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Is Marijuana The Gateway Drug To Gardening?


marijuana cannabis garden lighting lightsA new, nation-wide survey suggests millions of Americans would grow marijuana at home – if it was legal.  According to a new survey an estimated 44.5 million adults[1] would ‘grow your own’ for personal use if growing cannabis was legalized- gardeners and non-gardeners alike.  And that number increased from 10% of adults in 2015 to 18% in 2016. The age group most likely to grow their own if legal is millennials, 18-34 years old (26%).

“A year or two of research doesn’t establish a trend yet, but the jump in these numbers is pretty significant,” says industry analyst Bruce Butterfield. “The largest number of adults most likely to grow marijuana themselves is 18 to 34 year olds, followed by baby boomers aged 55+.”

The survey was conducted online by Harris Poll in January of this year and commissioned by Green State Gardener, a national, e-commerce company that helps growers of medicinal herbs by selling virtually all the equipment they need to succeed.  A flagship Green State Gardener store will open in June in Burlington, VT.

“We now have two years of survey results that show a growing number of gardeners and non-gardeners wanting to grow at home,” says Butterfield.  “So this survey confirms what we saw the year before.”

Among other findings this year’s survey shows:

  • 59-percent of adults think medicinal use of marijuana should be legalized
  • 44-percent of gardeners and 39-percent of non-gardeners think possession of small amounts of marijuana should be decriminalized
  • Of the total number of gardeners that would grow their own if legal, 40% are millennials followed closely by boomers aged 55+ at 35%
  • Millennial’s  interest in ‘grow your own’ if legal increased from 14% in 2015 to 26% in 2016

Will Raap, a leading VT advocate of legalizing marijuana for medicinal and adult use and the co-founder of Green State Gardener notes that nearly six in ten adults surveyed think medical marijuana should be legalized.   “It’s an amazing plant that has been vilified since prohibition in the 1930’s and legalization of medical marijuana makes it clear we have only begun to understand its value.”

24 states have legalized medical marijuana and Raap believes that the value of cannabis for medicinal use is driving the hefty increase in interest in growing marijuana at home.

“We’re also seeing feedback from states and countries that have legalized adult-use cannabis and the world has not collapsed,” says Raap.

Source: Green State Gardener is an intensive, indoor and small space gardening, and DIY lifestyle brand company targeting younger and urban gardeners.  We empower our customers to grow, process and use their own plant-based medicines by providing the best tools, materials, kits, and expert advice. When we partner with and learn from nature, we all win.

For more information, contact Kelsy Raap at Kelsy@greenstategardener.com

Survey methodology

This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Poll on behalf of Green State Gardener from January 28-February 1, 2016 among 2077 adults ages 18 and older. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated. For complete survey methodology, including weighting variables, please contact Bruce Butterfield, BruceB@gardenresearch.com


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  1. Bradley Owen on

    Definitely !!!! Before I started smoking I liked to try to grow a little pot. Now that I partake,I’m 100% committed to growing for personal. I’ve gotten into Gardening like never before.

  2. How patronizing. – Yes. I know Prop 215 was written so loose that anyone can easily lie and get a recommendation. That doesn’t mean that it’s right, that it’s legal, that every recreational consumer should be forced into the “medical excuse” system, or that it is in any way an efficient, advisable or strategic system to stay engaged in. – It was a bizarre step that may have been necessary in the 90s, but it’s way outlived its usefulness to anyone but the GGAL.

    I had nothing to do with MMRSA, but I am glad it passed. It actually protects REAL medical marijuana patients and paves the way for legalization. It would have happened anyway, and not to your liking. – The only future of real medical marijuana is a non-euphoric pill. If you think differently, you are deluding yourself.

    Growers, and especially dispensary owners, should have to do all the work that ANY legal businesses do. Since marijuana is an intoxicant, it would, naturally, involved much regulation, as alcohol and tobacco do.

    I’ve been to Washington and the legal dispensaries there. Consumers are THRILLED with their new freedom and stores. – That you totally dismiss them shows your intentional, deep tunnel vision. – Marijuana reform was NEVER about the growers and the sellers. – Their problems will be fixed, of course.

    Wow. How cold you are in your indifference to the tremendous persecution of consumers in other states! – Your incapability of recognizing how we are all in this together demonstrates you are not a marijuana reformer. Just a greedy grower or dispensary operator.

    You display more short-sightedness in denying that ending prohibition will go a long way toward ending work-place discrimination against marijuana consumers. One legal ounce changes everything. – And it will open all the gates to ending it AND the attacks on parental custody of marijuana consumers.

    It’s clear you don’t care what’s best for consumers or the country. You only care about your destructive, outrageously expensive scam. – You and the GGAL are no different from any other drug gang.

  3. Happy toking!
    I’m currently working on my first ever plant! This was taken a few days ago, but new leaves are coming through. :)

  4. What part of “ANY condition which may benefit” dont you understand?
    100 % legal for a doctor to write you a rec for being a complete dumbass.
    Supporting AUMA isnt what makes you a snake, slagging growers as greedy is. Like i said previously, that MMRSA that Jerry Brown just signed was thought up by the likes of you to coerce people to pass AUMA, so medical is screwed whether or not it passes.
    What other “work” do you feel growers should have to do to “operate legally”?
    How is it lying when a doc can literally recommend for a hangnail ?( or cranial- rectal inverson in your case)
    And all those people in other states should stop”looking to California to save them”. That ship sailed in 2010.
    And there is only 3 states that come close to ” freedom ” WA aint one of them. Why am i NOT suprised that you JUST DONT GET THIS?Maybe you would be happy there? No “greedy growers” in WA with all that corporate rec pot, of course.
    Oh, wait. PATIENTS can still grow in WA, guess there IS value in having a robust medical law!
    Your other points, such as losing a job over a positive UA, AUMA does NADA to change any of that. Nice strawmen, though. Accusing a personal use grower of wanting to continue suffering in other states? Now i KNOW youre San Fransiscan native.

  5. yourSURVEYisHORSEshit on

    the survey conducted is representative of roughly 0.000005% of the population.. its hard to see how such a survey can carry any weight.

  6. Me a snake? lol – I simply, and only, represent marijuana consumers. I support AUMA because it is similar to the legalization in the four Free States, and in some ways better.

    Of course, I know that since marijuana is so near harmless, the only regulation it really needs is to prohibit sales/giving to children and to provide for basic purity, as we do for all produce. – But that legalization won’t pass. I want one that will pass like the ones in the Free States did.

    The cops leave people alone if they LIE about having a health condition. I’m not sure, but I’d bet money that lying like that is illegal. Further, while arrests have come down in California, 20,000 people are arrested for marijuana (possessing, growing, selling) every year. Those 20,000 don’t appreciate you writing them off as ‘collateral damage.’

    Also, arrests are not the only persecution we suffer from. Social Services can take your children away just for having marijuana in the home. – Anyone can suddenly lose a career they’ve worked all their lives for because of a “positive” urine screen, even though they are never under the influence at work.

    Consumers have to hide their “shameful activity” from everyone for fear someone will report them. I guarantee there are hundreds of thousands of consumers who live next to each other, but will never know it, because they have to keep their lives secret. – None of these things can change until we end the fraudulent prohibition with AUMA.

    Taking the big picture, there are many states all over the country that throw their citizens in jail if a marijuana seed is found in their car. – These desperate, suffering millions are looking to California to save them. They know that when we re-legalize in November, the crumbling fraud of the federal prohibition will collapse under its own dead weight.

    And you want to continue all this suffering, just because you don’t want to do the work it takes to operate on a legal basis. – And you call me the snake.

  7. And i have no problem with it either.
    It is snakes like YOU who push for things like that med MJ regulation bill…. you know the one that calls for “seed to sale” tracking, ridiculous taxes, etc.. as if to say “may as well vote yes, on rec, cause were gonna tax the s*** out of it either way”
    Voted yes on 19.
    But seeing as how cops around here pretty much let EVERYBODY alone, rec or no rec, and the level of beauracracy of AUMA, ill have to sit this one out.
    “Any condition which may benefit from its use”
    Sounds like we already have pretty good de facto legalization. Your govt. welfare bill leaves all felonies abd misdemeanors in place.. sounds just as de facto as the medical law we already got.

  8. >>>”gardeners who stay out of the market entirely and simply share what they got ”

    lol – Watch out. Those webs tangle fast with such deception. – Those gardeners have no problem with AUMA, since six plants are allowed and sharing is allowed. –

    It is only you GGAL who scream about AUMA (and every legalization initiative that makes it to the ballot) because you don’t want to operate in a legal, above-board industry. You either don’t have the business skills to compete, or you just don’t like getting up early in the morning. – Those lazy days are over. – Get a job.

    The freedom of the cannabis culture is at stake and reveals your little “problems” for the infantile temper tantrums they are.

  9. Your catch phrase
    And your karma too.
    If you could see who youre calling greedy… it is YOU that is trying to conflate gardeners who stay out of the market entirely and simply share what they got
    With profiteers who want to push for “no home grow” and sell you their schwaggy warehouse pot

  10. No confusion. – Just you trying to sow it. – In long discourse, I say, “greedy growers and dispensary owners,” since there are immoral groups of both who profit equally from the continued persecution of their customers and fight against legalization. – So, for future reference, GGAL represents both of them, and clearly you.

  11. Mark Godfrey on

    After legalization let’s flood the market with marijuana. You know, just to pay back our good friends Pharma and the US government.

  12. You’re confusing dispensary owners and growers Again.
    And GGAL RU ???? Sounds like an acronym for some wierd support group for peeps with some type of serial issues.

  13. I don’t have to. – The greedy growers against legalization (not all growers, of course) who fight to keep their “precious” customers in chains, just so they can keep their outrageously high prices and quasi monopolies, know who they are. — GGAL R U.

  14. SilentPatriot on

    Just a few weeks away from my very first crop here! Built up a 2x4x7 tent late last Fall and started from seed. Just 2 plants right now, but the sativa is HUGE and nearly fills the tent and the indica is budding nicely too. It has been an educational and therapeutic experience.

  15. Wow. Gardeners skew conservative/prohibitionist, it seems. – Polls of the general population show public support for medical marijuana is over 80 percent, and support for complete legalization is around 60 percent. – Take a gardener to lunch today – and talk some sense into them!

  16. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    Phraseology is everything.
    Cannabis is a fragrant botanical, like sage, basil, oregano
    lavender or peppermint, the last of which, has a similarly-shaped
    squarish central stem structure as cannabis.
    (cannabis should really be classified as a variety of mint).

  17. saynotohypocrisy on

    I’m going to borrow the phrase ‘gateway drug to gardening’ and modify it to ‘gateway herb to gardening’. And it needs to be added to the list of benefits of legal weed, it will introduce many people to the worthy activity of gardening.

  18. The survey result is interesting and suggestive, sure, but an online survey — one for which the sample of participants is not at all controlled — are not really accurate. That being said, I’d wager a lot of people would like to *try* growing their own, but may lack the means to do so.

    As Mr. Raap may be the first to note (being from Vermont), setting up a legalization scheme that doesn’t allow people the freedom to grow their own can be used as a wedge issue to undermine legislative efforts. I sincerely doubt the legislation in Vermont would have failed if the Vermont Senate had simply allowed home grow instead of *just* a regulated market that favored large-scale commercialization. The Vermont Legislature set up a false dilemma: you can either grow your own OR you can have a regulated market (you *can* do both, actually), and this artificial choice was used to splinter support in a state legislature controlled by so-called Liberals.

    So when a bill comes up in your state legislature, don’t let yourselves be fooled — you can grow your own AND have a regulated market. Do not settle for less. There is room for both. Like I said, a lot of people might *want* to grow their own, but they’ll lack the means and/or the skill, which will make them customers for the regulated market. Tell your representatives to do both, not one OR the other.

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