyear. Like most things in life (Food, gambling, alcohol, hard drugs, sex, religion, adrenaline, video games, the internet, etc., ), a small fraction of Cannabis users may have problems with its use, but the vast majority of users are hard working people: professionals, business owners, teachers, lawyers, students, good responsible employees, and even law enforcement agents. Cannabis users should not be penalized for using the safest medicine or recreational substance in the world. It’s time to support a consistent, decent and proven pro-Cannabis former governor/businessman and remove the stigma. Gary Johnson 2016.


  40. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    THEN ask your state’s U.S. senators to support SB 2237
    to REMOVE cannabis from the Federal CSA altogether.

  41. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    There’s also a “contact your representatives” in support of SB 2237 form
    accessible on NORML’s “Take Action” page, under the Federal Legislation heading.

    One of my senators is only in favor of “non-psychoactive” CBD, the other is
    against removing cannabis from Schedule 1 BECAUSE it’s on Schedule 1…

  42. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    Desoxyn®, (brand Methamphetamine Hydrochloride), a Schedule 2 compound,
    is commonly, (and all too commonly), prescribed for children diagnosed
    w/ Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder…

  43. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    Would like to see a woman elected president BUT not THAT woman!
    (Jill Stein of the Green Party is much better, more trustworthy,
    especially on cannabis-law-reform issues).

  44. saynotohypocrisy on

    Looks like its going to be either her or the very immature, impulsive, anger filled, low information Donald Trump.

  45. Jerry Bisbo on

    Hillary has a history of lying she was not a very effective Secretary of State and does seem to be on the side of big corporations who would loose billions if marijuana is legalized for adult use. The only outher reason to elect her by freedom loving ,honest, and intelligent Americans is to usher in the first women president ? Seems to be a poor reason to elect a leader of the free world.

  46. It doesn’t matter how pro-Cannabis/Hemp people vote. Hillobeans will draw the millions of minority voters. Her history and funding will be overlooked. Due to the sensationalism of a woman being elected after the U.S.A. elected a black president. Heaven help this country if H. is elected president then elected for a second term.

  47. Christopher Barker on

    Let’s save everyone some time. If she’s taken their money, she’s been bought? That seems pretty obvious. The only people who don’t see this are those who don’t want to believe that their choice is crooked.

  48. saynotohypocrisy on

    “This also speaks nothing to the private prison industry and the Secretary’s ties to it.”

    She’s taking money from this industry but her campaign website says she will end the private prison industry. She better not be lying about that. Tolerance for lying politicians is running out in this country,

  49. saynotohypocrisy on

    I don’t think Hillary’s base would stand for mass shutting down of medical dispensaries. I think she’s cautious and would know better than to try something so inflammatory, even if she wanted to.

  50. SilentPatriot on

    She needs to be locked up for awhile, so she understands how bad her husband made it on marijuana consumers in this country!

  51. Jerry Cook on

    To solve so many imposed problems, politicians need to pass Bernie’s Bill, SB 2237, to de-schedule, nothing less.

  52. That’s because cocaine isn’t prescribed — they use it as an anesthetic during ocular surgery. Can you please try coming up with something that isn’t clearly a straw-man argument? For the ump-teenth time, your routine is boring.

  53. Moving it to schedule 2 solves nothing. I know just as many people who were prescribed schedule 1 drugs as schedule 2 drugs like cocaine (ZERO)

  54. Whether or not we can trust her is irrelevant. She’s a political weather vane — she points whichever direction the wind is blowing. As it stands, 24 states have medical cannabis laws, and most of them swing Democrat. She runs the risk of losing states that aren’t firmly (D) should she start a crusade against medical cannabis. With Florida and Ohio (two of the most important swing states) about to pass medical cannabis laws, there’s no way she’d dare doing that in her first term — she’d never get a 2nd one if she loses Florida AND Ohio.

    One could worry that she’ll lower it to Schedule II and then direct the NIDA to fund studies seeking to prove cannabis is harmful in some way at the behest of her puppet-masters in Big Pharma, but that’s already been going on for decades. Between 2008 and 2014, NIH has spent an estimated $1.1 billion trying to prove cannabis is both addictive and harmful, but where are their published studies? Nowhere! They could not find anything, no matter how ludicrously they pursued the notion. They even tried to correlate cannabis use to domestic violence! They’ve been grasping at straws for years.

    And let’s be clear — Schedule II is not worse than Schedule I in any way, shape, or form. Producers of Schedule I substances are supposed to be licensed by the DEA and regulated by the FDA, as it is. The FDA is part of HHS, the DEA is DOJ. The FDA can’t kick down any doors, which is why the DEA does it. Senator Barbara Mikulski’s amendment says the DEA/DOJ must leave state-legal cannabis businesses alone, so even if they don’t have a licensed pharmacist on the premises, there’s no action the FDA, by itself, can take. Clinton tossing us the smallest of tokens (Schedule II) won’t do anything to existing medical and recreational cannabis businesses unless the DEA and the FDA agree to pursue them. Even then, the DEA would not be able to do that with Mikulski’s amendment getting renewed last month. So if Clinton *wanted* to make every medical cannabis state her enemy, she can’t override the law which requires the DEA must leave them alone.

    Frankly, Schedule II is not good enough, as Evan Nison noted after holding Clinton’s feet to the cannabis fire on Good Morning America. Schedule II substances still require a license from the DEA to produce legally for clinical research. If anything, the priority needs to be making sure Clinton understands that point: the clinical research she wants to see won’t happen unless we get Schedule III or lower, or unless she uses her power as President to do what Obama has stubbornly refused to do for the last seven years, which is to reschedule, herself via the process described in Section 811 of the Controlled Substances Act. What we should NOT do is fall over ourselves thanking her for Schedule II. We need to keep up the pressure or else it will stay in Schedule II for 40 years.

    At the very least, the recent news from the State Department calling foul on the DEA for maintaining the NIDA’s monopoly on cannabis for clinical research as well as the current momentum in Congress to reform our broken drug laws will put pressure on Clinton to reschedule as well as establish the mandate for federally acknowledged CLINICAL research that will prove, conclusively, once and for all, that cannabis is both safe and medically efficacious. The DEA and FDA finally approving the MAPS study into smoked cannabis treating PTSD has already put a crack in that wall. Cannabis will get knocked down to Schedule III within her first term, which will demolish the DEA’s control over cannabis, and topple prohibition at the federal level. Then, study after study will show what we already know — it’s safer than alcohol and tobacco, and should be just as legal as both.

    By 2020, at least 30 states will have medical cannabis, and at least a dozen will have recreational. Clinton would not dare override more than half the nation. She’d never get re-elected. We need not worry because she cannot stop this train, even if she was desperate to do so.

  55. Closet Warrior on

    “There will always be hurdles to overcome, there always have been and our plight has many faces but our purpose is true”…and they danced!

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