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Jack Herer Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


jack herer marijuana strainJack Herer Cannabis Strain Review And Pictures

Jack Herer is a prized sativa-dominant indica/sativa hybrid well known for both its cerebral high and its strong body high. The strain is a cross between Skunk #1, Haze, and Northern Lights #5. Jack Herer is the parent to many subset strains.

“Date Acquired: July 30, 2011

Grade: A+

Type: Sativa

Looks: Very dense, but soft yet sticky to the touch nugs; light green in color with orange/rust colored hairs and crystallized in trichs.

Smell: Sweetand spicy. Orange juice, lemon and pepper. Scent will linger in the room for a short bit (but in a pleasant way).

Taste: Very smooth smoke. Although not as noticeable as the smell, there is a sweet underlying tone with this strain with a lemon-peppery after taste. Somewhat like a fruit salad with spicy (taste, not heat) dressing. The inhale was more fruity with the exhale being “ginger” spicy. A very tasty strain!

Buzz Type: Gave me a solid sense of focus and awareness. Can be a bit “racy” during some sections of the buzz. Provided me with energetic full body tingle too.

Buzz Length: Above Average to Long (1.5 to 2 hours)


* Finally! I’ve been craving a really solid Sativa for months! This batch of Jack Herer came calling to my rescue.

This is a “Feel Good” strain. Everything was enjoyable around me while medicating with Jack Herer. Sounds were nicely amplified; especially outside.

Jack Herer’s scent is quite strong; especially when scissoring, but the sweetness and spiciness of the smell I do like. The lingering smell is pleasing to my nostrils vs. some of the stronger Indica OG’s I medicate with. A “clean” smoking strain, Jack Herer left behind minimal resin build up in my glass bong.

I found myself flying all over the place during some sessions while really focused with deep intuitive thought on others. I got wrapped up into some “deep” conversations while medicating with Jack Herer.

Overall, just an awesome Sativa that was my perfect daytime medicine when I had various things to do and really needed to multi-task. Still be careful though… a few times while walking forward, it felt like as if someone was pulling me forward. I definitely enjoyed this strain.

R.I.P Jack Herer! You will never be forgotten and your legacy will live forever with this great strain.” – ie420patient

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jack herer marijuana strain

jack herer marijuana strain


jack herer marijuana strain


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  2. budlaroche@yahoo.com on

    I met Jack (the man) in 1969 after my 2nd tour in Nam. I had just got off the plane and we wee heading up to humbolt for a week of visiting my girlfriends folks and that is where we met. . I brought some of his skunk #1 X northern lights #5 babies and put them out behind the old pig barn and had some 15 ” tall plants giving up 1-1/2 to 2 lbs per plant. Themn I got serious about my botanical knowledge and went to W.M.U. in Kalamaazoo, Mich… eventually using the last of the seeds he gave me with the Thai’ stick and jungle rot ( some people call it ” monkey Paw”) to get the seed crop and replant those f-1’s from the union..Never thought it would be 40 yrs before I could be a legal grower but now that it has hit as medical )
    I call it “Dan’s Dream “



  4. Have a JH growing now and cant wait to see it start to grow buds, its about 14 inches now and will be putting it into 12/12, tonight., although some of the reviews were not what I expected, thought I was going to hear that it was fire.

  5. I have a strain of Jack right now and its similar to how you describe it, with big buds that look dense but soft to the touch (or gentle squeeze). It’s got a decent buzz to it, but I’m not overly impressed with it compared to a lot of the strands that I’ve tried over the past few years – but I do like the buzz with it being a sativa-dominant plant (I prefer something indica dominant).

  6. My experience left me wanting to give it another try. I found the buds to be very pretty and sugary, but not too dense, in fact, pretty damn loose. Mine was shared with me by a patient from Calif, and did not kick butt as mentioned before, but definitely very, very good for arthritis pain. Don’t hop in the car to drive. Don’t try to balance the checkbook, just relax and enjoy.

  7. Scott Sherwood on

    Great looking shots of the trichomes, good looking weed in general. The main problem I have with this strain is the yield. I could never get any yield over 3-4 z’s in 4 gal. hydro buckets. My Super Silver Haze averaged 10 z’s per plant same conditions, same ferts. The weed was stoney as hell and looked good, but the size of the buds was lacking too. It is good boutique style weed but for making $$$ there are better out there. R.I.P. Jack, you did a wonderful job and with this strain you will live on in infamy.

  8. I live in WA. I have been up and down the coast in my 40+ years of smoking/vapeing/ingesting and have never had something I smoked make me pass out. Ever. Not if it was just straight marijuana. or kief. or hash. or…

    I take you at your word though. You seem pretty certain. I don’t generally smoke while driving and haven’t for a long time. Passing out while driving is never a good thing, no matter what.

    Be interesting to see what’s up.

  9. This strain has had the same effect on everyone smoking it, not safe to smoke this shit while driving. Hope we can meet someday john so you could know what I am talking about. I am in robust health and I shit you not in my 40 plus years of smoking I have not smoked its equal. When I lived in humboldt I traveled throughout cali and never smoked anything as good. Where do you live John? Would love to make a believer out of you as well as a friend. Peace

  10. Exaggerate much? I have had weed that had over 28% THC, dabs that are 2 or 3 times that strength and have smoked straight DAMA oil at about 80% THC. None of them made me pass out or feel like I was going to. If you are smoking weed and passing out something is wrong.

  11. I could barely get a buzz on this strain, but at the time I was used to a hybrid I had been breeding that is so strong that it will make you pass out if you were to hold a hit for more than a couple of seconds

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