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Is Your Mayor In The Marijuana Majority?


marijuana majority norml mayor mayorsBy Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director

Join NORML and our friends at the Marijuana Majority in our efforts to build support for marijuana law reform at the local level by contacting your mayor and urging their support for rational marijuana policies.

Mayors are on the front lines of the war on cannabis and can see the devastation it is causing at the local level. It is time our local politicans take a stand and say enough is enough, it is time to stop wasting precious law enforcement resources, stop allowing the revenue from marijuana sales to flow into the hands of criminal elements, and stop enforcing a prohibition on a plant that is safer than tobacco and alcohol. Please take a moment of your time today to click the link below and encourage your mayor to join the majority of Americans who want to see marijuana legalized.

We are at a pivotal moment.

Support for legalization is the highest it’s ever been and it’s still growing.
Now, Washington and Colorado have taken the first step toward ending prohibition for good.

But the feds still have reefer madness and are threatening to stand in the way of these states.
Thankfully, mayors across our nation are taking action.

They see the harm of these laws first-hand, and they are calling for change.

Is your mayor one of them?


Want to see what politicians, celebrities, academics, and more have already spoken out against marijuana prohibition? Click here to check out Marijuana Majority’s webpage.

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  1. Our people need more love than the government wants to give. Our community could & would thrive more through legalization of cannabis. More jobs to those in need. More help with children. Help with schools, medical needs. How can something beneficial.. I mean, how can something that holds only beneficialities for life, liberty & the pursuit to happiness be such a horrible thing? Our Gvmt needs to wake up & stop worrying so much about there wallets & worry more about help & homes for those in need. Help is one step away but because there’s no possible way to die from it, our gvmt doesn’t want anything to do with it. The same gvmt that “cares” so much for its people, cares more about killing people than they care about helping our society re grow itself. We need help that people don’t wanna give because there afraid of the uprise of peace and spirituality. 1-Love, 1-Reeason, 1-Plan, Pur gvmt will help when they decide that they can. 

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