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Israel Is Becoming A Pioneer In Medical Marijuana Research


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Medical Marijuana Progress in Israel


For a country that was never that big on tolerance, Israel is proving to be a pioneer in medical marijuana research. To be more precise, the country’s decision to grow medical marijuana with an extreme CBD to THC ratio is commendable to say the least. CBD (Cannabidiol) is a substance found in marijuana, which has anti-inflammatory characteristics. In fact, the effect of this particular substance is quite specific as it can be used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, liver inflammation, diabetes and heart conditions. Yet, this strain of marijuana, named Avidekel, will not get you high.


Avidekel contains about 16% CBD and less than 1% of THC. It is best suited for patients who want to reap some of the medical benefits of cannabis without getting high. Because, lets face it, when you get high, you’re probably not the most active individual in the world. And most of these patients do want to keep their active daily routine. Grown on the hilltops of Northern Israel, the crops are many and security is expectedly quite rigorous. The scent is felt throughout the compound and a sea of green spreads as far as the eye can see.

Tikun Olam at the forefront of CBD enriched cannabis

Make no mistake; marijuana is still semi-illegal in Israel. Since 1993 it has been used for medical purposes but it wasn’t until 2009 that the company Tikun Olam started to develop such a vigorous strain of cannabis specifically modified for the actual patients in need. This just proves that companies listen to the needs of medical marijuana patients and that the ongoing battle for medical marijuana is still going strong. The head of development at Tikun Olam, Zack Klein, is being perfectly honest when he says he’s not entirely sure if this is the first strain of cannabis with a such a high percentage of CBD because the industry is completely disorganized and its hard to keep track of what each company is doing.


The almost-THC-free strain is now being beta tested by patients whose initial reactions are overwhelming. All of them can now continue with their daily chores without being stoned out of their mind. Before Avidekel was available, some MM patients used to smoke mostly in the evening because of that same psychoactive effect that would sometime render them helpless and unmotivated to do anything else.

Even though this is excellent news for the medical marijuana community, the THC substance found in marijuana still contains medicinal benefits that will not fade away overnight. For instance, a study from 2006 concludes that THC is a valuable ally in battling three major diseases: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis. It can actually reduce the formation of plaque in the brain, alleviate muscle spasms and control symptoms that arise from Parkinson’s disease.

What the future holds?

Undoubtedly, many drug companies will follow in their Tikun Olam’s footsteps. GW Pharmaceuticals, in collaboration with Bayer, is doing just that. They developed a spray called Sativex, which is used to reduce the high-as-a-kite symptoms when consuming medical marijuana. If medical companies keep listening to patients’ suggestions we may actually benefit from them for a change.

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  1. I suppose the deal being offered the Islamists is much worse that the one the Israelis offered in ’48. But the rejectionists got the upper hand with the three nos. Now as every year passes the deal offered gets worse. It is amusing to watch – from a distance. I’m no fan of getting shot at.

    But you have to wonder why there is very little medical innovation coming out of Egypt and so much out of Israel. Probably it is the culture. And Israel’s acceptance of civilization. Like not hanging gays in the town square.

  2. Well there are no Zionist puppets left in Egypt. I predict a war. Which Egypt will lose badly. Should help solve their population problem. If starvation doesn’t get them first.

    The religion of peace will be going to war. Again.

  3. I get my information on the ground. I’ve been to the west bank and seen the oppression first hand.
    Granted, I’ve never been to “Israel”. They don’t like people who support justice and human rights there. Apparently we are a “threat to security”.

    Im pleased to hear that progress is being made through your organisation and I truly commend you for it…..but please don’t tell me there is equality between Arabs and Jews in “Israel”. Any “Israeli Arab” who has been through the court system can tell you this.

    Peace / Shalom / Salam

  4. AS I mentioned earlier…..Dont point your finger at other arab dictatorships to try to mitigate Israel’s crimes. The Mubarak regime was a puppet of the Zionists and their supporters (USA). The people of Egypt (like the rest of the world) support the Palestinians right to self determination.

    I’ve crossed the Rafah border from Egypt to Gaza. I’ve been shot at by Israeli Occupation Forces while on a peaceful demo to protest an illegal Israeli imposed buffer zone on Palestinian land. Don’t talk to me about being “civilised”! Zionists don’t know the meaning of the word!

  5. Hi,
    I am an employee at Tikun-Olam (Repairing the World) as mentioned in the article above. I don’t know where you get your information, Synwave Web Studios, but here in Israel, at Tikun Olam, I work together with Arabs from a near by village, who get the same opportunities, and salary, as I do as a Jew.
    The situation in Israel is complicated, but there are good things happening here between Arabs and Jews, and it’s unfortunate that most people, such as yourself, focus on the negative actions taken by both sides.
    I wish you the best, may you find only truth.

  6. It’s not available YET, in the US. It WILL be right after the election, when they LEGALIZE Pharmaceutical Cannabis compounds in January our February. But YOU’LL get arrested if you GROW that same shit in your backyard! You MARK MY WORDS!

  7. Don’t let them lie… We’re further ahead than they let on. Americans are NOT stupid! Until they could figure out how to PATENT this plant, and ONLY make Pharmaceutical grade available whilst STILL appeasing Law Enforcement and securing jobs for DEA, Private prison industry, etc… Keeping the SAME SHIT illegal for you and I to grow. We’ll HAVE to PURCHASE their medications for THOUSANDS of $$$/month, when it’s cost you $50 in water to grow your own.

  8. The Palestinians in Gaza are unwelcome in Egypt. Egypt blockades them. Does that give you a clue?

    They will be free when they become as civilized as the Egyptians.

  9. floridaBadger on

    Just WHY is the U.S. falling soo far behind the rest of the world! In the NOT so distant past we prided ourselves in being a leader! Now foreign companies/countries are controlling/buying up America!!….eg CHINA!! WTF over!!! It’s ALL Too political tho as a main reason methinks!!

  10. >GW Pharmaceuticals, in collaboration with Bayer, is doing just that. They developed a spray called Sativex, which is used to reduce the high-as-a-kite symptoms when consuming medical marijuana.
    That’s not what GW Pharm claims – they do not claim a reduction in the getting high factor they claim that patients using Sativex do not experience a “high”. They claim on their website:
    “There is no evidence to suggest that Sativex® produces a ‘high’ comparable to recreational cannabis.One of the cannabinoids in Sativex is THC whereas the other principal cannabinoid is CBD, a non-psychoactive molecule. Evidence suggests that CBD may modulate many of the unwanted effects of THC. Hence, through the incorporation of CBD and the utilization of an oromucosal spray delivery system which is administered through careful self-titration (dose adjustment) and which keeps THC from entering the blood too rapidly, patients are able to obtain symptom relief without experiencing a ‘high’.”
    At least three of the Committee members of NORMLUK have testified that they been high through using Sativex. Clark French, Des Humphrey and Chris Bovey have all publicly declared that they have been “high” on Sativex.
    GW Pharm may or may not be working towards developing Sativex without a high, but they’re not there yet.

  11. Thanks for the heads-up! Fixed:) I always do that with the word Israel, for some reason it just doesn’t look right. Thanks again and apologies for the grammar fail~!

  12. You are misinformed my friend. Israel is one of the biggest violators of human rights on the planet. They are in violation of more UN resolutions than every other member of the UN combined.

    Don’t try to tell me that “Israeli Arabs” (aka Palestinians) have the same rights as Israeli Jews in Israel.

    Don’t try to point your finger at arab dictatorships to try to mitigate the crimes of Israel. Their leaders aren’t democratically elected – Israel’s are!

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    End the blockade on Gaza

    In other words…. Show some fucking humanity!!

    Free Gaza – Free Palestine!!

  13. Objective honesty on

    Please don’t spread such horrible lies. Israel a free country that gives the same rights to all their citizens. They don’t kill anyone for fun, in fact Israel doesn’t even have a death penalty.

  14. Israel has been a fore-runner , Co. and Ca. have testing . faculties so more data is available.
    Other countries grow hemp we dont.
    Spain way ahead of us, Portugal ,
    We cant get our government to acknowledge the medical benefits of cannabis.
    I wonder what isreals blackmarket is like.
    Do they arrest and incarcerate people for weed?
    I know they must go into the military so they probably test everyone. scary!
    Sativex , Marinol is expensive . I think 1 months supply is over $1k
    I havnt heard any feedback about Sativex
    Anybody try it?

  15. “For a country that was never that big on tolerance,” ????????

    Dude, they are the only country in the middle east where gay pride is celebrated. I think you are mistaken.

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