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It’s Official: Maine Will Be Voting On Marijuana Legalization This November


maine marijuanaIt’s official – Maine voters will see marijuana legalization on the ballot when they vote in the General Election in November. The marijuana legalization initiative made the ballot after a legal battle that seemed ridiculous from the start. Below is a press release from the campaign:

State officials announced Wednesday that a proposed initiative to end marijuana prohibition in Maine has officially qualified for the November ballot.

After a court-ordered review of petitions it had previously invalidated, the Maine Secretary of State’s Office determined the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol submitted more than the 61,123 signatures that were needed to qualify.

Last month, the secretary of state informed the campaign that the initiative had been disqualified because only 51,543 valid signatures had been submitted. The campaign filed a lawsuit challenging the decision, and a Kennebec County Superior Court judge ruled in their favor earlier this month after learning state officials invalidated more than 5,000 petitions —which included more than 17,000 signatures from Maine voters that were validated by town clerks — without actually reviewing every petition in question. The petition was then remanded to the Secretary of State’s Office to review all of the disputed petitions and determine whether enough valid signatures were collected.

According to a new poll released this week by the Maine People’s Resource Center, nearly 54% of likely voters would approve the initiative if the election were held today. Only about 42% said they would oppose it. The full results are available at https://www.mprc.me/0416_referendums.

Statement from David Boyer, campaign manager for the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol:

“This November, Maine voters will have the opportunity to adopt a more sensible marijuana policy. We are thrilled to finally start transitioning into the more substantive phase of this campaign. It has been a longer wait than expected, but nothing compared to how long the people of Maine have been waiting to end the failed policy of marijuana prohibition.

“It is time to replace the underground market with a regulated system of licensed marijuana businesses. It is time to redirect our state’s limited law enforcement resources toward addressing serious crimes instead of enforcing failed prohibition policies. And it is time to stop punishing adults for using a substance that is significantly less harmful than alcohol.”


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  1. Even though I am from NYS, where the King rules the Land, I hope that this Maine ballot initiative includes provisions for home cultivation. There’s NO REASON whatsoever that any individual of legal age shouldn’t be able to cultivate their own plants and product for both medicinal AND recreational reasons.
    The BOTTOM LINE is that a freedom of choice is FINALLY being returned after eighty (80) years of a deceitful, money-driven, greed-induced campaign with a total disregard for personal freedom that took this right away.
    I hate to ask, as a lifelong New Yorker, but I will ask the rhetorical question that the vast MAJORITY of NEW YORKERS want to know the answer to :
    “When is it OUR turn ????????????????????????????????????????

  2. You know for me…the absolute best thing about legalizing in Maine…would be getting to stick it to the craw of that ignorant a$$hole Lepage…

  3. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    Quite true!
    They’re the modern-day version of the Pharisees of old
    that called for Jesus’ crucifixion nearly 2k years ago.

  4. saynotohypocrisy on

    Mean Christians are hypocrites about just about everything. Jesus said love thy neighbor as thyself, and treat others as you want to be treated, mean Christians blow right on by those core principles of Christianity.

  5. saynotohypocrisy on

    Piglet LePage only won about 40%, he ran against an independent and a Democrat and they split the opposition vote.

  6. “It is time to replace the underground market with a regulated system of licensed marijuana businesses”

    That right there is a point that should really be emphasized. Colorado took a one-billion $ bite out of the black market last year.

  7. Having a ‘Portland’ with legal pot on both the East and West Coasts is reason enough to vote yes. It’s just too great to pass up!

  8. Cannabis will still very likely become legal to possess in VT. Recall that during prohibition, our major complaint was never not being free to GROW pot, per se, it was getting busted, or being threatened with getting busted, for POSSESSION of pot. When it is legal to purchase and possess marijuana in VT (and MA and ME), most of our complaints will be eliminated. Most of us don’t really care about growing our own, anyway, and with 3 or 4 states in close proximity having legal cannabis, the competition between them should drive prices down. We can still work on getting a more equitable law… and once pot is legal, and the sky does not fall, that should become easier and easier. I for one will be pleased if after November there is even ONE New England state that I can easily drive to to buy weed LEGALLY.

  9. Even otherwise conservatives like pot… After all, it is, objectively, the better, more useful, safer medicinal/recreational drug.

  10. “And it is time to stop punishing adults for using a substance that is significantly less harmful than alcohol.” A truer statement has never been written. The HYPOCRISY of prohibiting marijuana in a state/country where alcohol and tobacco are legal and even very lightly regulated in mind-blowing. We welcome the sanity for a change.

  11. Hope Maine still has enough independent thinking people to pass the initiative. Fortunately, Maniacs have always been infamous (or famous!) for doing their own thing.

    But given their current ultra-conservative governor, I worry about what the people who elected him (obviously a majority) think about weed.

  12. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    “I just wish we could see some movement in the Bible Belt…”

    The Bible-believing legislators / leaders there need to be shown how
    cannabis prohibition is really AGAINST the “scriptures” / “Word of God” they so revere,
    might I dare say, is blasphemy against the One whom said, created the plant species
    for our use as food, (Gen 1:29-30), and medicine, (Rev 22:2).

    Anyone who “claims” to believe in the Bible, yet is of the mindset of destroying a
    useful, beneficial plant species to extinction that their “God” said “They” made, is a hypocrite!

  13. Lawrence Goodwin on

    I pray the good people of Maine and Massachusetts will vote in favor of liberating cannabis plants from federal, state and local repression. Such liberation must not be confined to Western states any longer. At this same moment, overly cautious lawmakers in Vermont still oppose fully legal cannabis growing in the Green Mountain State. That means dual victories this November in nearby ME and MA would counteract their dereliction of duty.

  14. darthhillbilly on

    Way to go Maine…Now we may see some common sense legislation passed on the East Coast. I just wish we could see some movement in the Bible Belt…

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