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Is North Korea 420 Friendly?


north korea marijuanaNorth Korea is home to one of the most oppressive governments of the Earth today. In the country, there is absolutely no private ownership, and everything belongs to the state. It is estimated that 150,000 to 200,000 people live within prison camps. There is an approved haircut list. And narcs are planted throughout the country to report suspected citizens of possible criminal behavior.

However, these narcs have nothing to do with marijuana (but they will certainly get you on hard drugs). North Korea doesn’t consider marijuana a drug at all, and is completely legal in the country. That’s right. I can repeat that: marijuana is completely legal in the country of North Korea.

In fact, the plant isn’t considered a taboo, and grows along the sides of the roads throughout the country, which marijuana grows naturally in the Korean Peninsula (perhaps why it developed into a cultural norm). With that, visitors to the country report that people will smoke it freely anywhere throughout the town.

So perhaps these prohibitionists are onto something. Do we really want to live in North Korea? Because if we legalize marijuana recreationally, we will no doubt live in a country like North Korea. First, they give us our marijuana. Then they take our guns, and then all of our private property is seized. (I think this is needless to say, but just in case this is only sarcastic).


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John Knetemann currently attends South Dakota School of Mines and Technology where he is a chapter leader for Students for Sensible Drug Policy. John has had a passion for drug policy reform since he was a senior in high school, and hasn’t looked back since. Along with his work in SSDP, he is a part of the North American Executive Board for Students For Liberty. You can find John on Twitter.


  1. Israel Navas Duran on

    Do you have any reliable evidence to support your claim (i.e., not The Guardian or Wikipedia)?

  2. saynotohypocrisy on

    Bernie’s a moderate on gun control.
    What’s your view on the national gun ‘do not sell’ registry?

  3. After reading your “Let the peasants eat cake post” post, I’m more inclined to support Sanders more than ever. Thanks.

  4. Jordan Shorette on

    you really care that little about the people around you that the thought of contributing sends you into a me, me, me, tantrum? who sounds like they are from North Korea now? BIDEN IS NOT RUNNING that’s like walking into a store and trying to buy a dragon lol its not a real thing but your still hung up on it. I know the fact that Bernie Sanders doesn’t lie makes people with your mindset not trust him ironically but he is the only candidate that even remotely has a chance to do what needs to be done. don’t be so greedy that’s what got our country in this position in the first place.

  5. The Bern wants legal pot………………….AND your guns AND the state to run everything so just elect the Bern and you can have your North Korea right here

    Do not be tempted with promises of grandeur from politicians, what the Bern wants to give you he has to take away from me first. After you grow up and start making real money, you won’t like the idea either.

    In what fuc*ed up world does that make sense?

    At least Biden isn’t proposing another 20 trillion in spending that would guaranteed crush the country and send it to socialism

  6. darthhillbilly on

    If it wasn’t for a megalomaniac dictator I might try to move there…lol…FEEL THE BERN!!!

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