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Jamaica Will Decriminalize Marijuana Possession


jamaica marijuanaBy Phillip Smith

Jamaica will decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana, the government announced. It will also allow possession for some medical and scientific purposes. And it will allow possession for religious purposes.

Justice Minister Mark Golding said today that the cabinet is supporting a proposal to decriminalize the possession of to two ounces of the ganja. Under the proposal, those caught with marijuana could be subjected to fines, but not criminal charges.

Golding said the government will also draft legislation that would allow people convicted of marijuana use or possession under the current law to get their criminal records expunged.

Marijuana has long been a part of Jamaican culture and is used as a religious sacrament by Rastafarians. More than a decade ago, a parliament-appointed commission recommended that the government decriminalize it, but, despite mounting pressure, that hadn’t happened. Now, it looks as if it actually will.

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Johnny Green


  1. An increasing number of countries and American states are heading in the same direction.
    Away from loss of revenue and constant creation of a criminal class through prohibition
    which could’ve never gone on indefinitely,
    it hurts the people and the nations.
    This breaking news that “Jamaica to decriminalize personal marijuana possession”,
    could not be possible without American approval,
    as Jamaica sits well within the “backyard” at 100 miles off the American coast.
    So, this is Good News for Jamaica,
    for Rastafari who use Ganja as a holy sacrament,
    for medical users and the casual, recreational user.
    This will take a pressure off the people, the prisons and the police.
    Now that the U.S.A. is starting to ease up on herb in many states,
    the Jamaican Ganja Industry should start preparing for legally supplying America
    as soon as the social, economic and legal conditions arise.
    Jamaica has long had the reputation of having the
    best herb in the world,
    now maybe is the time to cash in on that good name and
    help push back the rise of genetically modified skunk
    by the promotion of good wholesome natural weed.
    Jamaica is the bell tower that tells us the world is a changing,
    It’s High Time Too.

  2. I and I Mon! Rah will rejoice that the sacred herb will be freed for I and I Mon! Rastafari!

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