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Jackson, Michigan Police To Respect Marijuana Reform Vote Results


lansing michigan police marijuanaIn November, voters in Jackson, Michigan voted to pass a city ordinance that decriminalized possession of up to one ounce of marijuana. The ordinance applies to those 21 and older on private property. Now, Jackson police are determining how to enforce that law and what the law means by “private property. ”

Jackson Police Chief Matthew Heins said the city police department has advised its officers to follow the new law.

“First and foremost, it was my objective to enforce what voters voted on,” Heins said. “We struggled with some details in the law, but it’s the law.”

Some of the subjects in the law Heins and others debated were what constitutes private property.

“Target is private property, for example,” Heins said. “But we don’t think it was the public’s intention to allow a 21-year-old to possess marijuana at your local Target.”

While the ordinance has removed criminal penalties for possession of marijuana, it is still unclear to what extent state and federal law will be enforced. As in Portland, Maine, the city has changed its laws, but state and federal laws remain the same. The Jackson County Prosecutor’s office has stated that it will continue to prosecute cases pursuant to those laws, and Chief Heins admits that there will always be extenuating circumstances that could lead to an arrest despite the new ordinance.

However, despite any extenuating circumstances and confusion regarding the parameters of the law, it seems clear that the Jackson Police will respect the public’s voice and permit marijuana possession on (most) private property.

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Johnny Green


  1. These jack-holes need to start treating alcohol with the same disdain they hold for marijuana.

    Number of alcohol-related deaths in Michigan this year: 255.
    Recorded cannabis-related deaths nationally: 0

    Colorado is taking a huge step backward by imposing a 25 percent sales tax on marijuana. 25 percent?! Name anything that you know of that has a 25 percent sales tax. Tell you what, throw a 25 percent sales tax on alcohol while you are at it.

    Who is going to pay a 25 percent sales tax on marijuana when they can get it from the local dealer cheaper?

  2. Vincent Aguilar on

    He is right, even with medical cannabis, a doctor can’t give you a prescription, but a recommendation

  3. William Minchew on

    wrong they will never stop busting people for marijuana remember marijuana dont kill that why it illegal. if it did kill then it would be change from a Schedule 1 to a Schedule 2 drug witch is cocain .meth and other that your can get from your doctor legally you still cant get legally get marijuana from your doctor .

  4. This is good news, but it is still basically at the whims of the police officers and the prosecutors. They can basically choose to arrest and prosecute under state law any time they feel like it.

    The patchwork of laws in Michigan are a complete mess, and basically untenable.

    But what is shows is that the citizens vote for legalization and decriminalization almost every time they are given a chance!

    The states, and, eventually, the feds are going to have to accept this reality, and deal with the clear will of the people.

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