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Jack The Ripper Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


jack the ripper marijuana strainJack The Ripper Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

I have smoked so much Jack the Ripper strain in my life there’s virtually no way to know how much I’ve smoked over the years. In the Rogue River valley area of Oregon, they have the best Jack the Ripper on the planet. Jack the Ripper is tied for my favorite strain of all time with Trainwreck. Jack the Ripper has a unique smell that permeates the area it is in.

I remember many times driving up I-5 with some in my car, and no matter what I did the smell would always leak out. The light, yet vivid green color of it was superb. And the taste was just as good as the aroma and visual. I always told people it had the highest ‘sellability factor’ because of the way it would keep it’s shelf life over time. Fantastic strain.

“Very good medicine. Does as needed for my pain and not cause drowsiness. Will recommend to others.” – Charlie98902

Check out the Jack the Ripper marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Jack the Ripper, and how Jack the Ripper affects various ailments.

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jack the ripper marijuana strain


jack the ripper marijuana strain


jack the ripper marijuana strain


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Johnny Green


  1. Cross Jack ripper with Dutch haze – Dutch Ripper—-great producer outdoors 10′ tall super crystaly and great smoke. Give it a try I believe you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Photographer credit, Laura from Houston, Texas
    New Mexico International Balloon Fiesta, 2013

  3. If you really dont know how to get seeds:
    You do an Internet search for “Jack the ripper seeds”, by TGA, and pick a seed bank and country to order from.
    It’ s recommended that you have them sent to a place where the residents aren’t growing or possessing weed, just in case an eager Customs or Federal agent needs another bust.

  4. i have used jack the riper and critical jack and i think the critical jack blows the riper out of the water. better yeild tast and high.

  5. Ye it always depends on the grower even the best have had bad grows or its or its recessive genetics kicked in

  6. If you are patient, you could wait for Florida, or you could move to any one of 20 other MMJ states. You basically have your pick of climate within these states, although some are more expensive to live in than others. If I had the money to move, and the money to live there, I would choose Colorado too. Good luck!

  7. I am honestly considering moving from Fl. to Colorado. I have been able to get off the many different harmfully addictive ” Anxiety” meds! I had been on Klonopin for 7 years, and wasn’t able to get off until this magic herb changed my life! Unfortunately, if I were to use it on this side of the country, I am breaking the law, which I’d rather not do however, I will NEVER allow myself to go back to ” Legal Prescriptions” Any advice???? I have the means to move…..?

  8. Completely Agree Johnny Green; my two favorite strains are also Trainwreck and Jack the Ripper.
    Love that lemon taste/smell, and one of the best stones EVER!

  9. I have rather silly question, but, here goes: If you see Jack the Ripper being sold in one place and Jack the Ripper being sold in another place, is it going to be the same? My understanding (sadly, not based in actual experience) is that the way it’s grown has a lot to do with the end result. And if that’s true, then, would just seeing the name “Jack the Ripper” really be an indication of quality? We need to get this legalized right away so I can figure this out.

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