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Is The Price For Legal Marijuana In Colorado Too High?


In case you have been living under a rock the last couple of days, marijuana sales are now legal in Colorado. I read about one store serving over 1,000 customers on opening day. As Russ Belville pointed out, “if each customer bought at least an 1/8th for $40 bucks, that’s $14,000 in tax revenue generated. Off of one store. In one day.” Now imagine when all of the retail outlets open up in Colorado, and Washington, and eventually beyond. That will be a pile of money that is so huge even Kevin Sabet will have to get on board.

Anyone that was following the marijuana sales in Colorado yesterday probably noticed that the reported prices for marijuana sales rose during the day. The first official purchase was by Iraq War veteran Sean Azzariti. His receipt can be seen below:

first ever legal marijuana sale in Colorado

That’s $59.74 for an eighth of Bubba Kush and a truffle, plus tax. As the day went on, I saw numbers go up over $60 for an eighth. People on the West Coast were blown away by that price. Living in Oregon, I used to be blown away by those prices, but now I talk to so many people via the blog in other states and realize that how you feel about the price in of marijuana in one area depends on where you live.

If you live on the West Coast, you can find cheap eighths all day of top shelf marijuana. $20-30 is normal in Oregon where I live, and can even get cheaper if you have the right friends. So looking at Colorado prices can seem crazy. However, go just one state over to Idaho where my cousins live, and their perspective is way different. A $60 eighth of Girl Scout Cookies sounds like an unrealistically great deal to them, and they are making plans to visit to Colorado ASAP.

How do you feel about a $60 eighth? Keep in mind, I’ve been to Colorado, and they have some of the best of the best. I know when I’m far from home, I don’t have a problem paying a premium price for premium marijuana. Or in very desperate times, even a premium price for medium marijuana. I remember one time when I was in Vegas and was on day four of no weed I bought half a gram for $20 of some solid Kush and was stoked to have it! It all just depends on the scenario I suppose.


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  1. You guys are crazy im from Milwaukee Wisconsin and i can get a god dam quarter for 25$ now why would i pay double for half the amount

  2. The same old Wrong remark…… if you up the price ppl will just steal things to pay for it…… it never controls anything..

  3. GravityChanges on

    I do agree with you completely friend. I just wanted to point out that extrapolating daily performance of one store for the first day ever for retail sales in this form for yearly performance. There aren’t lines around the block every day at all the stores. A lot of people wanted to be a part of this history.

    I do agree though, I just feel it needs real comparison and study as focusing too closely on the momentous “day 1” is a bit misleading. It certainly will have great benefit economically and socially. Even beyond direct tax revenue, the “social costs” of alcohol are extremely higher than tax revenue and cannabis I believe with greatly reduce that as well.

  4. Kushington Budz III on

    I was in Denver and I did not run across these ransoms…Hey 420 lovers check my InstaGram for the latest in unique products for cannabis connoisseurs @kushingtonbudziii JOIN THE No MiD Movement

  5. You are the overhead. Personally, Id rather sell for $150/oz to the dispensaries, but I dont like retail activities. My time is better spent in the grow room.

  6. You got that right. Besides, if people don’t want to pay consumption/sin taxes, the progressive income tax we had under FDR is necessitated.

  7. The black market will only be held up by people who are otherwise felons. Why should a person risk their welfare to make less profits (the tax represents a marginal decline in profits)? Black market pot will be more expensive since it will require money laundering in addition to tax evasion and illegal sales evasion schemes for anyone actually making a business out of it. Though, there seems to be a lot of people who just hate the government. Maybe the antigovernment people are willing to risk prison time just to avoid a 10-20% tax- I dont know.

  8. If you are not already growing, it is unlikely you would maintain such a practice after legalization. If a person can self supply for cheaper than retail, why arn’t they selling it? The only growing that will happen is either for recreation or profit. Money saving is unlikely since all saved money translates to profits at sale.

  9. Bright Anderson probably lives in Oregon though I wouldn’t think pounds should be going for $1800 (they actually do in some circles) because that leaves too much profit for the people who deserve the least amount. A grower should always charge 60% (this is what all growers of everything “should” be doing) of the expected average retail price. If a retailer wants more margins, let them become growers. If the grower wants more margins, let them become retailers. Otherwise, the money should go where the value is- the producer. The amount of people capable of doing retail (though not high quality retail as that would require the average IQ to be higher than it actually is) far exceeds the amount of decent growers out there. When the amount of quality growers equals that of the amount of retailers (skill wise not capital wise), then perhaps they “should” lower their margins.

  10. The price of goods has more to do with what the customer will pay rather than what it costs to produce. I see no good reason for a dose of THC to be cheaper than a dose of Ethanol. This is especially true since you will feel more from a single dose of THC than a dose of Ethanol (proven in impairment studies). A person that does not smoke regularly could get really high 3-5 times from a half a gram of chronic. My OMMP friend who is an occasional smoker got too high from half of one hit just last week. The only people who should be concerned with Cannabis prices are legitimate medical users who suffer from debilitating illnesses of which they should be consuming mostly Cannabidiol rather then Tetrahydrocannibinol (ever wonder why most medical pot gets you blasted before much medical benefits are had- its because it is not really there for medical use since the vast majority of the medical benefits are had with little psychotropic effect).

    Oregon Cannabis is only cheap because the market is cornered by medical users who legally own all the product of the growers. They are more interested in getting favors from their “friends” rather than profits. I know this because every purveyor of medical Cannabis here in Oregon that I have ever seen was more interested in the social benefits vs the profits. In other words, they use Cannabis to make friends and expensive pot does not make friends amongst mostly poor people. Otherwise, why would I watch such wasteful consumption constantly happening around me (like the guy that shows up to the party with the medical chron only to put it into a blunt and pass it to otherwise uninterested folk)? I seriously doubt that the medical growers will continue this under legalization since its much harder to get people interested in something that can be purchased with little effort. There is other factors involved, but I think its all about gaining social favor here in Oregon.

  11. Guys, shops have been around for years on the west coast California, Arizona, ect. shops and medical use shops are at least half those prices!

  12. Yes!!! These are outdated prices! We haven’t payed these prices for 10 years!!! When shop grade first came out!! Rediculousness!!

  13. Cheap! DC $60-75 for an 8th of good stuff. That price is awesome taking in consideration that you get to choose the type of bud, and not hide or run from the long and corrupt arm of the law. Besides, I think the price of weed SHOULD be somewhat “HIGH”.. Ha! Because at a higher price, the habit is more controlled and more special too. I’m poor, but happy to pay good money for weed that will get me going on one puff, because, if your weed can’t do that, you are not smoking good pot. And I’ve been smoking for years. Respect the plant, keep the standards high!! We don’t want to end up with McDollar quality weed being sold to the public, that”s why there’s so many people that are against it, because of those towels that smoke cheap crap and set the stereotype and give weed a bad reputation, like the kid melted in the couch with the talking dog campaign against weed. I’m from Chile, and that country is eons from coming to anything close to legalization. They also had a campaign against Ganja, they showed a kid basically acting retarded, and saying that that was going to happen to you if you smoked… sad. That’s why! Say No! To shitty Marihuana! Say Yes! To Stickiness and Bling Bling In Yo’ Weed!! Peace out niggas!

  14. Honestly living in Pittsburgh, I’d be okay with paying that price. Not saying that i wouldn’t be happier with cheaper but where I’m from, any premium quality eighth costs $60. So to get an eighth of premium quality bud and an extra little truffle on the side for $60 would be cool with me. Thats why i honestly believe that, like some other people said on here, its all about where you live because the prices differ and thats what you’ll be used to paying.

  15. That 720 number is surely for Local Colorado… not provided for those of you out of the area.

    So…. you are reaching.

  16. Obviously you believe I am guilty until I prove myself innocent.

    It doesn’t work that way in Colorado; we beat you. It is LEGAL now.

  17. Intergalactic Pimp on

    Agreed. I’ll buy from stores a few times once it’s legal in my state, but only for the novelty of it.

    Why buy when you can grow?

  18. Now it’s down to simple marketing. No more going to the dude down the street and taking whatever’s available. Now it’s supply and demand. Once the supply curve starts to match the demand curve prices will fall.

  19. well no shit it’s that much he got top shelf stuff, if you got skunk, or haze it’d be cheaper but no duh kush is going to be $40 that’s the best shit you can get it’s like complaining that you paid $25 dollars on alcohol but it was on moonshine and vodka

  20. Ellyn Williams on

    Yes, I agree. I have done that as well and it only cost for the setup and maintenance. Had I continued doing it, it would have paid for itself. It would have been better in the long run, I just don’t have the patience. Keep on token!

  21. In indiana its $20 a gram….so yea i would love it in colorado right about now…and im going to take a special trip there just to purchase it legal one time…i bet they lovin it cause u dont have to wait on the weedman…u get it right when u want it

  22. Yea fukin right You don’t have no Fuking real deal loud or Kush for no 1800 a Pound You gotta be Lying bout all your prices

  23. Shipping is NOT legal. Selling outside state borders is NOT legal. Selling without a state license is NOT legal. Obviously, ignorance IS legal.

  24. Greedy?

    My response… gain a green thumb.

    Colorado allows “you” 6 plants… another 6 for your sweetie… that should be plenty.

  25. Ellyn Williams on

    We usually pay $40 an eighth, however, when I lived in Montana it wa $50 or sometimes $60. If Colorado raises prices to more than $40 an eighth, $50 at most, I will continue to go black market. If the legal places are charging more than what you can get it on the street, what the hell is the point. I know for a fact you can grow and still sell for $40 an eighth. People need to stop being greedy. But there have been times that I have paid up the butt!

  26. For real and the fact you didn’t reply to what potadvocate just said makes me believe your a fucking cop its still federally illegal so sending it through mail is still a serious offence so if your not a cop you need to wise up and if you are FUCK YOU

  27. That’s the price for regs out here. I’ll be happy if it’s the same price as canada when legal

  28. Australian prices (Queensland)
    $25 – 1.5g
    $50 – 3g (3.5g if you know the right people)
    $90 1/4 (7g) *$100 if you don’t know the dealer
    $280-$300 oz

  29. Juice Santiago on

    come to south georgia and see if you can get something cheaper. i know you cant because in the backwoods & small college towns, quality bud for someone not in position is gonna be 170+ even seen some charge up to 200

  30. I bet most illegal dealers don’t have lines around the block, waiting for hours. Every person in that line is a customer some dealer just lost.

  31. The only reason we can go into a store and legally buy excellent reefer seven days a week is because the people of Colorado believed legalization would benefit the state more than it would harm it. For example, some of the tax revenue is going to build new schools, which I personally believe is a good thing. As a Colorado citizen, you can probably get a medical “red card” and buy almost tax-free if you really object to paying tax on it, but long lines at recreational cannabis stores suggest that there are plenty of people who are okay with the current system.

  32. Thanks for breaking state and federal laws and jeopardizing all our efforts to get legal in Colorado. Please go away.

  33. sir toke a lot on

    Yo dude, in canada its 10$ a gram, 30-35 for an 8th,
    And 200$ an ounce of the best kush known to mankind

    …i feel bad that it cost that much in the states

  34. yeah, seems cheap to me. in philly it’s 60 an 8th for premium. it’s higher out of the city in places like state college it’s 70-80

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  36. Quality over Quantity! If it’s the beez kneez, then I’ll pay 120 a quad. Growing weed is like an art. Good artists get the most money for their paintings. Good growers get the top notch prices for their pounds. In the end it’s all about who you know. If you know a grower or a dealer then you’ll get those good prices. If you don’t, well, you should get different friends.

  37. Being from North Carolina, $20 a gram ($70 per eighth) is very typical for prices but I have seen them at $40 a gram ($140 per eighth). With that being said, those prices in Colorado seem amazing to me! I am currently stuck buying some crappy bud for the price of good bud out west.

  38. IDK where you live in Alabama but I’d would assume it’s a college town with those prices. I live in MS and have never heard of prices that high on any quality weed. Who the hell buys by the gram anyway. Are you buying what used to be nickel bags on the street corner?

  39. pretty much lol . but i can beat that and so can you anyone else with a good sized set of….. GROW YOUR OWN,LET MOTHER NATURE DO WHAT IT DOES BEST AND BEST OF ALL IT’S F’N FREE ! told me yesterday she was more than happy to be of service to anyone willing to take the chance lol

  40. yep josh your right steep price and pretty much a rip off but……. hate that part. but being in a state where it’s not legal it’s the norm.20/ 25 a gram standard in wv for high grade. commercial 30 an eighth but funding the Mexican cartels so you either get ripped off or fund killers in mexico. kinda a no win situation. best solution i think in states like ours( if you don’t mind the risk) GROW YOUR OWN, AND TELL NO TALES. NOT EVEN YOUR MOTHER!

  41. dude, if i thought for a second i could get away with it i would but your just outta your mind unless your exclusively moving in co or wa. advertising like this gonna get you into some serious crap in a hurry and anyone who would be dumb enough to bite on this 1 to. their prob. watching you rt now for sure. unless of course your 1 of them.

  42. 60 for an eighth is standard in Baltimore, I’d pay more for peace of mind, but we know that there aren’t going to be lines wrapped around the block like day one in CO, demand will go down naturally especially since people can have a handful of their own plants

  43. I’m late to the party so this has probably been said, but I live in CO. Yes, it was the gov’t that wanted to tax pot like crazy but it was put to a vote. The high tax measures passed thanks to stinking, so-called conservatives and prohibitionists who lost the legalization fight and couldn’t help trying to stick it to the victors. It is unfair, but I think of it as a big F-U to them every time I spend my hard-earned money (farewell, unemployed slacker stereotype) on this newly legal option in spite of their objections and jackassery.

  44. problem is those prices dont take weed out of the back market. not when ur dealer can get the same weed at a much lower price.

  45. Again, you’re just getting robbed. i can find it for 12 dollars gram in TN by Nashville. 40 an 8th. Find a better dealer! and it is suuuupeerrrr dank.

  46. i can get an 8th for 40 off the streets for some pretty top shelf bud, why would i want to go to a dispensery just to be taxed along with that… get your shit together people don’t get robbed by the system. Legal weed should cut the price in half if they expect to put out the dealers.

  47. We have to keep in mind that most of the illegal growers are growing for the weed, not the cash. The stores in Colorado are for cash. I’d pay it with a smile. In Florida, if you get arrested with a seed, you go to jail and mandatory year suspension of your driver’s license.I wish Colorado wasn’t so cold.

  48. $50-$60 in Minnesota for an eighth. I’m sure the stuff in Colorado is better though. Looking forward to legal pot here but Minnesota is very conservative. I went to high school with State Senator Chuck Weiger and I’m hoping to sit down with him and discuss the marijuana issue.

  49. I smoke in between a 1/4 and a 1/2 a day. You can only get so high, but you don’t have to come down.

  50. I smoke in between a 1/4 and a 1/2 a day. You can only get so high, but you don’t have to come down.

  51. I think it should be like 30 a 8th..and about the cops not likeing it..well iv smoked weed with a few cops



  54. lmao.. 10$ tax.. I’ve never had a problem with the cops picking up kush rather buy illegal still lol accepting this tax is what losers do this tax is wrong

  55. Just a thought, but this was first day sales. As with most market ventures, supply and demand determine prices. Demand is huge, and supply is average right now. That will change with the more shops to open, and the more stuff available. I could easily see 40-50 being the norm for recreational, but any more than that would defeat the purpose of dismantling the black market.

  56. Driving past a city cop with a smile is one thing, having a state patrol officer is different. Buying weed is legal within the state, which is sweet. Feds don’t see it the same. I’m a native, and much like the weather, most Coloradans are just never happy! It’s sunny, I can buy weed from a store, fuck what it costs!

  57. I gotta say….Beeing legal is the premium, you all got it wrong. It ain’t expensive to pay 10-20-30$ extra to stay clear off the cops….jus saying

  58. I’m a grower in Michigan. My price is $200.00 an ounce, ($25.00 an eighth). The local dispenseries charge $35.00 – $50.00 for an eighth. Fortunately, I don’t have their overhead.

  59. Boohoo 40-60 for 1/8?? We pay twenty to 30 a gram for the good stuff in Alabama.. Be glad you can buy it legally and not have to worry about fed time for a fucking gram. I’d give my left nut to pay 50 for an eighth.. Just saying.

  60. Not sure where your from in Texas but on the island it goes for 30 to 50 for top notch strains….Might wanna check your guy js..

  61. I think 60 is kinda high. I’m all for paying my fair tax on pot but the price has to come down. I’m hoping Washington wont experience as much of a supply problem that Colorado has.

  62. Are you fucking kidding me? A dub (3.5 grams) of some blahdy blah nuggets is $60 in my area. You guys are crying because you paid $40 for it and got a few bucks tax? Shut the fuck up. Y’all are lucky as hell to get shit that cheap!

  63. Uruguay, $1 a gram. Can anyone beat that? No I didn’t think so. Uruguay wins. Everyone else loses.

  64. It’s still gouging. If I was there I’d still be buying from the guy I was buying from last year.

  65. This is ridiculous,,, and for medicine, you need to be JUICING it,,, that means, like a PLANT a day.. for crissakes,, this should NOT be regulated PERIOD,,, stop supporting the Criminal Corrupt Government “shitstem” Bail out…It’s a CON…These prices are absolutely obscene… for the Royal Plant Gift from God…. disgraceful … What we Tolerate will Continue!

  66. Its still cheaper than what we pay in Texas and you don’t have to worry about the cops so sounds like a win win to me.

  67. Freak of the Day on

    I feel that anyone from Colorado shouldn’t complain about shit! This is what we wanted correct?? I pay 50 an 1/8 on black market where I live.

  68. jordangurschick on

    all you ppl are getting ripped off man i pay 30 for medical grade i live in maine but despensery medical is actually 47.50 an 8th, find yourself a care taker fuck going to the store to buy.

  69. In rural southern Indiana and Illinois, it’s still $25 for an eighth. Possibly because we have a lot of woods and fields and so many people just grow their own.

  70. im from ca and i havent hade to buy such low weights like grams or eights in years. if i have 20 bucks i get a 1/4oz. and some oil to dab with if legalization in california happens it better not inflate the price or im voteing no! as much as i would love for this medicine to be made legal i gotta think is my dealer really that bad i want to buy from government aproved venders???

  71. I pay 40-50 an 8th for medical grade in New Mexico, with a good hookup. I wouldn’t mind paying 60 for legal bud.

  72. Danny Gowshall on

    It will get cheaper but over here on the big Ol land of Oz you can pay up to $30/0.7 gm so yah thats cheap as

  73. Here in NH, medical mj is SUPER high; $75 an eighth, with the risk of being arrested as a bonus.

  74. Yeah thats pretty bad. If you are paying more than thirty five on the eighth here in so cal you are getting screwed. And all this talk about brick weed… Stop smoking that shit you are supporting cartels. There is plenty of medical grade supply to be had if you know where to look. But at sixty bucks for an eighth and an edible i would rather just go pick up a couple grams of errl. Lasts way longer and kicks ten times harder than the best medical kush.

  75. $35 (dispensary) or $40 – 50 (dealer) for medical quality buds in Michigan. $60 isn’t too outrageous for how new the market is, it will likely level off when there is increased competition and production.

  76. You can easily smoke an eighth a day especially for those of us who are medically dependent. It’s not “just flowers grown in abundance” have you ever looked into the requirements of re-selling it? It’s not as easy as buying a block of land, chucking some outdoor bush there and bringing it in a garbage bag, and walking out with $$.

    It takes time, effort, care and knowledge to create quality gear – there’s a world of difference between good stuff, and shit stuff.

  77. Think about it: Would you pay 20% extra to be exempt from all legalities forever? Sounds like a fair deal to me. Finally the US heading in the right direction – profiting off people using it, rather than making the non users pay for the incarceration of said criminals. Fair deal

  78. I think that if & when the rest of the country throws marijuana prohibition away, the prices should fall because of competition as in Wal Mart vs Target

  79. If you think current prices are just fine, you’re not thinking in terms of LEGAL. Legal means allowing the market to find a natural price. It means allowing both large commercial ventures and small gourmet ones work out where they fit and what prices work. The current CO prices are still a total reflection of Prohibition, not a mildly regulated free market.

  80. I know plenty of folks who up an 8th in a day or two.

    It’s just flowers. Without heavy restrictions, flowers are easy to grow in huge abundance. Simple as that.

  81. Jeff Grinnell on

    hypocrites. that’s the name of the loony left. it’s about the cost of weed. not your ideology, if that’s what it’s called.

  82. I can’t believe anyone is complaining! Sure wish it was legal here, id gladly give up tobacco (wich should be banned) and drinking for legal weed, if anyone ruins this blessing it will be the ones trying to get it cheap or tax free, why don’t everybody shut up and enjoy it and hopefully some day the rest of us can enjoy the best thing that could possibly happen

  83. I think the prices are Great. being from south carolina its a lot more difficult to find a good batch but when you do it’s around $20-25 a gram and I can make a couple grams of good stuff last me FOREVER. where as when i get mid-grade it wont last me long at all. I love These laws that are starting to pass. Can’t wait to see what happens in the future! :)


  85. THe point is that in a legal free market place, that price is absurdly high. That’s like paying $60 for a 12 pack of Sam Adams beer.

  86. where i live N.Y. an 8th(3.5) can range between $30-$80; depending how good it is. so i wouldn’t be complaining about these prices as long as it is good.

  87. The situation is completely dysfunctional mainly because of Federal refusal to reschedule and legalize. The production of cannabis remains severely constrained due to that. In CO they also have the completely idiotic restriction that all legal production must be indoor.

    A huge disconnect in all this is that we have been existing at prohibition pricing for decades and the barely legal medical marketplace has operated as the tip of the black market iceberg. The new legal market isn’t being allowed to compete with scaled production. Whoever can grow the most, at the lowest cost and remain at competitive quality will win in that situation.Cannabis is prolific as hell. If production was as unrestricted as say, wine grape production, the prices would fall down to as little as even $5 per oz. There would be commercial quality which might be what you’d find at Trader Joes and gourmet quality, sold in boutique shops for somewhat higher prices.

    There’s also no producer branding as far as I can see. It’s all just clear baggies or jars with a strain name. Imagine going to a wine shop or beer store and everything was in plain packaging stating only the grape or type of beer. Nothing about who produced it or where or how.

    The ignorant politicians were too dumb to understand that the legal product must be allowed to exist in a free marketplace. When that happens, the price would fall dramatically. That would mean tax revenue would be much lower than if calculated at prohibition valuations. Of course they’re fearful of genuine free market pricing. They think it would be too cheap and we’d turn into a nation of lazy stoners. So we have a distorted dysfunctional situation instead.

    Typically across the US, excise taxes for the various forms of alcohol amount to 10%-20% of the retail price. That’s Federal and State combined. Many States charge sales tax also. But alcohol producers are not limited by the specter of a Federal Government watching like a hawk to pounce on any producer who scales up to produce as much as his resources allow. Like say, a farmer who puts in 10,000 acres with massive drying barns and hundreds of minimum wage trimmers. At this point the Feds would probably crush that guy.

    In the alcohol business you have large corporate and small private producers serving different price points and customers. Cannabis needs to be allowed to do the same. 5 to 10 dollar ozs at Trader Joes and Walmart and 20- 40 dollar ones at upscale neighborhood pot specialty shops.

  88. Jefferey Burnside on

    Actually I would have to say YES enough money would have have been made if they didn’t overstep black market pricing. These prices will keep people going to lower priced black market dealers. Once again greed trumps weed. I can see 35$ an 1/8 tax included 40$ an 1/8 for top shelf, again (tax included) you would still make a fortune.

  89. $50 a cut here in PA and illegal..i’d gladly pay those prices to purchase legally!

  90. Yeah you can tell which people need some more education, it really gives “stoners” a bad name. I would be okay with paying that $40 but I do feel like it should be ten bucks cheaper at least. I hope they incorporate THC content into the price. I wouldn’t want to be paying the same amount for a lesser high. If people would just google colorado weed dispensaries you can see the prices, and some of the places are cheap.

  91. The problem is, how do you know that tax money will be put to good use? I can’t speak of how each state uses their tax money. I do know the federal government can’t be trusted when it comes to taxes. So I guess we can eliminate them from the equation since they are for sure corrupt. You have a better shot at making your state work for you. So it comes down to your local representatives. I let mine know how I feel about marijuana.

  92. this is a crazy price… does the senator who buys viagra for 25.00 a pill, does he pay state taxes???no no… prices way to high

  93. Ok I live n Colorado. I am use to buy a quarter of fire for 40 bucks
    So this is crazy. But hell its a new thing. It won’t be this way for
    much longer. Prices will drop

  94. $350 an ounce is a rip off to be honest. It does not cost that much to grow it, I can get pretty good bud for 10 a gram and that is in PA. Ounces run under 300, I have gotten them for 250.

  95. yeah like that isn’t shady, you must be an informant, uncover cop, or a troll with no life.

  96. welcome to minnesota prices for real. 60 for an 8th? Thats pretty damn standard over here, unless you know the person even then its usually 45-50 bucks. So please. That’s not too much, people don’t bitch about something that we have been fighting for, for around 40 some odd years to get nearly/fully legalized. You want our deficit to go down? Then tax the shit outta something that is in high demand. Beggers can’t be choosers.

  97. Wow, 60 an eighth is so much for you guys that you feel it necessary to write an article about it? 60 an eighth is basically normal in MN.

  98. Ashley Springfield on

    For an 8th of mids…it’s 30…double it for good…that’s $60 bucks sir. And it looks like on the receipt he got a gram of something else. Stop bitching be thankful it’s legal in your state. Pretty much the same price, man!!!

  99. greengreengreen on

    GET OVER IT! THE LEGALIZED WEED AND THEY ARE SELLING IT!!! WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT?!?!?!?!? people are never happy….Its the first state to EVER do it, so of course its gonna be “expensive” but these people complaining about the tax and cost are ridiculous….in NC for some fire weed with a crazy name, it is $60 an eighth and you dont even know if that right strain or the real deal, i would play $60 an eighth if guarantees im smoking legit kush, ak, trainwreck, etc…Im guessing people in denver/cali/washington.oregon use to pay less when going to a dealer due to supply.

  100. Every state ive been to 60 an eigth of kush or medi is the going rate id like payin 40 and not having to ride through the hood to get it

  101. No, compare it ti the price of Chemotherapy for the uninsured. It’s not ALL bout gettin’ high. Peace!

  102. Tom Schneider on

    So Maritn, will you volunteer to supply all the necessary items to grow it? Would you be satisfied with the “weed” that grows wild? Bare minimum for growing includes bags of suiitable soil, plant nutrients, or hydro supplies, and daily labor and care needed to nurse through a crop for 100 days turning it into high quality well-trimmed buds. Who do you know that is willing to be made into a slave machine that’ll do all this stuff for free? Martin you seem to live in some dream world where people serve you and others who believe like you for absolutely free. I don’t think even pure socialism is that harsh on the suppliers. I happen to agree that Cannabis shouldn’t be government regulated or taxed, but simply freed of all legal penalties for possessing, growing, selling, and consuming..

  103. The price of medical cannabis has been allowed to escalate without consideration or comparison to street pricing and this is driving patients away from the dispensaries for their medication. I’m not a big fan of government intervention, but it is time for the states that have legalization to step in a cap the pricing. Otherwise, it’s going to revert to the street dealers which is a big reason for legalization in the first place.

  104. That price isn’t bad but it’s not great either. I think we could do a lot better once the supply catches up with the demand – cannabis is cheap and easy to grow in the long term.

  105. Sorry should’ve put period after medicinal .you must’ve lived up by s.c.seems prices were messed up that way

  106. The advice you will get here is usually… If you can’t afford the market price, grow your own.
    Until Medicare covers this medicine, I’m afraid we have very few options…

  107. Grass isn’t a “week.” It isn’t a “weed” either.

    “Weed is a subjective term used in a variety of senses, usually to describe a plant considered undesirable within a certain context. The word—commonly applied to unwanted plants in human-controlled settings, such as farm fields, gardens, lawns, and parks—carries no botanical classification value, since a plant that is a weed in one context is not a weed when growing where it is wanted.” — Ask.com

  108. Move to NorCal then, if you can get your 215 card and find a good delivery service you can get a good oz of top shelf for around $150

  109. I lived in Iowa as well, where I was I paid average 20-25/gr for crumbly mexibrown shit brick, Hydro was nowhere to be found in the area, and if it was it’d be double the price. Never heard of medicinal brick as brick is usually weak shit.

  110. A sales tax on top of an excise tax is taxing a tax, which puts it at roughly 25%, and with reports on various retail outlets charging varied amounts on the same weed only shows that before long the whole program is going to implode from within. Even though Washington state is having trouble getting out of the gates, they’ll eventually start running. Also they’ve capped ALL weed prices at $12/gr retail in WA, where CO is a free for all by the looks of it. Time will tell which State is the more successful one that the rest of the Nation will eventually follow.

  111. i think its great you can finally buy it at the store, regardless of price…i live in washington and ill be first in line when it comes to the stores

  112. I think that those are some great prices. I live in Idaho and we pay 50 for a 3.5 grams, I think that $10 off of that is great. I think it is possible that prices could go up with time, however, I think if they generate enough revenue then they will keep the prices generally the same.

  113. I think that those are some great prices. I live in Idaho and we pay 50 for a 3.5 grams, I think that $10 off of that is great. I think it is possible that prices could go up with time, however, I think if they generate enough revenue then they will keep the prices generally the same.

  114. The 25% tax in Colorado ONLY is for retail and not for medicinal. And it was approved by the VOTERS! That is so that we can be assured of a LEGAL, WELL REGULATED marijuana industry that pays into our society, even if there are tea-baggers out there who believe that the roads they drive on, the water they drink, and a functioning society are all free. Why don’t you move to Mogadishu and you can find out what it means to live without a government.

  115. Really smart comment. You would rather be committing a crime and be open to arrest than pay an extra $10? Or have the convenience of driving to the store, having a choice of a dozen strains or 20 different edibles? Where do you think prices are going when a small greenhouse operations grows three or four crops of 1000+ plants / year?

  116. This is a temporary phenomenon. By the fall, marijuana will be back to $100 – 180 / oz, where it has been for the last year at the medical dispensaries.

  117. Prices on east coast have been high for years. Till laws change here it will stay that way.

  118. Wanted to add that husband and I lived and worked in MI. I had valid medical license. Marriage failed and I was forced to return back to WV home. Facing more surgeries for both shoulders and Medicare only covers 80% of hospital. How can I pay to get well and stay well? Not seeking handouts just some honest facts.

  119. I live on a monthly income of $1000 per month in SSDI. How can we work together to be able to afford daily medicine? My caregiver sells at $350 oz. When will we have conversation about what we must GIVE UP to be pain free. I want everybody to get their fair share. Some of us do not have other choices in pain management any longer. Just because I own house in WV, entire state is put under radar as being drug abuser. It is no wonder that herion use is rising. Wake up America. My story is the same in every state.

  120. I was born in Amsterdam and can tell you for sure that even if you can find those cheap prices there is still premium bud sold for 20+USD, which is in line with the prices in Colorado on a day the demand is skyrocketing. SO not so bad IF the quality is at par.

  121. While the government tolerates coffee shops selling small amounts of weed in the Netherlands, weed is technically illegal. Also buying off the street, especially in Amsterdam is asking for trouble and I would never recommend that to anyone.

  122. those prices look great to me considering what quality bud your getting. i lived in salt lake 5 years ago and paid $60 1/8 for good smoke “northern lights/purple kush” on the streets. the stuff there selling now is NOT available around here, here we pay $25-$30 for 1/8 and its mexican brick weed and the bags are usaully light.

  123. Man, I feel sorry for yall seeing these prices. I live in Holland where we’ve had legalized weed for ages and we can go to the shop and get 5 grams for €25.. Also we’re allowed to grow our own plants and we can get it for €2/2.50 for a gram from atreet dealers.

  124. Honolulu Hawaii- 40-60 and eighth which goes directly into the hands of a very powerful Asian/Pacific Islander organized crime syndicate which deals heavily in meth, human trafficking and extortion. I would gladly pay 40-60 to a legitimate small business owner!
    Also, I truly believe once the supply side and demand side level out you will see your 20-40$ 1/8ths again.

  125. Boski Kabzinski on

    when in reality the drug tests only came along because they are making money for the companies that provide them, true story at one point in recent american history the idea was up in the air to have no only athletes at schools drug tested but EVERY student drug tested.

  126. Boski Kabzinski on

    Typical, needless to say you didnt even know that there was already a tax on alcohol yet i try and give you a little information and boom you get all defensive…funny stuff

  127. For now, I’ll continue to stick with street dealers, it’s much cheaper!!! Once more and more states legalize, each will set its own tax rate on Marijuana, and consumers will be able to travel to get it cheaper, even if they have to go outside their own state!!! A 25% tax is ridiculously high in comparison to the tax rate on alcohol, but that will eventually change!!! Also, once people start growing their own @ home, there will be more variety, and people will be able to control what goes into their Marijuana vs. trusting what others are tossing into their plants!!! Only rich morons can afford to pay $60 for 1/8, and between $300-$400 for 1oz.!!! In Rhode Island, it’s possible to get 1 oz. of Grade A herb on the streets for between $200-$250!!! The next step for RI, considering it’s legal medically, and has already been decriminalized, is legalization, which we hope to see in 2014!!!

  128. These prices suck, I live in NY and have been to California to. an 8th is 40-50 tops unless you’re a sucker. And the tax is crazy. What are the growing laws? Can I grow my own weed free or is that illegal for some bs reason? I would never buy pot legally from a shop at these prices,it’s a ripoff. I’d grow my own or continue to buy it off the street tax free. These taxes will generate billions for the government but our property taxes won’t go down so screw giving my pot money to them.

  129. I’m in MD and i get high grade medicals that come from MI and CO – same price $60 1/8, That’s always what it’s been since the 90’s. Cheaper by the O but you have to take your chances with anything over 1/4 as that is all that has been decriminalized for possession MD. You just need to get to know the right people. Never off the street. Always Discreet.

  130. i do too….but it was shit compared to say ….girl scout cookie, or most any weed grown nowadays

  131. Hey Dem repubs who cares I thought we were talking about how come these Rush idiots always have to start with the political bs

  132. man i feel bad seeing half these prices, everything in my town (at least from my friends) is either homegrown so its high mids, i just found a connection with med grade and they both charge 10$/g (CAD)

  133. Wow. So back in the day (1973-77 or thereabouts), we bought an ounce of Mexican for $15, an ounce of Columbian for $30. Of course, we’d roll up some big fatties and pass a few of them around – we’d burn nearly one joint the size of a cigarette for each person, then we’d feel right. We also spent less on everything else – my ’65 Mustang cost me $600 with about 70,000 miles on it in ’73, gas was less than $1.00/gallon, we went to McDonalds and got a burger, fries and a coke and change back from our dollar.

    Today, I’d surely be growing it, if it were legal, rather than pay $60 for an eighth. Of course, employer drug test are the ONLY reason a lot of us don’t burn any nowadays. That’s what sucks.

  134. Who are you talking too and wtf are you going on about , this does not fit into this conversation you went full retard and lost me on this one .

  135. i suffer from anxiety disorder have done for 7veral years , weed helps my anxiety sooo much it makes me calm and i feel the best i have ever felt , thats why i will always stand by marijuana , i will not stop smoking it no matter what happens fuck the corrupt people who says whats what in this world fucking mugs is what they are ,.

  136. yes lucky , that you can drive 8 hours , i live in the united kingdom i would walk to a place where it is legal every single day for that high grade cross the waters and everything but its cold and i spend all my money on weed so i can not afford to get there . i am considering moving over to a state just for the fact weed is legal , i do not think that would be a easy process though haha

  137. In NYC we rarely have 8ths for sale. The average is .4 for $10 so u should be happy to find 1g for $20

  138. Here in NKY we pay $10 a g for some brick weed $20 for high grade if you can even find it

  139. DownunderPothead on

    From Downunder….
    Good to see that the States are coming to their senses and legalizing pot. We pay about the same here in Oz, about 50 bucks for a 3.5 bag, we simply call it a fitho’. Any less in ya bag will loose ya confidence in ya customer and you’ll end up smoking ya own profits. Just wanted to agree with old mate here Hatman and add this…… less potheads in prison for having a bag on em’ for some personal smoke (its a joke isnt it!!) WILL leave more beds available for more appropriate sentences for the Rockspiders (child molesters), Rapists, Murders and the REAL CRIMS, that are out there. I say good on ya’s, leave the cots available to lock these scum up forever. Legalized pot WILL open doors for better sentencing. Eventually………

  140. Then move your ass to a place where it’s better for you. Don’t run your mouth at us because you refuse to move to a better place.

  141. Are you shitting me? 20*3.5=$70. He just paid less than $60 for that same Kush AND some chocolate WITH taxes. If the shop woulda stuck to your price he woulda walked outta there with a tab closer $90 and I’ll bet he’d STILL be happy with it.

  142. IKR! I see people bitching about the $60/8th and I’m like “$40 for an 8th of kush? I’m aight with that.” We were all just complaining about how pot’s harmless and shouldn’t be illegal. Now we’ve got what we wanted and we’re bitching about price? Let’s go back to puttin people in jail for 1 oz and see how fast we cough up $60 for an 8th and some munchies.

  143. It seems like you missed the point of his article. It was directly aimed at what you’re complaining about. The prices vary depending on where you are. Just because people were paying 60/eighth at the end of the day there, doesn’t mean that’s what people were paying all day.
    “If you live on the West Coast, you can find cheap eighths all day of top shelf marijuana. $20-30 is normal in Oregon where I live, and can even get cheaper if you have the right friends. So looking at Colorado prices can seem crazy. However, go just one state over to Idaho where my cousins live, and their perspective is way different. A $60 eighth of Girl Scout Cookies sounds like an unrealistically great deal to them…”
    We also don’t know the strain or how effective it was either.
    To my knowledge there hasn’t been a money making scheme formulated and executed where there wasn’t a greedy hand or two using shady tricks to get money. They do it because people don’t pay attention and just buy what they’re giving out. If you don’t want the messed up product, don’t buy from the messed up dealer.

  144. Actually patients pay the old prices, cut in line and don’t pay the large taxes. You make no sense at all.

  145. Until it’s federally recognised as legal it’s not going to be safe. But I feel anxiety disorders should be considered as medical condition that qualifies for medical marijuana use.

  146. Jeff Grinnell on

    how long before the dummycrats go by the name of the George soros party and drop all pretense that they are for the poor and needy? get real fool.

  147. Kylie Michelle Fraser on

    people also forget, there are a minimum of rec shops ATM. there are a LOT of stores still to open. as supply goes UP prices will go DOWN. it’s called supply and demand

  148. Kylie Michelle Fraser on

    and if the fuzz busts you in vegas with an 1/8, you’re going to prison. here in colorado, NOTHING.

    btw, another comment said you’re on the west coast, now you’re in vegas? I call bullshit on you.

  149. Kylie Michelle Fraser on

    and in colorado, the red card s 35, I can grow 6 lants and roll with TWO ounces at all times. oh plus, in colorado, I can roll around with an ounce at all times WITHOUT a red card, so….. we have you guys beat hands down. plus, the best weed is mile high weed.

  150. I bet you also remember 99 cents a gallon for gas as well.. Everything goes up in price…

  151. What’s the point legalizing marijuana if we still have to pay higher than street prices. I would rather keep it illegal. I have had a legal card from Oregon since 2002. I came to Maryland and had to pay crackhead prices for a small amount of medicine for I was in pain. I cannot take prescription drugs and refuse to take them. I am in pain, sitting with terrible thoughts and refuse to pay those prices even in pain. Colorado, although paving the road for legalizing marijuana, I hope the prices will not follow in all states. Colorado has always been a place known for their high prices. One would think, legalizing it would bring the prices down. And with medicines that are ingested I wonder how the oil are produced. Some of it is very toxic and if not produced correctly is worse than prescription drugs; meaning being produced with butane. And using stems, what is that all about. Just a greedy grower trying to get over on patients. The movement started for patients and now the patient doesn’t matter. This movement needs to be put in the right direction for the patient not just making money. Those of us know it is money growing on trees, but really. I hate the greedy growers. Get the greedy growers out of the marijuana business. It is truly making me sick.

  152. I still remember buying a 4 finger bag of Columbian gold for 40.00, back in tampa, circa 1976.

  153. WewantitlegalinGA on

    That’s the same as street prices only this way the government gets their share.

  154. Gabre Fiya Hiwot on

    over here in Trini we pay 450.00 for that kind ar weed other than that its 125.00 for an 8

  155. Wow, just wow. Maine is in the North EAST my friend. But yes, $50 an 1/8 sounds about right for over here. You can still get mids and shwag for $30 if you don’t care about quality.

  156. Over here in texas dfw area that’s about right 50-60 for an eighth, wouldn’t mind paying those prices for legal bud

  157. Brion Eduardo on

    I third that. Even though I’m glad for the new legalization, it’s just not right that so many of us are banned from the industry. Especially considering the difficulty marijuana felons have finding work in many industries, it only makes sense that cannabis-related work should be legal for all.

  158. Brion Eduardo on

    These high retail prices are only temporary! The laws of supply and demand and competition will soon intervene and prices might even race to the bottom before the industry stabilizes. So far only a fraction of the 136 licensed retail shops are open. Also, there’s a huge amount of cannabis-related tourism right now, which will steadily drop as more states legalize. Additionally, Colorado’s home-grow provision is another equalizer in the new War on Price-Gouging. I’m more concerned about Washington, though. A cap on production, coupled with no home-grow, presents ideal conditions for a hyper-inflated legal market that would be seriously challenged to compete with the black market.

  159. Maybe I’m just the old geezer that’s been paying taxes too long, but there’s a lot of people missing the point of the high taxes on this. We all know this is eventually going to legalize across the board in the states. If you don’t want to pay the high taxes, grow. It’s not too tricky to put out something you can be proud of and enjoy. But I look at the receipt in the article and see the $10.46 tax for a $60 purchase, and that’s $10,460.00 for 1000 customers. One time. One day. If those same 1000 customers came in every other day for a year and bought $60 worth of weed, over a year, that’s $1,903,720.00 a year for one store. If you play with a state population (any state, pick it), and start working out what the tax revenue would be per year, most states could pay off their state debt (like here in Oregon) in a couple of years. That means tax reductions elsewhere. Legalized pot could save most state economies, and if the country wanted to make this a focus of our export, we could starting pounding the national debt down just through sheer luxury tax. States could do away with sales tax. Everything else would be cheaper. I’ll take the $60 per 1/8th any day just because of all of the tax-related benefits. When the states who’ve legalized it start publishing their tax revenues next year, everyone else will start legalizing overnight. Win-win, baby! Or….I could just be really stoned:)

  160. thats actually pretty damn cheap coming from a commonwealth state! actually like 20 bucks cheaper

  161. I’ve seen 5 grams for $25. Those prices are rediculous. I’d never pay that much.

  162. Real Fin Names on

    hahhah havent paid for pot in 5 years :P damb you guys are paying out yer asses to smoke a plant smarten up people its called soil use it :D

  163. Except that without government and taxes there wouldn’t be any streets to be buying it on.

  164. How long until Republicans just change their name to “The Koch Party” and drop all pretense of representing anyone but old white men?

  165. Tom R. Williams on

    Prescription drugs cost a lot more than that. Big Pharma has to make a huge profit, payoff the lobbyists, and cover the lawsuit payouts for all the people that die and have bad side effects from the synthetic frankenmeds. I agree that 20+% tax is high, but its a bargain compared to most prescription meds.

  166. to much for the tax is all… Any kush is 20 per gram everywhere I go. but I think the gov can fuck off with the taxes. (Eat dirt, bang their ankles or whatever they do in the time when their not makin money from through me )

  167. if you have your red card in Colorado springs you can get an eighth for around $25 + (from a dispensary) or higher, best way to get the cheapest dankest bud is to stick with your red card, avoid all the extra tax!

  168. damn I remember buying up 5 dollar regs back in high school, saving my lunch money and rolling a blunt, good times man, hope the legality spreads, im not paying for shit anyways im growing once it becomes legal in va

  169. Richie Ginocchi on

    You guys need to move to the West Coast. I can get a card for 150 bucks and grow 8 plants and roll with an ounce on me at all times. Not to mention edibles, oil for the “E cigarette” that smells like nothing..lol. I fel bad you some of you guys.

  170. Richie Ginocchi on

    Hit Me up next time your in Vegas Buddy, We got top shelf all day every day. and I would NEVER pay more than $50 an eighth, and thats definately not a homie price. I get quarters of OG all day in vegas fo 60-70 ( extra 10 for delivery)

  171. In cleveland ohio is 20$ for a gram of some good shit. 5$ for some reg. So if you think about it 20,40,60,70$ for 3.5 grams…they only paid 40? Sounds good to me.

  172. Emerly Magalogo Layton on

    Well, I can honestly say that prices in wyoming are high AF! and if you get an eighth for $40 and plus something else and it all equals $60 including the taxes, that is an amazing deal! Definitely making a trip soon!!!

  173. Yooo Link Up With Me WF Allen, I’m In Cleveland, OH As Well, Let’s Talk Green Bro!!!!!!

  174. Yooo Link Up With Me WF Allen, I’m In Cleveland, OH As Well, Let’s Talk Green Bro!!!!!!

  175. $60 U.S. for a fuckin 1/8th…hmmm Let’s see you know you’re getting top-shelf shit, the weight is spot on, the shit is fresh and you don’t have to call around or meet up here or there to get it…marginally worth it !

  176. $60 U.S. for a fuckin 1/8th…hmmm Let’s see you know you’re getting top-shelf shit, the weight is spot on, the shit is fresh and you don’t have to call around or meet up here or there to get it…marginally worth it !

  177. dillion donglong on

    man we payin street prices of 60 for an 8th 40 for an 8th of bubba sign me up for that shit

  178. Your response shows u don’t read, if u did u would have understood that I understand the price went up. I was making a point about the tax. The government took a roughly 20% vigorish on what is now a legal sale.

  179. Not everyone is so lucky…it’s not legal in the entire United States. I live in a state where it’s not legal…so not so lucky here either…

  180. aka Slim Shadily on

    Shuttup. And don’t think that I mean that you should comment later. Just shuttup.

  181. aka Slim Shadily on

    I HOPE the Feds are watching too so that they see how much of my fucking time and money they’ve been wasting!!! Got damn greedy, dumb ass BASTARDS is what they are.

  182. aka Slim Shadily on

    Lucky? I gotta drive AT-LEAST 8 hours before I’m even IN Colorado AND THEN I gotta come back… TO TEXAS!!! Lucky my ass.

  183. aka Slim Shadily on

    WHAT?! it’s like 25 a gram for some Kush around here!!! Pansy ass “government”.

  184. and before you all jump the wagon no i am not getting ripped of its just how it works in the united kingdom and this aint from a legal supplier like all you lucky funks are getting .

  185. No its not , around where i live we pay £20 for 1.8 .. when we should be getting 3.5 but the prices of the weed these days are alot , your getting it for $40 at 3.5 of top weed , that is 24.36 British Pound Sterling

    so do not complain about your price is high , your price is perfect . i would love to get 3.5 for £25 pound but i have to stick with my 1.8

  186. BlahhDeeBlahhDeeBlahhh on

    If you’re paying $120 for a quarter, prices are likely closer to $65-$70/eighth unless you’ve got an in with the dealer. The smaller the quantity, the more you will pay per gram or half gram. Kinda’ like if you’re paying $60/eighth, you’ll probably pay $20/gram, so by your math, at this rate of cost per gram we should be paying $140 for the same quarter ounce. You shouldn’t pay more than $60/eighth to about $100-$110/quarter for buds priced at $20/gram. At least as far as street prices go… Ease up on the hostility, brotha’.

  187. I stay in Central California and here are actual prices from my local green shop … RX required but 100% legal to buy … 4 Grams of White Widow for $34.99 and it includes 4 free blunt rolling papers … And 8th of Chocolate Ty weed for 9.99 and it also includes free blunt papers … 1 oz of Humboldt County Purple Kush $350.00 and this comes with a box of 36 blunt papers … And if you are a low budget smoker you can get yourself 15 grams of regular green weed for $15 bur you don’t get blunt papers … These are Bakersfield Prices … If you go down to Los Angeles the prices get a little higher

  188. that would be very high end weed for that price. i also live in ontario and pay $90 an ounce for decent mid-grade. the only time i’ve seen prices like these guys are talking about is far up north or when we are selling to americans.

  189. So many Debbie Downers complaining about the price and saying how the black market is so much better and cheaper. Remember, no one’s forcing you to pay retail. If you like your black market connect, fine that’s your privilege. But I like the fact that the black market will now have to compete with the legal market instead of having prohibition protect their trade and do their dirty work.
    I also like the fact that I don’t have to know a friend of a friend of a friend that might have weed. Not all of us have the good connections like some of you do, and yes I do like buying from a reputable retailer with set hours instead of from some sketchy environment or from some sociopath that opposes legalization to protect their trade. Call me crazy, but I enjoy the fact that the good people of Colorado spoke up and ended the crime of humanity of prohibition in their state.
    Don’t like paying taxes? You can grow your own. You can still buy from the black market if that’s what you really want. Weed is legal in Colorado and you have real choices so quitcherbitchin.

  190. Mike Steelreaper Stoker on

    This looks like normal prices to me. When I lived in New Mexico weed was 80-100 dollars a quarter for the good stuff and 25-50 dollars for Mexican dirt weed.

  191. A gallon of beer/wine/liquor weighs 8 pounds roughly. I can certainly see the disparity between the two quite clearly. So I agree that the tax is way too high, it was the only way it could get passed most likely. You will have to try and make amendments as usual. Just google colorado weed prices and there are dispensaries with info. I am confused as to how they got $10.46 in tax, that is crazy high.

  192. Darryl Kassim Boyd on

    Attention stupid fuckers who read this. Marijuana is different everywhere. I can live a fuckin town away from you and pay different prices. I hate to see you stupid mother fuckers on here talk shit about the price you get and how someone is overpaying. WELL BITCH WHY DONT YOU BRING ME SOME WEED THEN

  193. I live in pa too but don’t pay that much! You are getting robbed, those prices are like 2-3 years ago, and never should have been. It all depends on how many hands it is going through.

  194. Be that as it might, at least the black market will have to compete instead of having prohibition protect it’s monopoly at the expense of people’s liberty.

  195. Right, let prohibition do your dirty work for you. Let prohibition protect your little racket, parasite. Prohibition is a crime against humanity and evidently you don’t give a damn.

  196. So you are saying that you support prohibition which protects the black market/criminal element along with the persecution and the crimes against humanity that come with prohibition? That’s foul.

  197. Grams at the most for dealers, high end is 7 dollars a gram of gud, kush, loud etc. people that are stupid that cant have the sense to gain a connect deserve to pay 60 an 8th for a plant. Personally I live In Cleveland Ohio and i get 8ths all day for 40 some fire tooo. Everyone else i just getting ripped off. Think About It peole can name there own price, you just have to be smart about how you go about coppin it. WF Allen On FaceBook! Say Hi!

  198. Here in TX, a gram (or what most people consider to be a gram…..watch those sheisty MFers in TX….) is $20. So technically, even WITH the taxes, you get more. Hell, making me a believer — CO has some of the best shit around, and I am considering moving to work for a dispensary!

  199. Anyone who thinks these prices are a good deal is clueless. Anytime the government is involved the price goes up.

  200. $20 for a gram of premium smoke is average in pa and its not even legal yet here so id say $60 for 3.5 grams is a deal cuz most people here will only sell by the gram so 3.5 grams would cost $75 here and if u are lucky enough to find someone to sell u an eighth it’d be $70 unless u have a good connect then u may get it for $60 and in very rare occasions $50

  201. So, are dispensaries holding supplies for their patients at a certain price?
    Or did they just sell out their inventories at the higher commercial price?

  202. bay area i can get 8ths usually for dub ($20) but some ppl plug it $10 for an 8th. really depends on where you are, who you buy it from, and how good it is

  203. Historically, weed also only had 1-4 % thc, not 15% and up. historically, it was also grown in a lot shittier conditions. Seeds were scattered and left to grow under the sun. instead of grown and nurtured plant by plant

  204. We all know that for a fact that the tax money that the governement makes doesnt go into good use. They might tell you it does, but theyll only tell you what you want to hear. Theyre in such debt that they will try and find any way to get more money from the people to fund their bs plans. One world, one government. Ill stick to buying on the streets.

  205. it would help if all the cannabis industry became honest about production costs …

  206. Pondello Jonez on

    Im just wondering how long it will take other states to realize the positive fiscal potential that it this will bring, with less drain on the Police/Judicial system and the taxes it could very well be the answer to poverty stricken major cities like Detroit.

  207. Michael Suttle on

    Uuummm… Put the bong down and go back to school chief. What’s half of a “quad”? An eighth. What’s half of 120? 60. Dumb ass. You’re already getting this price.

  208. The real price of liquor and cigs is not so transparent. Taxes are different in different places according to every state. When I lived in NJ years and years ago I could pay less than a dollar for a pack of cigs in NC, while paying $4 for a pack in NY. We have seen the price of cigs soar in NM, doubling in price in just a few years. States tax as they like. Ever try to buy a pack of cigs in Canada? Or a bottle of booze? Canadians…chime in here. Said and done, the price of a “sin tax” is very, very high everywhere and I would venture to say it is way more than 25%.

  209. Does this mean that MMJ patients are going to have to pay these high prices for the next 3-6 months?

  210. From USA Today:

    Alcohol (Colorado): Taxes on alcohol are by volume, not by price. The beer tax is 8 cents per gallon, the wine is 28 cents per gallon and the liquor tax is $2.28 per gallon.

    Marijuana (Colorado): 10% special sales tax that will also help fund marijuana enforcement plus the 2.9% sales tax (the same tax added to retail sales). Included in the ballot measure is a 15% excise tax on marijuana producers to raise revenue for school construction.

  211. I have had thousands of legal plants under my control in 2 states and I understand the entire equation for both cost of production and labor and retail..so when you have the ability to be truthful about the profiteering being done on the backs of the sick and dying then you have a leg to stand on.. until then you are simply uniformed.

  212. Something people tend to forget is that unless we were growing our own, or buying from a friend that grows, we’ve all been paying a tax of sorts. The price increases as the product changes hands, which explains the really low prices in some places and the really high prices in others. The cartels aren’t in it to loose money, and neither are the legal growers. Someone has to make a profit or at very least, support their own family. When is the last time you bought weed from a grower friend that sold it to you at cost? Like – never. The price is whatever the market will bear. Legal or illegal.

  213. And this is why we shouldve never tried to legalize. All they are going to do is tax the shit out of you. Ofcourse close minded people could careless and just want to legalize. Lesson learned.

  214. here in PA I only pay $55/$65 for medical grade(known as nug, short for nugget.)crazy paying those prices for street medical. I feel that’s high being it’s only good for a bit then you build a tol. to it making you puff more (if you don’t get 3-5hrs out of it you got burnt. That is the full ride on the buzz(not the bennies for medical issues (which is just about the same time frame before they start fading(gone by hour 6)To me the name & all means nothing when it comes to costs. If I get the same effects from a street lvl(needs to be cleaned seeds & stems) smoke & pay $15-$20 less compared to medical WHICH one you think I’m gonna buy(40+ yrs. at this game & now there’s just a new market acting like it is NOT JUST WEED(1 seed makes a lot of smoke) it’s like going to a drug store and paying big pharm for pills.)

  215. @ tim bambam;
    WHAT!!!! I’m 2 hrs out from NYC if bought by the gram YES; otherwise you are GETTING ROBBED.

  216. $55/$65 an eighth(name doesn’t matter) for street lvl. medical(which is the same, just has something wrong with it that takes it from TRUE medical). So $40 isn’t bad at NET. weight(3.5g) for real.

  217. ChillWill8011 on

    Its 120 a quad here in Indiana so out West its goin down. Need to legalize it here

  218. How much is the tax? Is it TWENTY FIVE PERCENT? I doubt it. Do your own research and fuck off.

  219. Richard Remer on

    It’s not a good price. Historically, the cost of weed comes from the legal risk associated with growing, distributing, and selling. Since those risks have now been removed, weed should be cheaper than ever, even with the high taxes.

  220. drownedntears on

    I was reading that article on the Michigan company who will be growing Canadian Medical Marijuana. The owner of the company said he will be able to grow it for .80-$1.00 a gram for medical grade, and resale for I think it was like $4.50-$5.50 a gram. Here in Texas, it’s around $15-$20 a gram, and ranges from mid to highs. I have no doubt prices will drop as this continues to become more popular. Of course prices are high now. As more and more stores start selling it, they will be competing for the lower price just like every store does that sells the same item. I would have been really surprised if prices weren’t as high as they are now. That is a horrible business practice to be selling something legally not many other people have at rock bottom prices. Sadly, in the end, the legal marijuana market will always come down to more profits. Do you think most of the politicians pushing for these legal sales give a rats ass if cannabis is beneficial to ones health, and possible survival?? FUCK NO!!! It’s all about profits and being in the red. If it wasn’t, it would have been legal a long time ago. If you are in Colorado, and can get it cheaper on the street, take the risk. But keep in mind, at least you know when you pay the prices you do at the stores or dispensaries, you are getting good bud that has been tested and is clean.

  221. Gotta pay to play!!! At least its finally legal, and growing. I’m sure once its all legal in most states i believe the price should fluctuate depending on quality, we hope. That and people will pay whatever and the government sees that, they will tax and tax cuz they know we will pay anything, just like food and fuel.

  222. Why don’t we just make it a dollar a gram.Yeah you’ll have to increase productivity but you’ll be shoveling that weed out the door like theres no tomorrow. It is a plant, that doesn’t need to be fucked with by chemical or any industrial means. Which makes it easy to grow, easy to use, and easy to satisfy.

  223. Boski Kabzinski on

    actually there is a tax specifically for alcohol, do a little research before you try and go all renegade

  224. Prices this high will only ensure that a pocket of illegal activity continues. $40 an eighth, including tax would make a lot more sense. Plus, something tells me that drunks don’t pay taxes like these. Why do you have to pay less for a drug that kills people all the time and more for a drug that has never killed anyone?

  225. thats a good price, stop complaining on on prices americans, everything we buy we pay more for and still think its good, like u bitch about gas and we pay a lot more then u,

  226. fuck legal weed imma sell and buy it illegal till the day i die i can give deals no dispensary will so fuck it imma huslte

  227. There is over 20% in taxes on legal recreational marijuana in Colorado according to that receipt. And that doesn’t include the additional 15% excise tax that dispensaries have to pay to transfer their medical crop to recreational. Dispensaries have not yet been able to grow recreational crop since they didn’t get licensed until just last month by the state. You’ll likely see prices come down and level off 3-6 months from now. Right now, dispensaries that are open in CO are trying to control their inventory with high prices. They don’t want to run out.

  228. Angry budtender on

    So the point of non-medical was to make medicine available and you want government price fixing? You are literally delusional.

  229. Angry budtender on

    So obviously a statemt made out of complete ignorance. You don’t have the slightest understanding if the coat of doing business. You will be paying $500 an ounce in CO due to the poor law YOU might have voted for. Reap what you sow and get in line.

  230. I live in NYC and I pay $100.00 for about 5 grams of high end smoke. So I would be happy to pay $40.00 for an 1/8 . I am guessing that the prices rose as stock decreased. Hopefully once things get settled down they won’t run out of things and the prices will stabilize.

  231. cannabis
    should be available at sliding scale for the poor and the max cost
    should be $100 per ounce after tax…. anything else is profiteering !

  232. Anslinger actually came to Denver when this dope fiend was arrested and cheered the DA’s actions in prosecuting Caldwell. Personally, I hope that racist son of a bitch is rotting in hell. On the bright side, now I can drive down Broadway a few miles, drop into a clean, well-lit shop and legally purchase a bag of big, fat buds from the nice man behind the counter. Take that, Harry!

  233. Michael Scott Peterson on

    Honestly that’s kinda what is paid on the east coast for an eighth of goods. Abd that’s black market. It’s not that bad, I saw somewhere the price for an oz is like 500.

  234. The cost of medicinie in most dispensaries has become absurdly overpriced, and the current pricing structure will force patients to turn back to the street for medication. This was never the intent of the program and it is reprehensible that state legislators have not stepped in and regulated the pricing.
    At this point it appears that greed is driving the program rather than the original intent of actually offering a medication that could benefit patients who need/qualify for using it.

  235. Sounds good to me, an 1/8th of good stuff here in Pa can go as high as 70.00 an 1/8th and thats buying it off the street with no taxes and its still illegal ! I would love to pay 60.00 and be buying and smoking it legally ! Stop the whining !

  236. Some will get every dollar they can,it will be supply and demand,then you will find out who to deal with,,a price gouger,or the real Dealer Friend.when they raise the price on me like that,on anything,I walk off,leaving a few choice words.

  237. Well said. Just coming this far has me feeling very positive. We’ve made great progress recently passing the tipping point, with more to come!

  238. I agree, I think the price will go up and then settle somewhere more realistic.

    Make no mistake, it’s a very important & great thing to have recreational marijuana legalized in Colorado – let’s not get ahead of ourselves and complain about the way it’s been implemented yet. As more States legalize over the next few years, we will see reform to the way things are done & once we get to a Federal level, we can try to make sure that things like pricing are ironed out.

  239. I read that, initially, the prices will rise, then drop. Supply and demand. Check out the podcast “Free Weed” at ITunes or the same podcast at hightimes.com. There you can learn ways to grow your own. Or you can buy a good book called “Growing Elite Marijuana” by Ryan Riley. It is an easy to understand A-Z educational guide that is a great start for around $50. Enjoy the “golden age” as we enter the “green rush” and turn our failing economy around in a positive and productive manner. Go Green, friends! It’s the way of the future ;)

  240. Guys here in spain you can buy 5 grams for just 10€ or less, is not that high the price here XD

  241. Heard It Man It Always ExpensiveHere BC It Has To Travel So Far I Get It For 55 To 60 Out Of kettering

  242. Ur response shows u don’t read, if u did u would have understood that the price went up as the day went on. The picture shows the reciete of the FIRST costumer.

  243. Weeeeeeedjunky on

    Stop all ur moanin!! Least u have it legalized!! Us in the uk still have to get it on the dl!!!

  244. All i can say is that I don’t think we should have to pay extra for a substance to be legal that should already be… If the government never lied to us to make it illegal in the first place this would have never needed to even happen!! it may have still been taxed but not this much! Ever! Its only because it WAS illegal… To me thats stupid… Like some others are saying it should be as cheap as alcohol… OR cheaper! Period!!!

  245. In Mexico it’s 150-200 mexican pesos per ounze. That’s around $15 USA dollars per ounze. Since cartels kill each other over who will keep the concumers then drugs are cheaper. I feel like you americans are being scammed. And life is peaceful here, unless you live in Michocan, Ciudad Juarez, near the border or you belong to a cartel. Minor drug dealers are safe.

  246. Ahhh… but you DID NOT pay $60 for an eighth. You paid $40 for an eighth, $9.28 for the truffle, and $10.46 for the right to buy it legally. I know that you posted the price went up during the day, but the point is the $10.46. Colorado gets it.

  247. you have never heard of anyone robbing somebody while they are “stoned” smoke a fat one and you’ll see why

  248. I’m from Ga and I’ve never paid no hunned fo a quarter, the most is 90 and thats for dat loud, bout 350 for a oz of dat good shit

  249. LibertarianSocialism on

    sounds like solid brick weed to me, sounds like there is more weight in stems and seeds then their is actual bud.

  250. LibertarianSocialism on

    really its been two fucking days, and we are already complaining about prices. this is why america can’t have nice things. ill gladly pay $40 an 8th. i live in illinois the standard is 60, I’m already saving money. but id still pay $60 for an 8th from reputable grower, sold from a store will calibrated weights any day.

  251. We will have a roller coaster ride until the dust settles on re-legalization. After 10 states end prohibition, average quality marijuana will probably sell for around $50 an ounce, plus $20 to $30 in taxes.

    It’s just a plant.

  252. As a Colorado resident well, I have been getting $150 ounces of top shelf, they are just screwing those without a red card. Lol but in Chicago well they would take 60 for an eighth as a blessing

  253. I’ll pay it.. No gud smoke here in Indianapolis!!!!! I’ll take that drive to Denver for good quality smoke. W

  254. I need to find some gud smoke here in Indianapolis? I may drive to Denver and spend that money for good quality smoke none in Indianapolis

  255. In Pennsylvania you’ll pay 60 to 70 an eighth(usually only 3 grams) for decent to really good bud. 300 to 400 for an ounce of good bud.

  256. Christopher Scheidt on

    Really? People think that’s expensive? Hell the 3.5 gs alone of the Bubba Kush would be 60-70 bucks in Ohio

  257. Don’t know why you categorized weed with electronics. I would put it under the tobacco and alcohol category which are all rising in price.

  258. stellarvoyager on

    What seems more problematic than the prices is the lack of retail outlets. If someone living in, say, Durango, used to buy weed from their buddy down the street for $35/eighth, but now has to travel all the way to Denver to purchase the same weed for $60/eighth including taxes, and not including gas, and is limited to only an oz at a time., then that really imposes a hardship on people, especially those who are of modest means. At least if push came to shove you could grow your own.

  259. The sales receipt seen round the world.
    For those about to toke, we salute you.
    Veni, vidi, vici!

    Did you know that 76 years ago, close to where a legal cannabis store was opened in Denver, Samuel Caldwell was the first person arrested for marijuana, after the feds and Anslinger outlawed it?

    The circle of the tree of life is complete.

  260. In Phoenix, Az during the mid & late 60’s, I bought a Kilo (2.2 pounds) for $75.00 and sold it to a Narc for $125.00. That arrest was after 3 Federal busts by the Office of Navel Intelligence. Did 6 mos in the Brig & made it thru 5 years probation in Az. Now 67 (I’ve smoked pot just about daily since 1965) I can honestly say my four busts never, not even once, caused me any difficulty in the job market. This is America! I used my skills, my trade & my knowledge to go into business for myself and eventually did quite well…. It’s about time it was legalized!

  261. Im not worried about the prices. Im just glad I dont have to get it from the crips and bloods. How many street dealers have you seen carry brownies, marijuana drink and every strain imaginable like the dispensaries have. Even with all the taxes added on, the prices are still a bargain compared to what I would pay in NY.

  262. I would have to pay 60 dollars for that in my area, and it’s illegal. Don’t complain about the prices. I would gladly pay 100 dollars for this because it’s LEGAL. I don’t care.

  263. Here in Washington on the Medical side its $50 a 1/4. We are afraid legalization will price many patients out of the market.

  264. I agree. And I hope that while legalization is still at the state level, each state that legalizes enjoys a miniature agricultural and economic boom. Because while we all hope for nationwide legalization, nationwide legalization would also entail interstate commerce — which is precisely where the federal government loves to use regulations to destroy small businesses in favor of those who have deeper pockets who can afford to pay one person to do paperwork all day, every day (and can also, coincidentally, afford campaign donations).

    So while yes, I’m sure we all want federal legalization, at least while things are at the state-level, it’s still profitable for “mom & pop” sized businesses.

  265. Guys, this was the whole point of the legalization… Did you really think the government, whether national or state, would do something to help the general public and there not be a catch? The point of legalization was to make money, and you can’t do that selling marijuana at $30/(1/8). In Missouri an eighth of medium quality mutt weed would cost about $70. So getting an 1/8th of premium kush for $40-$50 is an absolute steal. Oh, by the way, IT’S LEGAL. Stop complaining about the pricing, if you didn’t see this coming you didn’t have your eyes open. The residents of Colorado get to use marijuana, recreationally, with no state-solicited legal implications. That in itself is worth paying a little more for weed.

  266. Simple supply and demand. The first day/week for any store or business that has an especially novel hook is going to be slammed with business. Recreational cannabis stores are not and will be no exception. The demand is high (pun intended) because the novelty of legal, recreational cannabis is super-high. Everyone wants it — right now.

    Expect every new recreational dispensary to have a novel opening, but also expect that novelty to wear off. That’s when the demand will go down and business will level out for each dispensary based on who has the best products for the best prices. Thus, prices will go down as every recreational cannabis store has to compete with each other in an open market.

    Just imagine how low prices will go when more and more states legalize. The agriculturally inclined states (you know who you are) should really strike while the iron is hot. It’s going to take a while for the prices to fall to what one would expect to pay for a nice bottle of wine, say, for $50 (1/2 ounce of good kind bud) vs a warm, stale six pack of beer for $8 (1/2 ounce of ditch weed). Wait for it. You’ll see it.

  267. The taxes are fine for me. I don’t buy dispensary garbage. In fact I don’t have to buy any. Ever. The thing to me is simple – In CO regular people can buy it legally. In WA, they cannot, so I missed the comparison point. Then again, the thing I hate most about cannabis (and this isn’t aimed at you CES) is that it makes idiots out of people who like dick measuring.

  268. I pay $30 an 1/8th, sometimes 35 which would range from $8.50-10 a gram that I buy from dispensaries that win Cannabis Cups. All the while I have at least 20 strains, various forms of concentrates and edibles to choose from, with regular hours of operation. I find it very hard to believe that WA has shit on CO, either on the black market side (where you probably pay 10 a gram for marginal product) or the medical dispensaries. After all I can’t remember any awards or notable strains coming out of WA for some time now.

  269. Yohhgfui Gerazcara on

    I do all the time when Im in Ny.. Maybe you should get out n meet a few people…
    Ny has some of the best.. Much better than Florida

  270. boy this ckicka must be old used to cost 250.00 eight in wa. my ex would be rolling over with the price now….

  271. I live in Colorado, shop at medical dispensaries and would never pay over $35-40 an 1/8th for top quality herb. I would never pay the prices that some are paying now. Generally I don’t spend more than $30 1/8th at my normal dispensary but will pay more occasionally and certain spots that win Cannabis Cup awards all the time. People in Oregon, California, or any other state that claim they have better herb that they pay less for is lying. If the good weed and growers were out of OR and CA these regions would have been popping up in recent competitions both stateside and in Europe, but the reality is CO has the BEST product right now and the most well developed and regulated MMJ industry making the environment more alluring to the top horticulturists.

  272. Yohhgfui Gerazcara on

    The price in CO is way to expensive. Its defeats the purpose of us doing this to shut down the black market. The black market will thrive if we keep it at these prices.

  273. I’ve always paid 60 for an eighth and it’s always bomb greens. So I don’t see what people are complaining about. Be glad you get to smoke legally in your state you twats.

  274. When it becomes legal across the country the Iowa corn farmers will plant weed between the corn plants. Grows great there. It’s a weed. A thousand acres! Watch the price of weed drop. I’ll bet that’s why they don’t just legalize it federally.

  275. I live in Texas & I pay $25 for a quarter ounce or $250 for a quarter pound which is what I usually buy.

  276. Northwestern WV/ Southeastern OH it’s 25-30 an 1/8th for some mids but you definitely pay 50-60 an 1/8th for some loud… and for the loud thats all the way up but you can grab 1/4 of mids for 50-60, 1/2 for 90-100 and a whole oz for $135-$150 depending on your people.

  277. Fabs I started smoking in west seattle in 79 and a match box of great weed was ten or a 6inck tie stick was 25

  278. Let me tell you absurd it feels to go into a store, and have the shop-keeper ask you to smell the weed.

  279. well I used to smoke weed. not saying its a gateway drug but it does make a user bored with it and try other drugs. don’t tell me you’ve only smoked weed because that’s a damn lie.

  280. I am an recovering Heroin addict and I can not go to some drug house to get weed . You know a lot of the houses that sell weed also sell other drugs to up the money coming in .That is how I got started on the H
    I was a good customer so the guy tossed me a bonus , a ten of H !! well my life will never be the same again but with methadone and weed I have been off H for almost a year. And if I never go to [that nasty ] part of town again Im happy. So yes I want legal places to go get weed and I truly pray no other young person has to go in a trap house to get smoke. WEED IS HERE TO STAY SO MAKE UP YOUR MINDS OLD FA-TS DO YOU WANT YOU GRAND KIDS IN DOPE HOUSES

  281. I pay $10 a G in Miami and thats seldom..my biy is one of Browards biggest dealers..smoke BHO all day no promblem..200 an O, OG kush ect..we dont care bout names when we get lbs..we go by smell and look down here and make our own names..

  282. I’m with you brother, having your life permanently affected in such a negative for a plant. We are all freedom fighters and martyrs for the cause

  283. Juice Santiago on

    no thats just the east coast dude. in GA i get a quater for 140$ and alot of people say thats a deal because one can run you up to 170-180 down here..

  284. Juice Santiago on

    honestly comparing it to the prices here in GA for some fairly good (note i didnt not say great or high quality) bud thats running about $60 for a 8th maybe lower if you have good connections, anyone on the east coast especially down south would say thats a fucking deal!

  285. $10/ gram = $35/8th – The receipt shows $40 for the 8th. That’s $5 above your wonderful Washington prices. The big thing is the 25% TAX. The government here got a taste of the money and they want all they can get.

  286. #ATTENTION# Since there slowly starting make weed legal .. What about the millions of us that were dramatically efected by those heartless laws … [ for the rest of my life i might add ] can they find it in there lifeless heart to lift all the restrictions and suspentions ones still dealin with so that we could have an equal opertunity of getting a descent JOB N B A PRODUCTIVE CITIZEN….

  287. its only in colorado, its not exactly “legal” really anywhere else, cant wait till it is in Florida tho

  288. That’s the norm on the east coast for the good stuff!! So yeah, you have to put it in perspective!

  289. 10$ per gram of the top shelf in seattle wa.. feel sorry for whoever is paying those colorado prices.. lol

  290. And this is coming from someone who lives in Colorado, AND works with/supplies major dispensaries with all the toxic shit they spray on their plants because they are more concerned with WEIGHT and production than keeping their grows clean, and pest free, and dare I say it… organic?

  291. It’s funny how people want to say something costs too much. I have spent years cultivating different strains and growing quality cannabis. Wanna come pay my power bills? No? Can’t grow it yourself? (No. It’s not THAT easy, at least if its quality which half the dispensaries don’t even produce.) Then be ready to pay a DECENT price, especially if you want quality, Eagle 20/Avid/Forbid/Zenith75/Bayer free non-chemmed-the-fuck-out quality bud.

  292. Why are you on a site called the WEED BLOG? My kid’s bus driver was pulled over with kids on bus because he was DRUNK so what exactly is your argument here?

  293. I’m in the uk & don’t have the privilege of buyin legal@any price & face jail time for an ounce-u guys dnt knw hw fkin lucky u are!!

  294. It’s $55-60 for an eighth of good shit in VA. $15/20 a gram depending on who you know. I definitely feel ripped off now lol west coast here I come.

  295. brian- your trippin if u think a weed head is gonna committ a burglary to get weed… u prolly dnt kno anybody that ever smokes weed, u jus anotha read and follow wut they say good ol’ american boy. u prolly still believe that weed is not “ok” cuz its an “illegal” drug but alchol and tobacco or ‘scripts are ok jus cuz they’re “legal” drugs or that reefer is a “gateway” drug-ha! silly guy

  296. Febe Walker English on

    the price will come down over time, look at tv’s and smartphones. those prices came down.

  297. After reading some comments, I feel super lucky. I live in northern California. From what I’ve experienced, an 8th costs $40, which gets me high for a week and a half.

  298. Christopher Steele on

    it’s a little unrealistic to call the price anything on the first day… In fact it’s not going to be right until this is the system on a federal level. Once it’s had time to be fully legal, the major producers time to stabilize, and the supply and demand flow time to stabilize, prices will also stabilize. I have no idea what they’ll be, but I fear unless prices are regulated to a level where black-market trade is obsolete, we won’t see the end of the black market, which is a major blow to the movement if that doesn’t happen fast.

  299. $50/60 an 8th is resonable for some loud… i live i mass so that $20/30 an 8th is unheard of

  300. holy fuck, u are gettin robbed nigga, 140 a quarter!!!???!! thats insane, 50-70 is what they should be dawg.. sorry to say, yo dealer is a fuckin thief lol

  301. have you ever even smoked pot clearly not i have been smoking and driving for years and im a more causious driver after smoking and more reckless when sober so gtfo of here with your uneducated comment

  302. thats a tad overpriced lol, where i live 25 for an 1/8 of that sweet kush :). 50 for quarters, pretty decent id say, yall r gettin robbed haha

  303. 30$ an 8th here in ontario canada probably just as good of stuff too lol but hey to make it legal ill pay an extra 10

  304. Deborah Ulloa on

    I am actually trying to picture someone high doing all of those things in this odd mental story there…. some people are just ridiculous with the direction their negative comments are going in…

  305. Guess Hadesty on

    I hope you are referring to heroin when you say “dope”, because cannabis users are not likely to rob others to buy a bag of weed.

  306. funny pot becomes legal as your gun rights are being stripped. nice trade.. so when the stoned burglar breaks into your house in the middle of the night and robs you to buy more dope and you being a marijuana user cant legally own a gun cant use your weapon your in jail with the armed burglar. but you can buy high quality pot @ 60$ an eighth. id rather stay in the south

  307. Deborah Ulloa on

    How embarrassed you should be to have even left such a comment…. and really…. are you on something?? I feel as though you must be due to the off the wall psychotic comment you decided to post publicly?? lol “Drive our children to school?”…. yeah wow, I am pretty sure you would have to be the ONLY person in the WORLD to have even thought about someone getting high and then running a mass car pool for the schools?? Too much! … ugh how embarrassing for you geeze I cant get over it!

  308. I see no reason why it has to be that high…More growers, more jobs, cheaper costs!!!!! Leave it to the Government and it’ll be like all meds and too high for your average person to afford!

  309. Guess Hadesty on

    I have a feeling unlicensed public salespeople will unfortunately be the target of law enforcement once they realize they can not legally go after cannabis related businesses anymore. They love to rape dead horses until well after the maggots have died off.

  310. Deborah Ulloa on

    I know that the convo my friends and I would have is about how if it were legal then there would be unlimited lengths to which they could create the ultimate strand…. like in How High haha, but anyway with that said … You would hope so anyway! lol

  311. Guess Hadesty on

    I don’t want to be on the road with you people, nor any other person who would use children as their political shield. Who ever said someone under the influence of cannabis was going to drive any children to school?

  312. There is. Craiglist is flooded with competing growers, they deliver and the whole nine yards.

  313. Very ignorant statement. Time to throw away your reefer madness VHS tape. Educate yourself! alcohol is a mind altering drug and it’s the gateway drug! You have a lot to learn.

  314. In the sixties you could get a QP for $20. It still grows the same and costs nearly nothing.

  315. Its $50 an eighth in wisconsin and that is illegal.. if its legal, it should be no more than $30 an eighth, the way it WAS in colorado and is in Cali

  316. Deborah Ulloa on

    I was trying to find a link for the video shown on CBS this morning but was not able to find one that was working :/ ,,, But what the video shows is the man whom made this purchase coming out of the store along with his items. I think the chocolate was actually a box of chocolates not just one btw, I could be wrong but that’s what I remembered. Also they went into detail in this video of how the cost went all the way up to $500. for one ounce due to demand and lack of ready supply. But when they went into what the cost would be from now on it was the same as “street cost” of a high quality KB. I was able to find a link that had numbers similar to what they were saying this morning. … http://www.priceofweed.com/prices/United-States/Colorado.html ….. which if you notice the cost of 1oz high quality, its actually pretty well priced…. I am not a smoker but I do see this as a plus! Of course someone somewhere is going to blame some crazy crime on a smoker and try to kill this but then just turn around and up the tax on alchohol again right lol wow but anyway yay Colorado!!

  317. Guess Hadesty on

    Considering the fact that we are dealing with a plant, which grows from the ground naturally, nobody should ever have to pay more than $25-$30 an eighth for high quality cannabis. When one considers the black market and penalties that come along with sales of cannabis, it would seem reasonable for a high cost to be attached. There is, however, no excuse when it becomes legal. What needs to happen is a free market for cannabis; then we would see truly fair prices.

  318. Adam Hildenbrand on

    Your argument has no validity in so many levels and you should be ashamed of your self for being so ignorant.

  319. Big d and the fuckin kids on

    $10 a gram is what you can get from a friend that’s how it should be at the stores it’s to abundant not to be

  320. Tahlya Chazak on

    Only parts of the US…. so far Colorado and Washington are the only states that legalized it for both recreational and medical usage. I know it sure isn’t legal here in Pennsylvania

  321. Having lived all over the US, 60 an 1/8 is about average. Seen anywhere from 30 – 100 (in desperate times), if I’m visiting any state and 60 is the norm, I’m happy.

  322. shouldn’t be for sale at all. its a mind altering drug. don’t want to be on the road with these people. are you going to let them drive our children to school?

  323. Fern"hood"Girl on

    Vancouver Island, CANADA – $25 for an eighth – 3.5 grams – BC bud, great shit :) I was shocked when I saw that receipt, holy crap, HIGH prices!

  324. Nichelle Hawk on

    Here in Montana a eighth is $60 and a quarter is $120 so I’m use to it being so high

  325. Here in Ireland we get ripped on a daily basis, people pay 50 euro for 2 grams of shit!! if you know a good supplier you’l get 2g of great stuff or possibly 2.5 – 3 of average stuff if your very lucky for 50.. buying in bulk is the only answer and its still total robbery, the US and other countries that have woken up and finally legalised it should count there blessings!

  326. Keep in mind tha it takes about a pound of marijuana to make a three month supply of medicine… 4 x 60 x 16 = 3840 / 3 = So that equal about 1280 a month to cure yourself with something that god made.

  327. Michael Glassner Jokinen on

    I feel the same, in the most North-Western part of America(Maine), it’s literally $50 per 8th. I suppose it makes a little sense, but what the Government doesn’t seem to get is that it’ll make some money at being such a high price, or people will still go to other competitors in the neighborhood… Match their price, and call the tax included to match in kind.

  328. In norway the normal price for 1 gram is about $25. And theres no guarantee for any quality

  329. In Australia, the average price is $50 for 3 grams. And there is no guarantee of quality either. I’ve had some absolute crap, and some mind melting gear, same dealer, just different times of the month/year

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