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It’s 4/20 Week – Tell Everyone You Know

april 20

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April 20th Is Coming Are You Ready?

In case you haven’t heard, April 20th is later this week. If you are reading this blog, and you are not aware of that fact, then I have to ask ‘are you a narc?’ Because if you don’t know about 4/20, yet claim to be a veteran, than you clearly need to go back to the police academy. I always take a different approach than most marijuana consumers. I don’t see 4/20 as a one day event. I start on Monday the week of, and celebrate thru midnight the day of April 20th. If 4/20 falls early in the week, then I use it as an excuse to start a week and change early.

I have been saving samples of nugs that I have come across throughout the last year in anticipation of this week. I have the usual suspects, my personal favorites, ‘train wreck’ and ‘jack the ripper’. Also in the starting line-up 4/20 week is ‘montell’, ‘larry og’, ‘dynamite’, ‘cheese’, and ‘epic’ purple’. Ninjasmoker and I are flying out to Colorado on Thursday, so I plan on smoking two strains a day, except Thursday, which I will smoke one at home. When I land in Colorado, I’m going to be on the hunt for Denver’s finest, and we’ll see what other strains I can come acrossed. I’m from Oregon, I’m old school, so I don’t smoke marijuana like people in Denver. I don’t care about percentages; I just want the strongest, and as much of it as I can handle!

I plan on purchasing a new smoking piece each day of the week. My buddy Smokey is back in the saddle, and he’s got some sweet glass that he has been saving for me. Pictures will be on the way, stay tuned. I want to smoke out of every kind of device imaginable this week. Usually I’m pretty picky about what I consume marijuana out of, but not 4/20 week. It’s time to go outside the box and do stuff I normally wouldn’t do. I’m not a big fan of ‘dabs’, but this week, bring it on. I’m going to smoke marijuana out of an apple, out of a bong, out of a joint, sitting on a box, with a fox…

What preparations are Weed Blog readers doing for this fantastic week? Any particular strains you’ve been saving for a special time? Do you have a special piece that you are going to smoke out of that you normally don’t do? I own a ‘Chong Bong‘ that I never let see the light of day due to it’s rareness. But the week of April 20th, it’s time for the Chong Bong to put in some work! This is The Weed Blog’s third 4/20 online, and we thank all of our readers for supporting us. Here’s to another three years. Happy 4/20 week, LET THE GAMES BEGIN! :)


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  1. Of course I know about 420 – -April 20 — but I don’t why 4/20 is the day — what’s the significance of the number 420?  

  2. I’m spending my first 420 with my boyfriend. ? He’s getting paid and we’re going to the clubs. :]
    I just bought a new 2 foot zong and he bought a hash pipe so we’ll be smoking it fat!
    Happy 4/20 week!

  3. America’s number one cash crop will be on a roll on 4/20 and going up up and beyond the feds 75 years of (drug) tax money waste. Supply and availability keeps increasing. Things are looking up . Some hero NEEDS to fix schedule one drug idea of medical green plant. Take note, place on calander of events 2012 . SIncerely Hemp

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